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The Best Leaf Blowers (Review) in 2021

Best Choice DEWALT Leaf Blower DEWALT Leaf Blower
Premium Pick Makita Stroke Engine Blower Makita Stroke Engine Blower
Best Value Greenworks Single Speed Electric Blower Greenworks Single Speed Electric Blower

The process of clearing and sweeping leaves off your lawn and patio can be tedious and annoying, especially when the wind tries to play a little game of ‘catch me if you can’. If you would rather not go through this hassle, one of the best pieces of equipment to use is a leaf blower. These are exceptional products that help you clear clippings and fallen leaves within a short period of time. Using this product is very easy, but the tough part is the selection. There are a wide range of leaf blower models available that make choosing the right one a little difficult. We’re here to make the process easier. Below we recommend some of the industry’s best leaf blowers. We list all their strengths and weaknesses, so you can choose which one works best for you.

The Best Leaf Blower

The Dewalt XR Brushless Blower is a great way to kick off our product review on leaf blowers. When searching for the perfect unit for your lawn, you need a highly efficient and durable unit that maximizes each operation session. The Dewalt blower is one such product, and it is manufactured by a trustworthy brand that understands all your needs and demands. We recommend this leaf blower for those who want to eliminate debris and clippings as quickly as possible, leaving no trace behind. The blower features a brushless motor system that delivers excellent performance. 

This dewalt leaf blower comes with several other features, which set it apart from many competing models. One is its 90-mph performance and the use of 400 CFM for its operation. The Dewalt blower has a speed lock and variable trigger for more operational control. The manufacturer created this tool as a lightweight and highly ergonomic unit, which minimizes stress on your arms while maximizing power. It comes with a charger and a lithium-ion battery with a 20V capacity. If you seek a blower that maximizes run time and air output, we recommend this leaf blower from Dewalt since it has an innovative axial fan. Dewalt creates generational products that can withstand pressure and still provide high performance.

Key Features
  • Brushless Motor
  • Innovative axial fan design
  • Variable trigger and speed lock.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Brand DEWALT
  • Model DCBL720P1
  • Weight 9.7 pounds

The axial fan is mighty

Has a variable-speed trigger

Includes a lithium-ion battery


Battery drains too quickly

Imagine your clean-up tasks accomplished in a single attempt. With the Hitachi Leaf Blower, you can say goodbye to fallen leaves and debris from mowing the lawn. We love that Hitachi offers customers different yet highly effective leaf blower models. Every model is made from the best materials. The primary features of this brand are durability, function, and economics. We recommend its gas-powered leaf blower for money-conscious lawn owners who wish to carry out big tasks in a short period. The Hitachi blower is a powerful blower with a commercial-grade engine. It offers an excellent power-to-weight ratio made possible via the unit’s PureFire low-emission two-stroke engine technology.

This gas-powered blower unit delivers air speeds up to 170 miles per hour, which helps to remove all necessary debris with ease. Included in the package is a tapered nozzle. This unit increases the air velocity, making it ideal for your big jobs, such as removing grass clippings and leaves. We also really appreciate the lightweight design of this leaf blower. It permits secure handling and usage and even smooth movement from place to place. This blower also comes with two large finger throttle levers, an uncommon feature.

Key Features
  • Handheld
  • Lightweight
  • Commercial Grade
  • 7 Year Warranty
  • Brand Hitachi
  • Model RB24EAP
  • Weight 11.3 pounds

2-stroke engine technology

Large two-finger throttle lever

Warranty- 7-year


Battery life could be longer

With the Greenworks MPH Blower you can clean up various messes left behind by mother nature. This is a single-speed electric blower that is  manufactured by a well-known brand in the industry. Over the years, the Greenworks company has sought to make high-quality and durable units. It designs and develop a wide array of blower options meant to suit different needs, terrains, and activities. Its 160-mph model stands out from the competition with its style and reliability. This unit is one of the most lightweight options available. It features a corded system that  operates with a 7-amp motor to remove harmful emissions. This speed electric blower can redistribute piled-up leaves and grass clippings, leaving your garden clean and free from unwanted elements. 

The tool is 20-inches long. It features a blower tube that is available in two pieces and comes with an extensive four-year warranty. Every product manufactured by Greenworks is made with a zero-carbon footprint, saving you from the inhalation of gas fumes while trimming your hedges or mowing your lawn. Every single use delivers a high level of efficiency, thanks to its reliable motor and construction. This blower has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and is a certified EnergyStar product, and it saves up to 35 percent on energy consumption. Saving energy also means you’re saving money; thus, we confidently add the Greenworks blower to our list.

Key Features
  • Single Speed
  • Electric 160
  • 150 cubic feet per meter
  • 7-amp motor
  • Brand Greenworks
  • Model 24012
  • Weight 4.5 pounds

Brushless motor

Variable speed dial

Comfortable ergonomic design


Does not work well with wet leaves

Battery life could be longer

Meet the Toro Leaf Blower, a powerful sweep electric blower manufactured for all lawn types and sizes. This blower is a two-speed, seven-amp unit that clears all clippings and leaves in record time, allowing you to undertake other activities with ease. This electric blower works with an airspeed of 160 mph. At only 4.6 pounds, this is one of the lightest leaf blowers available. The Toro leaf blower is a handheld unit that is highly versatile. It features a two-speed air control system that enables it to work for both sturdy and lighter tasks.

The Toro power sweep leaf blower is suited for use on driveways, sidewalks, and decks. It works with a minimum speed of 130 mph and a maximum speed of 160 mph. The handle of this leaf sucker features a control switch that is placed comfortably to facilitate secure handling and control. This switch falls conveniently beneath your thumb, allowing you to choose between the available speed settings. If you’re using this blower in tight spaces, use the low airspeed setting, while the high-speed setting is perfect for all your jobs. It also comes with a two-year warranty.

Key Features
  • Power Sweep Electric
  • 2-speed air control
  • Perfect for clearing debris
  • 2-year full warranty
  • Brand Toro
  • Model 51585
  • Weight 4.7 pounds

Powerful airspeed


Easy to use




Battery life could be longer

Behold, the fantastic Makita Stroke Engine Blower. This blower has an impressive four-stroke engine that helps you to save 60 percent on fuel costs. Besides being fuel efficient, the Makita Blower has a very powerful commercial-duty engine. It comes with a crankcase capacity of 2.7 ounces and a fuel capacity of 17.7 ounces. For easier, quicker starts, you can rely on the Makita Blower due to its mechanical automatic engine decompression system. The design is compact and lightweight for maximum performance. It has undergone all the necessary testing and inspections to meet and exceed CARB and EPA certifications.

This cordless leaf blower features a dual-stage air filter that is easily accessible and replaceable. This product has a soft grip to reduce operator fatigue. Start this unit quickly with the quick-start button and experience the power of the blower’s low-compression engine. Use this commercial-duty blower for all your lawn needs and experience quality like never before.

Key Features
  • 24.5 cc
  • Mm4 4-stroke engine
  • Crankcase capacity: 2.7 ounce
  • Evaporative emissions
  • Brand Makita
  • Model BHX2500CA
  • Weight 9.8 pounds

Extremely powerful

extra two batteries for additional runtime

Fairly quiet


More expensive than competitors


Not suitable for larger jobs

The Black + Decker leaf blower is a 3-in-1 cordless leaf blower. This unit features a mulcher, vacuum, and blower. It operates with a 12-amp motor that delivers an air speed of 180/250 mph with two-speed selections. The blower is a heavy-duty machine with a weight of 8.1 pounds for clearing decks, sidewalks, driveways, and garages. If you need a blower for your twigs, grass clippings and pine needles, the Black + Decker unit can do the job. To change the function of this unit, you only need to use the switch on the handle.

In the box is a vacuum tube, blow tube, concentrator, and an EZ empty reusable collection bag. Operation is silent thanks to the design of this unit.  Black+ Decker has been producing high-quality products since its inception in 1910. It creates highly innovative power tools to do your job reliably and efficiently. We recommend this unit for all residential and commercial purposes as it is very productive and durable.

Key Features
  • Mulcher with Leaf Vacuum Kit,
  • 12-Amp
  • Two-speed selections
  • Disposable leaf bag system
  • Model BV6000
  • Weight 8.1 pounds

Quiet and very easy to operate

Compact, easily assembled



Blower works well on hard, smooth surfaces

Not suitable for larger jobs

Husqvarna has manufactured some of the world’s best tools, which are developed and designed by seasoned professionals under strict and careful procedures. The Husqvarna Handheld blower is a gas leaf blower  that comes with several features to fit your needs. This unit is the perfect fit for residential lawns as it operates silently. The quiet operation allows you to work without worrying about bothering the neighbors. The Husqvarna blower is versatile in that it can be used for other activities apart from blowing leaves. This leaf blower can be used to collect and blow debris. Professional landscapers use it because they love its air injection and centrifugal air cleaning system.

The Husqvarna leaf blower is ergonomically designed to help reduce strain and fatigue on your body. It features an anti-vibration dampener and low vibration technology that minimizes stress on your arms and hands. It is highly functional and very durable. Other features of this unit include a lead-reducing harness and adjustable handles.

Key Features
  • Auto return stop switch
  • Variable speed throttle
  • Intuitive controls
  • Adjustable tube length
  • Brand Husqvarna
  • Model 952711925
  • Weight 9.4 pounds

Powerful brushless motor

Known for commercial level products

Lightweight and simple to use


Battery life is short compared to competitors

The engine kicks down automatically

Meet the Worx turbine 600 Electric Blower. Available in classic black, this machine is extremelty powerful. It operates like a typical leaf blower, but it features certain design elements that give you great value for the money. The Worx electric leaf blower, unlike many leaf blowers, uses an innovative turbine technology to deliver high-capacity and forceful air volume. The output is twice the power generated by professional gas blowers. It also features a variable speed control system, which enables you to adapt to your outdoor cleaning challenges with more ease and comfort. For added performance, the blower includes Hyper Stream nozzle technology and a dynamic airflow design.

Worx cares about its customers. It knows your needs and demands. This electric leaf blower is easy to control with a single hand, thanks to its lightweight design. It minimizes fatigue, which means that everyone in the family can use it. For hassle-free leaf blowing, this product comes with a power cord retainer system. The attached cord is up to 11 inches, so you can move around comfortably for a more extended period. Switch between tougher and lighter jobs with ease, thanks to this leaf blower from Worx. We recommend this unit to those seeking a highly-versatile machine that isn’t bulky or extremely expensive.

Key Features
  • 600 electric
  • Turbine fan technology
  • Dynamic airflow design
  • Hyper stream nozzle
  • Brand WORX
  • Model WG520
  • Weight 7.2 pounds

Comes with deflator cone, and dust brush

recharges rapidly, with or without battery

Extremely lightweight


Not very powerful

The battery pack is difficult to remove

The Toro UltraPlus Leaf Blower performs really well. We recommend this electric leaf blower to those who want to clear their lawn spaces as quickly as possible without any issues. Over the years, we have seen Toro grow into a high-quality brand with innovative and efficient products. It listens to its customers and designs tools to suit their demands. Its UltraPlus blower is one of its many impressive products.

The Toro Plus leaf blower vacuum has unique and distinct features that set it apart from the competition. The product delivers superior mulching and blowing capabilities. It uses a 350 CFM blow mode and a motor with an air speed up to 250 mph. There are two modes: the vac mode and blower mode. Each setting is controlled with the blower’s variable speed control buttons. Included is a leaf bag to store leaf particles. This bottom zip bag also doubles as a storage area for all components of your blower when it is not in operation.

Key Features
  • Variable-speed
  • Metal impeller
  • 12 amp
  • Controlled laboratory testing
  • Brand Toro
  • Model 51621
  • Weight 8.9 pounds

Superior blowing

Variable speed control

3 in 1 Machine


Very Costly

Not suitable for larger jobs

Our editorial team is always on the lookout for exceptional leaf blowing devices that perform well. The team examines various brands and studies their range of models in a bid to find the best ones. Our final pick comes from Dewalt, which is a leading manufacturer in the home equipment industry. The Dewalt Electric Blower is great for removing leaves and debris on your lawn after you finish mowing.

This high-quality blower is relaible with exceptional features and design elements. We love that this leaf blower comes with a variable speed trigger as this helps it power through debris quickly and thoroughly. There is also a speed lock that controls the flow of air for more enhanced performance. It comes with a flat concentrator nozzle, a standard round nozzle, and a one-inch round concentrator nozzle. With a three-year warranty, we are confident in this unit and its performance.

Key Features
  • Variable speed trigger and
  • Speed lock
  • Manufactured in china
  • Standard round nozzle
  • Brand DEWALT
  • Model DWBL700
  • Weight 9.8 pounds

The axial fan is powerful

Has a speed lock for total user control

Lithium-ion battery plus charger




Best Leaf Blower Buying Guide & FAQ

Features to Look for in a Leaf Blower

The following considerations need to made before you select the perfect leaf blower.

  • Ease Of Use

Leaf blowers are easy to use. They come with simple operation controls such as the cruise, on/off and turbo controls. To ensure that you select the best leaf blower, read all the specifications of each product before you make a selection.

  • Warranty

most leaf blowers have extended warranties that need to be considered before you make a purchase. Look out for brands with extended warranties such that your machine is catered for in the event of any damage.

  • Power

If you want a blower that operates in less time, the cordless leaf blower is your best bet. These machines work with the MPH and the CFM. The former refers to how fast air is pushed out of the extension tube, while the CFM is the quantity of air a blower can produce per minute.

  • Battery Run Time

When purchasing a blower, especially the cordless leaf blower, you must ensure that the Overall Production Efficiency is taken into consideration. The length of run time will determine your ability to make use of this unit for long between charges. Check the amperes and volts of your group or purchase a leaf blower that uses lithium-ion batteries.

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Landscaper operating gas Leaf Blower

Why You Should Use a Leaf Blower

  • Landscapers use the leaf blower because they are maintenance-free by design. They only require charging or occasional fuel change; thus, they economic by design.
  • Another benefit of leaf blowers is that; it keeps your lawn clear every time it is used. Their design and construction enable them to take in all debris and store it until you’re prepared to dispose of it.
  • Finally, the cordless blowers have a silent operation which doesn’t disturb others around or within your neighborhood.

Types of Leaf

  • Gas-Powered Blowers

The first type of fans in this section is the gas-powered blowers. These leaf clearing machines never require a charge when they’re in use. They are easy to handle and move, and only require periodic tune-ups as maintenance. As compared to other types of blowers, these units deliver a silent operation, which is still a lot of noise; thus, all users are advised to make use of hearing protection.

  • Cordless-Electric Blowers

The cordless electric leaf blowers are lighter in weight and very easy to maneuver. They are the most common blowers in today’s market and the best option for individuals who want to avoid constant maintenance or the stress of a power cord. The cordless blower comes with rechargeable batteries that operate for about an hour, before the need for a recharge.

  • Corded-Electric Blowers

Corded electric blowers are weightless machines designed for one-handed use. It comes with a zero exhaust emission system and a no-hassle push button that allows you to clear all your leaves swiftly. The corded electric leaf blower weighs 8 pounds or less, and it is recommended, provided you have a power outlet within 100 feet of your work area.

Handheld Vs. Backpack Blowers

The two significant types of leaf blowers are the backpack and handheld blowers, and these models are very different in construction and function. Handheld blowers are very simple and easy to start. They are great machines that offer you greater access to tight areas. The handheld blowers are lightweight in design, making them easy to handle. This setup is different from the backpack leaf blower model. The second type of blowers is the backpack blower. These units are ideal for larger, more commercial jobs. If you have lots of leaves to clean up, a backpack leaf blower will be the perfect unit for you.

Best Leaf Blower FAQ:

Q: What is a leaf blower, and how does it work?

A: A leaf blower is a machine developed to pack leaves away from your lawns, sidewalks, driveways, and garages. It operates with the centrifugal force which helps it sucks in air through the unit’s vent. The leaf blower features a unit known as the compeller. It comes with a fan and spinning blade that forces the leaves down the funnel into the carrying bag if it’s attached.

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Leaf Blower

Q: Can a leaf blower clear away snow?

A: If you have snow on your sidewalks, steps, vehicles, and driveways, you can use a leaf blower to clear it away. These tasks need to be done with a powerful blower unit with a strong motor. The strength of your leaf blower is dependent on the kind of engine your model uses.

Q: What’s the best leaf blower brand to buy?

A: The manufacturers of leaf blowers are numerous, and this offers customers a wide array of choices to select from. There are a lot of well-known brands including Worx, Husqvarna, Dewalt, Greenworks, Toro, Kobalt, and Ryobi. Some lesser-known brands still deliver outstanding performance.

Q: How do I use and maintain a leaf blower?

A: Maintaining a leaf blower Is simple and doesn’t require a lot of resources. If done regularly, you can avoid damages and a wastage of money. Some of the typical maintenance tasks include;

  • Steering clear of obstructions such as plastic parts, as they can easily get cracked. This prevents you from banging your blower against unwanted items.
  • Give you blower the best fuel, which is often a mix of unleaded gas and 2-cycle oil. Other models use other kinds of fuel; thus, you must read the manufacturer’s manual to identify the type of fuel allowed.
  • Wear safety gear as a means to protect yourself from harm when operating the leaf blower. Some of the standard equipment used include close-fitting clothing, non-slip shoes, earplugs, and goggles. –Run your leaf blower with the lowest power setting. This reduces the amount of stress exerted on your blower and enhances its durability. Start with the lower setting and work your way up from there depending on the demands of your task.

Our Top Pick

The Dewalt XR Leaf Blower is a brushless unit designed by seasoned professionals for excellence. It is the best unit in this review, and it has several positive feedback from countless users across the world. The group works with a powerful motor that helps it to clear all autumn clippings and unwanted leaves within a short amount of time. The Dewalt XR package comes with a charger, battery, and a highly efficient leaf blower.


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