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The Best LED Lights for Your Car Interior (Review) in 2021

Best Choice OPT7 Bluetooth LED Lights Kit OPT7 Bluetooth LED Lights Kit
Premium Pick Govee Dreamcolor Car Interior Lights Govee Dreamcolor Car Interior Lights
Best Value MEWTWO Car Lights Interior MEWTWO Car Lights Interior
We tend to focus on the practicality and safety of our vehicles, but why not inject some charisma and jazz up the interior as well? Take a look around the inside of your car. Is it a little boring? If so, you may want to purchase some modern LED lights to add joy and literal light without draining your vehicle’s battery. In the buying guide below we list some of the best color LED lights for your car interior based on performance, style, and color. At the end of this article, you’ll have discovered at least one product that fits your price range and style.

The Best LED Lights for Your Car Interior

OPT7 designed this color LED lights kit with three primary colors into a single SMD. As a result, you can create the perfect blend of different color options to match your preferences and emit a bright, luminous light. There are multiple ways to illuminate the lights, from a cigarette plug to a slick fuse box with tap-in plugs, making it diverse for a range of vehicles. 

The high-quality strips are flexible enough to bend, curve, and twist around surfaces and  heavy-duty enough to be weather resistant. This four-piece set comes with advanced color dimming, multiple flashing modes, variable speed control, one-touch color selection, and LED neon lights.

Key Features
  • Door assist so the lights switch on when you open the door
  • Bluetooth app controller to adjust the settings and mode from an iPhone or Android
  • Includes four LED light strips
  • Bass-activated technology to play in music mode
  • Brand OPT7
  • Model Aura Pro Lights
  • Weight 26.4 ounces

Bright, high-quality LED bulbs

Flexible strips for a customized fit

Multiple LED lighting modes


Only uses three primary colors

No option for a smooth color change between different lighting modes

Fuse adapter is large, making it obtrusive

These LED lights offer eight solid colors with gradient lighting, so you can make your car more attractive and personalized. You can also change the color according to your music’s tempo to provide a fashionable strobe effect that your passengers will love.

These lights don’t require wiring. Simply insert the strips into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter and peel off the double-sided tape from the back. Then place the strips in the footwell and other areas. The simple interior lights can provide a romantic, beautiful, and cozy feel to your car, especially since you can customize the color from the eight selections provided. You can do so with the included remote.

Key Features
  • 12V lamp
  • Eight color modes
  • Strips insert into car’s cigarette lighter
  • Wireless remote control adjusts from solid to multicolor, tempo and brightness
  • Brand MEWTWO
  • Model Music RGB
  • Weight 5.3 ounces

Lifetime warranty

Easy to install and work instantly

Choice of eight colors


Double-sided tape doesn’t stick to carpeted surfaces

Remote control sometimes gets stuck on one mode

Only 36 LED lights, compared to some which have 48 LED lights

Govee’s car interior lights keep your car cool and fun, and they’re a popular option. Your purchase includes 5.9-foot and 2.78-foot connecting wires, so you can easily decorate your car and even reach into the back.

This product includes a built-in IC chip, so every light is super bright and has an impact. One LED strip light can show animated colors like a rainbow and provide ambiance for every car’s interior. You can also use a multicolor setting at the same time to make your interior really stand out. Similar to other products on the market, you can adjust the settings so the lights flicker with the speed and volume of your music.

Key Features
  • Safety features to prevent emitting too much heat
  • Includes remote control to adjust lighting
  • Water-resistant and flame retardant 
  • Choice of rainbow or solid colors
  • Brand Govee
  • Model Dreamcolor car lights
  • Weight 14.4 ounces

Longer cable than most LED interior lights with fewer restrictions

Features an app where you can add more effects and adjust the brightness

Add timer for an auto on/off when you arrive at your destination


Microphone isn’t always sensitive to respond to your music’s mode

Difficult to find a manufacturer that replaces broken light bulbs

Plastic coating can easily break if it drops on the floor

This mini USB LED light is a quick and easy way to enhance your car’s interior lighting in seconds. Simply insert the USB device into an adapter via your cigarette holder or other port, and it’ll instantly start working. To switch off the device, remove it from the power source.

This product produces a choice of eight colors, including red, pink, blue, green, and more. It also offers a gradual breathing feature that lights up and slowly dims to replicate the rhythm of breathing for a relaxing approach. To switch between different colors and settings, click the USB once to navigate to a shade of your choosing.

Key Features
  • Adjust the brightness by pressing harder on the click button
  • Lights up automatically in a dark setting
  • Creates an ambient lighting with no installation or tape required
  • Remembers the color you prefer when you plug the device in
  • Brand Hvasun
  • Model Mini USB Light
  • Weight 0.64 ounces

No complicated setup

Wireless lighting

Choice of eight colors


Relaxing breathing rhythm could be potentially dangerous for driving

Click button on the USB device is tiny 

No option for multicolor

If you love stars or wish to create a romantic ambiance inside your car, the Vooteen Car Star Light may be what you’re looking for. Add atmospheric lighting to your car’s interior via a USB interface for an easy-to-install solution.

Adjust the star lights to your preference to light up your car’s ceiling. This includes adjusting the brightness, adding a rotation, and adding different effects to the lights to resemble stars. This versatile product uses an aluminum alloy line that’s easy to fold and adjust the angle and shape to suit your vehicle. With 12 LED lights in total, it’s not distracting for other drivers and won’t impact your vision while driving at night.

Key Features
  • Covers a surface area of 8.27 by 4.33 by 0.79 inches
  • 360-degree rotation to create a realistic star effect
  • Includes automatic transformation with various lighting effects
  • Adjustable twist to switch between modes
  • Brand Vooteen
  • Model Car Star Light
  • Weight 0.96 ounces

No need for tape and installation

Can be used in other settings outside of the car

Creates a romantic ambiance


Doesn’t shine into the back of the car

Can only adjust settings on the nozzle, which can be fiddly

No automatic timers such as music synchronization

Speclux designed this interior lighting with a sound activation function, so the lights change color according to your music mode. Your purchase includes a versatile selection of two jump modes and two fade modes, plus three dynamic lights and seven static light color changes for the ultimate selection. 

With 72 LED lights on each strip, you get excellent quality and brightness. You can adjust the levels via the included remote control. Compared to similar products on the market, the lights come with a rechargeable USB lead, which is safer than using a cigarette port power adapter and reduces the amount of heat they emit.

Key Features
  • Includes a wireless remote control
  • Range of seven colors and the option to mix shades
  • Adjust brightness, gradual mode, and flicking mode
  • Receive cigarette car charger
  • Brand Speclux
  • Model Car Interior Lights
  • Weight 10.4 ounces

72 LED lights for ultimate brightness

Super strong 3M adhesive on the back of each strip

Highly responsive remote control buttons


No activation sensors, such as turning on and off when you open and close your door

Strips aren’t flexible to bend around surfaces

Can’t connect to a smartphone

Best LED Lights for Your Car Interior Buying Guide & FAQ

LED lights might not be essential for how your car runs, but if you spend money and time investing in your vehicle, why not have a little fun with its interior, too? There are plenty of ways to improve how your car looks, such as upgrading the seats, buying new car mats, and refurbishing the dashboard. However, those features can set you back hundreds of dollars.

If there was a way to upgrade how your car looks and how you feel riding it for only double figures, would you be interested? If yes, there are some simple factors to have at the front of your mind so you know what you’re looking for and select the best option for your needs. 

Benefits of LED Lights for Your Car Interior

Car gimmicks can be unreliable and sometimes look tacky. Fortunately, LED lights for your car’s interior add a touch of your personality while looking different from similar models.

Picture you and your friends driving at night, and someone drops something in the back of the car, or perhaps a passenger wishes to read a book during the ride. Without switching on the car’s main interior light (which is illegal and distracting to other drivers), there’s little other light within a car’s interior. 

Fortunately, LED lights enable everyone inside of the car to see, without impacting other road users’ safety. Not to mention, the LED glow during a night drive makes your car look awesome. You can customize the colors and modes to suit the music you’re listening to or what kind of mood you’re feeling, so you never have to have a dull ride again. Plus, these products won’t drain your car’s battery or cost money to operate, so there’s really not much more than the cost of the purchase to consider.

  • Changes the ambiance within your car
  • Allows passengers to see rather than sitting in the dark
  • Personalizes your car’s interior for a cheap price

concept car on race track

Popular Types of LED Lights for Your Car Interior

There are two types of LED lights to choose from, and the choice is purely down to your budget or how much light you’re hoping for. You should also consider the durability you’re looking for, as some light strips are longer-lasting and made with additional features.

  • LED Strips

LED strips are the most common types of LED lights for a car’s interior. These products come equipped with numerous tiny LEDs throughout the strip’s entire length. You’ll also have a wide selection of lengths and widths to choose from.

LED strips have a single-color or multi-color mode, and you can switch between the two accordingly. Strips allow you to synchronize the tempo to suit your music, and you can even dim the brightness via a remote control or Bluetooth app controller.

  • LED Tubes

LED tubes appear similar to LED strips, though they are a rounder shape and the light expands around the entire tube for a brighter effect. For this reason, they stick out farther than strips, which can make them an inconvenience to some passengers. They’re also more difficult to stick down to a surface due to their protruding shape. Tubes also come with features such as synchronizing the speed to your music’s tempo, and typically come with a remote control so you can customize your color choice. 

The Most Important Features of LED Lights for Your Car Interior

LED lights are mainly purchased for a fun factor, so it’s essential they have the displays and colors you’re hoping for. But there’s also some boring stuff they must cover, including installation and power supply so they work accordingly in your car. Once you’ve matched up these features to your chosen product, you can feel more confident in making a purchase.

  • Power Supply

If you’re adding lights to your car’s interior, the product will require a power supply, which can affect your car battery’s life and performance. From our selections above, you’ll discover that the most common supply is through the cigarette lighter, so ensure this is in full working order before making a purchase.

You should also consider the LED light’s voltage and check that they’re not too powerful for your car’s battery. On average, the smarter car LED strip lights will operate on 12 volts. Though there are some smaller measures, they’re rare. You should also look for lengthy wires (or wireless options) that can cover the entire space you need inside of your car.

  • Installation

Car LED strip lights should take less than half an hour to install, and will come with double-sided tape or velcro on the back of the lights. This way, you can quickly secure them to different materials in your car. Consider if the strips are flexible so you can move them around corners and adjust them to the spaces you wish.

A weak adhesive can make the installation process lengthy, and even unsuccessful, so look at customer reviews before making a purchase. If your product comes with a remote control, this should be self-explanatory and have the different modes, settings, and lights clearly labeled so you won’t spend hours setting up the lights.

  • Colors and Modes

These are the most important features of the LED lights, since you’re purchasing them to add color to your car. Most will have a minimum of four colors—the primary ones—but some products have additional colors to choose from. You may also have various settings to choose from, so you can create a multicolor effect to create a customized shade. 

To make your car’s interior more exciting, LED lights often have various modes, including solid, flashing and more. It’s also common that the lights adjust to your music’s tempo, bass, and volume. This way, the lighting matches your music’s mood and the ambiance within the car.

Tips for Buying and Using LED Lights for Your Car Interior

Before purchasing LED lights for your car’s interior, consider the number of strips you need according to your vehicle’s size. Most light kits include four pieces, although more expensive options provide more.

Look for advanced features such as sensors so the lights automatically switch on when your music plays, after sunset, or when you open your car door. Some LED strips come with a sound-activated function, whereas others are simpler with a remote control or Bluetooth app to control the settings.

You may also wish to consider the number of LED lights in each strip. Opt for a minimum of 30; otherwise, they won’t shine super bright. If you have more than 50 LED lights per strip, they’ll be ultra-bright and glow in the dark.

  • Choose a combination of thickness. Thin strips are great for sneaking into thin cracks, whereas thicker strips cover a larger surface area.
  • Consider different timing settings, so you can have quicker or slower tempos, depending on your mood.
  • Opt for trusted safety features such as automatic shut-off to prevent draining your battery, and waterproof and shockproof strips to remain durable.

Car Star Light USB

Best LED Lights for Your Car Interior FAQ:

Once you’ve followed the steps above to discover the best LED lights for your preferences, there are still some factors to consider regarding maintenance, installation, and size. Here, we’ll cover several questions that you may want to ask yourself throughout the buying process.

Q: What length of wire do I need?

A: We recommend wires at three feet long, though this depends on how much coverage you’re looking for. Shorter wires can limit your coverage, whereas longer wires can be difficult to hide. Consider your vehicle’s size to choose accordingly.

Q: Does the weight of the lights matter?

A: Yes. Heavy, bulky strips are more prone to falling off surfaces while you turn around. However, strips with more LED lights will be brighter but heavier. As such, they should be equipped with strong adhesive tape to prevent it from falling off.

Q: Do the lights have to be water-resistant?

A: Not necessarily, if you only intend to apply the lights inside of your car. However, some users prefer this additional safety feature should you accidentally spill a drink!

Our Top Pick

We’ve chosen the OPT7 Bluetooth LED Lights Kit as the best LED lights on the market for your car’s interior. Its versatile color mixture lets you create the perfect shade for your ride. Plus, the strong adhesive tape keeps them securely attached to your car, so they don’t fall off and break.