Hatchbacks are generally stylish and well-equipped vehicles with powerful engines that suit various applications. This makes them one of the best car models available on the market. Despite being one of the hotly contested and important car types, hatchbacks are not developing faster as expected. Why is this so? If you compare hatchbacks and sedans, for instance, hatchbacks provide an excellent interior layout and more cargo room. Hatchbacks also offer better fuel economy and handling than crossovers.

Hatchbacks run the spectrum, ranging from fun small vehicles to funky and everything in between. Below are the best hatchbacks on the market.

Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf is one of the most coveted cars on the market. It is a classy option for those looking for a low-profile vehicle with an incredible powertrain. Though not the cheapest, this vehicle is well-rounded to drive, perhaps justifying its slightly high price tag.

The Volkswagen Golf is available in various body trims. It also has multiple guises, such as the all-wheel-drive hot hatch, the electric form, and the popular GTI. The vehicle has an optional turbocharged engine that provides a fantastic acceleration. Enthusiastic drivers will also enjoy its smooth steering and precise handling.

Additionally, this vehicle is very fuel-efficient with low mpg and has an uncomplicated interior and sleek infotainment system with driver assistance technology. These, among other features, are what make the Volkswagen Golf the best hatchback of all for many drivers.

Honda Civic

Honda Civic

No one hatchback can satisfy everyone’s needs. Fortunately, the Honda Civic is among these few cars that can meet the needs of most users. The Honda Civic proves to be an affordable, functional, and an entertaining car. It is available in three body shapes; the coupe, sedan, and hatchback. It is also available in varying engine and trim levels, currently making it among the best subcompact cars.

Probably two significant drawbacks of these vehicles are its low front bumper that can easily scrape and the small tires that wear fast. However, if you appreciate and can look past these aspects, you will enjoy Honda Civics’ amazing fuel economy, various standard driver assists, and copious interior space.

Honda Fit

Many people believe the Honda Fit is the best subcompact currently available. Just like the Nissan Leaf, the Fit is a good car for those who think the size of a car matters and that smaller is better. The Fit meets basic transportation needs and is tiny enough to sneak through the narrowest streets. However, don’t mistake its size for poor functionality.

The vehicle can haul lengthy and bulky items with ease, thanks to its cleverly packaged/designed interior. The Fit defies the common label “econobox” due to its modern-looking appeal with high-end material finishes. Despite its outside appearance, the interior is surprisingly roomy, accommodating four comfortably-seated adults.

The Fit runs on a 1.5L four-cylinder engine with 130HP. Though not the best, it has an impressive fuel economy and towing power. The combination of this vehicle’s incredible interior, excellent fuel consumption, and overall design make it an all-round hatchback to consider.

Mazda Mazda3

The Mazda Mazda3 currently available is the fourth generation and among the best-looking hatchbacks presently on the market. This model retains the various qualities of its predecessor. You will like the vehicle’s appealing class, agile handling, and a plethora of engine types.

On the inside, the Mazda3 features competitive premium offerings, thanks to its high-quality build. It comes with Ford Focus levels of driver appeal with direct steering, a slick-feeling control box, and impressive body handling. Though satisfactory, the vehicle’s 2.0 petrol motor doesn’t provide enough power to compete against other cars in its class.

Subaru Impreza

Subaru Impreza

Subaru has been a popular manufacturer of hatchbacks for quite a long time. The Impreza is probably the best all-wheel hatchback due to its features. This vehicle’s tried and tested all-wheel system makes it more powerful than most crossovers. It might not be an off-roader, but it tackles tough winter conditions with confidence, which most vehicles can only dream of. What makes it a particular favorite is that the all-wheel drive is included on all trims.

Far from the all-wheel-drive excitement, the Impreza offers an impressive cabin, which is a pleasure to travel in. It is both well-built and spacious with a quality infotainment system. Subaru’s driver-assist technology, for instance, is available on all models. However, the trade-off is in its flat-four engine that lacks pep.

Hyundai Elantra 

The Hyundai Elantra is another excellent hatchback with cutting-edge safety and convenience. The vehicle is full of various features that look out for the occupants. These include high definition cameras, ultrasonic sensors, and radars, all which make it easy for those using the car to drive or park.

To achieve the full convenience of a hatchback, which is better storage, the vehicle senses when you are close to the vehicle and opens the trunk automatically. This makes loading fast and easy, especially if your hands are full. You will also like the energy-saving LED headlights that not only shine bright, but also far with great precision. Other features, including the 7-inch touchscreen display and wireless charging pad, make this vehicle one of the best hatchbacks available.

Best Hatchbacks Buying Guide

Buying a new hatchback is challenging. With so many options and choices, it is easy even for enthusiasts to become overwhelmed. Note that most car manufacturers, including Toyota, BMW, Kia, Nissan, and Chevrolet, have various designs. We recommend taking the following factors into consideration before you purchase a hatchback.

  • Performance

You should typically check the performance of all vehicles before purchase. Hatchbacks, since they lack the passenger-carrying ability like seven-seater SUVs, don’t need big engines. They are also very lightweight. However, before making a purchase, take a test drive to evaluate how the vehicle performs. Also, check the fuel efficiency of the engine, and see if it offers a choice of a gas or diesel engine.

  • Adjustable Configuration

Small cars like hatchbacks will suit your needs if they are configured to meet your needs. This is why you should look at specific features, such as the seats and interior space. What you need depends on your family size or cargo size. Ask various questions, such as: do the rear seats slide to create more legroom or ample luggage space? Checking some of these adjustable configurations will guide you into finding a car that is spacious enough to carry your luggage during your weekend getaways. You should also consider additional features such as Apple Carplay and an LCD touchscreen. 

  • Space

Hatchbacks are comfortable as they have advanced interior design and clever spacing that meets your daily activities. That said, does your hatchback of choice have a conveniently shaped trunk? Are there tie-downs in the boot? Such features are often overlooked yet they can turn your ordinary compact car into a fantastic option.

  • Safety

Safety is another essential factor that cuts across all vehicle models. Regardless of the car’s configuration, it is always a good idea to purchase a car with good safety features. That said, inquire if the vehicle has some advanced safety technology. Some hatchbacks feature advanced technology that protects not only the occupants of the car, but also pedestrians. You should choose a hatchback that meets your preferred safety needs.

  • Style

Hatchbacks generally have a better-looking appearance compared to sedans. They are also available in various styles. As such, you should identify the specific type of style you are looking for in a hatchback. Is it a sleeker style or a more elegant look? As you compare the various styles, be cautious to avoid compromising other practical requirements.

Hyundai Elantra

Benefits of Buying a Hatchback 

As we mentioned previously, hatchbacks are becoming increasingly popular. This is not only because of their visual appeal and trim levels, but also due to their eco-friendly construction and fuel efficiency. Below are the benefits of hatchback cars over other models.

  • Improved cargo areas: Hatchbacks are subcompact vehicles that provide considerable space. Though they may not match the space provided by SUVs, they provide enough space for small families with average cargo. More space can be created by folding the rear seats. Hatchback design also makes it easier to access storage areas.
  • Increased maneuverability:  Hatchbacks are undoubtedly the easiest vehicles to maneuver. This is because they lack additional trunk space like typical sedans. With such a short design, parking in tight spaces and moving in crowded areas is much easier.
  • Low costs: Hatchbacks are comparably smaller than sedans. This means that they are cheaper as well. Apart from the low cost of purchase, these compact vehicles are fuel-efficient. The low costs extend to insurance policies as well. Taking insurance covers for hatchbacks is cheaper since they are inexpensive to replace.
  • Spacious enough for a family: Space is no longer a problem with the latest hatchbacks. They provide sufficient room for a small family. The trunk is also spacious enough to accommodate the family’s luggage.

Wrap Up

With the roof-hinged rear door that swings upwards, you can easily understand how hatchbacks got their name. The back doors provide a better cargo entry point and easier access to the storage segment of the car. Most hatchbacks have a folding rear seat, which increases the carrying capacity of the vehicle. Modern models, such as those outlined above, feature increased sporty appearance, style, and safety.