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The Best Fixie Wheels (Review and Buying Guide) in 2021

Best Choice Solomone Cavalli SC 700c Fixie Bicycle Wheel Solomone Cavalli SC 700c Fixie Bicycle Wheel
Best Value Winus Bike Mag Wheel Set, 700C Fixed Gear Winus Bike Mag Wheel Set, 700C Fixed Gear
Premium Pick SunRise Carbon Fixed Gear Bike Wheel Set SunRise Carbon Fixed Gear Bike Wheel Set

Are you fixated on the idea of switching to a fixie? Fixed wheel bikes have always had fans, but they’re becoming even more popular now, particularly for urban cyclists. With speed, a thrilling ride, and a sleek, modern appearance, fixed wheel bikes — or fixies — are simplified bicycles that make the basics fun. You can forget about gears, derailleurs, and other complex parts. A fixed wheel needs little, and they stand apart by attaching the rear wheel right to the cog. If you’re interested in riding fixie, you’re going to need a fixie wheel. Whether you already own a fixed gear bike and need a new set of wheels or you’re looking to convert a bike into a fixie, a fixie wheel can give you a whole new way to ride. And you can check out some of the best fixie wheels available to buy right here.

The Solomone Cavalli SC 700c Fixie Bicycle Wheel will bring your bike to whole new heights of style and speed. It looks good with its matter black design, but it also makes an excellent addition to your bike if you want to up your performance. Adding this fixie wheel to your bicycle can help you both in long-distance riding and speed riding. It “behaves” on any road surface, which gives you increased versatility. You can ride on smooth sidewalks, tackle cracks, and even survive challenges like gravel. The wheel features powder paint on its exterior and comes equipped with a pneumatic 700c tire. It’ll work with any fixed speed bike with a V-brake setup, and it screws right into place. Made from magnesium alloy, this wheel is durable. However, you’ll want to keep in mind that it does have some weight; it can be noticeable heavy initially.

Key Features
  • Made from magnesium alloy
  • Matte black
  • Five spokes
  • Includes 700c pneumatic tire
  • Brand Solomone Cavalli
  • Model N/A
  • Weight N/A

Made with high-quality materials

All-in-one design

Great for distance


Very heavy

If you want to add a fixie wheel without increasing your bike’s weight or blowing your entire budget, the Winus Bike Mag Wheel Set, 700C Fixed Gear is a perfect choice. It’s affordably priced, but it doesn’t skimp on quality. And you’ll get excellent value for your money, as this wheelset includes one front wheel and one rear wheel. The wheels are built to be lightweight, a perk that’s great for any fixed gear bike, including track models. They’re compatible with any fixed gear or freewheel setup. Made from a magnesium-titanium alloy, the wheels work with rim brakes and V-brakes too. The set doesn’t include a tire, so keep in mind you’ll need to choose and buy a tire of your own — but both wheels do fit any 700c x 23c tire size.

Key Features
  • Made from magnesium-titanium alloy
  • Works with fixed and freewheel setups
  • Three spokes
  • 17 teeth
  • Brand Winus
  • Model N/A
  • Weight N/A

Sturdy and well-constructed

Hassle-free design

Easy to install


Tire not included

The SunRise Carbon Fixed Gear Bike Wheel Set is a great option for those looking for a top-tier fixie wheel. Sold as a two-wheel set, this higher-priced product features both a front fixie wheel and a rear fixie wheel, measuring 70 and 88 millimeters with a 12k glossy rim finish. The front-wheel features three spokes and the rear wheel features 24 holes; each features a cog with 17 teeth and a clincher rim. Both single-speed wheels are made with carbon fiber toray T700 material, which makes them lightweight and very durable. The wheels even come with brake pads for complete assembly. Backed by a one-year warranty and EN quality standard tests, you can trust this premium option to be reliable and long-lasting on any fixed wheel or single speed.

Key Features
  • Made from carbon fiber toray T700
  • Glossy finish
  • Includes brake pads
  • 17 teeth
  • Brand SunRise
  • Model N/A
  • Weight N/A

Sleek and stylish

Made with quality materials



Shipping takes a very long time

The Tbvechi 700c 3-Spoke Single Speed Fixie Bicycle Wheel definitely won’t weigh you or your bike down. If you’re hoping to reach high speeds and great maneuverability, this dual wheelset can help you take your single speed there. For one price, you’ll get two fixie wheels — one front and one rear — each designed to work with clincher tires. Both wheels are made from a magnesium-titanium alloy, which makes them extra lightweight. They’ll barely add to your bike’s overall weight, ensuring you can stay light on the road. Compatible with both fixed gear and freewheel riding, you can get great versatility out of these wheels; they’ll work seamlessly with a flip-flop hub. These fixie wheels are compatible with rim brake setups too; just keep in mind they don’t come with tires.

Key Features
  • Made from magnesium-titanium alloy
  • Flip-flop hub compatible
  • Works with clincher tires
  • 17 teeth cog
  • Brand Tbvehci
  • Model N/A
  • Weight 12.65 pounds

Works with freewheel or fixie riding


Adds retro style


Prone to chipping and scratching

You’ll stand out and turn heads whether you’re riding or simply walking with your single speed bike if you opt for the Gdrasuya 700C 3-Spoke Fixed Gear Bicycle Wheel. It’s more than a simple wheel — it’s a front and rear wheelset — with a standout white and black color scheme that makes your bike pop. The three-spoke front wheel is white, while the rear wheel is black to blend in. In addition to their standout style, the wheels are made from a magnesium-titanium alloy. Both wheels are designed to be compatible with both fixed gear and freewheel riding styles, and they’ll work with a flip-flop hub and rim braking systems. Just make sure to pair these fixie wheels with clincher 700c tires that feature a Shrader valve for the perfect fit.

Key Features
  • Works with flip-flop hubs
  • Made from magnesium-titanium alloy
  • Fits 700c tires
  • Compatible with rim brakes
  • Brand Gdrasuya
  • Model N/A
  • Weight 4.41 pounds

Sleek and stylish

Versatile compatibility



Can take a long time to ship

The Superteam 88mm Carbon Clincher Fixed Gear Bike Wheelset is an excellent option if you’re looking to invest in a fixie wheel that’ll keep you riding and rolling smoothly for a long time to come. These tough, durable wheels are built just for single speed bikes, and they allow you to ride fixie without worrying about reliability or wear and tear. Even more importantly, the wheels are backed by a two-year warranty. Made from carbon fiber Toray T700 material, each wheel passes EN quality standard tests. The wheel rim is finished in UD matte to offer a stylish, slick appearance. Each fixie wheel included in this two-wheel set measures 88 millimeters deep and 23 millimeters wide, with 17 teeth at the cog. Designed for single-speed cassettes, you can use this pair of front and rear wheels with any standard hub.

Key Features
  • 88-millimeter rim depth
  • 23-millimeter rim width
  • Made with carbon fiber Toray T700
  • Backed by a two-year warranty
  • Brand Superteam
  • Model N/A
  • Weight 11.35 pounds

Smooth ride

Very lightweight

Stylish and eye-catching


Wheels have a relatively low weight limit

Typically, buying fixie wheels means you’re just getting one wheel (or two under the best circumstances) — but that isn’t the case with the Queen Bike 88mm Carbon Wheels. This pair of two fixie wheels offers so much more. It’ll provide you with both the front and rear wheels you need to get rolling with new style and a host of additional extras. For one price, you’ll get two wheels made from Toray T700 full carbon fiber. Each wheel features a 3K matte finish for a bit of style and rim measurements of 23 x 88 millimeters. You’ll also get brake pads, extra wheel spokes, and valve extenders. Together, all of these parts and pieces make it very easy to swap out your current single speed wheels for the ideal fixie set. Once in place, you’ll get a smooth roll and great results.

Key Features
  • Made from carbon fiber
  • Works with Powerway R13 hub
  • 120 kilograms max weight
  • Includes brake pads, extra spokes, and valve extenders
  • Brand Queen Bike
  • Model Road-88-23
  • Weight 8.68 pounds

Solid value

Includes more than just the wheels alone

Rolls smoothly and quickly


Lower-end durability with frequent riding

If you’re searching for fixie wheels that’ll simplify your life and your bike maintenance, consider the Origin8 700C Fixie Wheelset. Built with quality materials for a long lifespan, this front, and rear wheelset will have you rolling at just the right pace and smoothness over many miles. Suited for a set of 700c tires with 42-millimeter rims, these wheels are built sturdy and rigid. They can hold up against wear and tear, whether you’re riding many miles, hitting potholes and other obstacles, or riding in urban environments. Simple and straightforward to add to any single speed bike, these fixie wheels are designed to work with the Origin8 SS-1101 Sealed hub model, but you can certainly apply them to other options. These wheels even arrive pre-lubricated and ready to ride right out of the box, with no tweaks or maintenance needed before you can hit the road.

Key Features
  • Low-maintenance rims
  • Fit 700c tires
  • 42-millimeter rim size
  • Includes front and rear wheels
  • Brand Origin8
  • Model N/A
  • Weight N/A

High-quality materials

Smooth performance

Long-lasting durability


Threads can become stripped easily

May be gaps in the welding seams

The Mavic CXP Elite 700c Single Speed Bike Wheelset is a great choice if you want to be able to change up the way you ride your fixie bike. This set, which includes both front and rear wheels, provides you with rims that can be used in several different configurations. You can use them in a fixed/fixed setup with two fixed cogs, a freewheel/freewheel setup, or even one fixed and one freewheel. With a 9-millimeter bolt-on front axle and a 10-millimeter bolt-on rear axle, you have plenty of choices. Built to fit 700c tires, these clincher-style rims with stainless steel black spokes give you plenty of options to fully equip your single speed. With few adjustments needed and plenty of mounting choices, you’ll have no problem riding smoothly without any issues once you get these fixie wheels in place.

Key Features
  • Front and rear wheels
  • 9-millimeter front axle
  • 10-millimeter rear axle
  • Clincher rim style
  • Brand Mavic
  • Model N/A
  • Weight N/A


Needs little adjustments and tuning

Very versatile


Some of the measurements and specs are unclear or inaccurate

Best Fixie Wheels Buying Guide & FAQ

Whether you’re a longtime fixie rider or someone who’s looking to give the fixed wheel riding style a try for the first time, you need the right equipment before you can take off on your bike. And that means you need to pick out the perfect fixie wheels. While this can seem like a pretty easy task, there’s a lot to consider — and there are a lot of wheels that’ll give you an array of choices. 

Let our fixie wheels buying guide help you find just the right options for your single speed, fixed wheel setup. From learning about the different types of fixie wheels to understanding how to separate the best from the rest, it’ll make your shopping and search process far easier.

Benefits of Fixie Wheels

Man riding best fixie wheels bicycle
Fixie wheels bikes tend to be lighter in weight

The biggest difference between a fixed wheel bike and a geared bike is the cog — or, how the rear wheel is attached. In a fixie setup, the rear wheel is attached to a cog, meaning it moves when you move (or pedal). However, most modern fixie bikes allow for more versatility, giving you choices and options in how you’d like to ride. And you can even opt to ride fixie or freewheel depending on how you’re feeling.

This versatility is one of the biggest benefits of using a fixie wheel. But the perks don’t end there. Opting for fixie can also introduce you to other benefits, including:

  • Single-speed fixie bikes are less complicated than geared models, with no intricate mechanisms needed.
  • Beginners tend to find fixies easier to maneuver, with fewer features or functions to worry about as they master the basics of cycling.
  • Fixed wheel bikes tend to be lighter in weight, which makes for increased agility and easy carrying.
  • With more simplified construction, fixie wheels are easier to maintain and typically require fewer professional tune-ups or adjustments.
  • You’ll get a harder, tougher workout with a fixie, as you have to provide all the power on inclines and other road challenges.

Types of Fixie Wheels

Wondering where to start? Your first step should be deciding what type of fixie wheels you’d like to buy. While fixie wheels are their unique type of bike wheel, there are even more specific types within the category. Learn more about the available types of fixies right here.

Shallow Section Fixie Wheels

Shallow section fixies, or shallow fixie wheels, are some of the most affordable you’ll find. They offer great traction even on difficult surfaces, and they’re a perfect choice for particularly slippery riding surfaces. These wheels are considered beginner wheels, and they’re designed for new riders who don’t have a lot — or any — experience riding fixie. 

Built with durability and a solid strength to weight ratio, shallow section wheels can help newer riders build confidence and skill while gaining experience. They offer a great balance of aerodynamics, with appropriate levels of tractions and drag. However, you won’t want to opt for shallow fixie wheels if you’re planning on racing, since they can slow you down.

Mid-Section Fixie Wheels

Mid-section fixie wheels are the in-between option. They’re lightweight and roll fast, increasing your speed. And they’re especially great for flat riding surfaces, as you can get some speed with these wheels. Mid-section wheels are also versatile — you can use them for climbing hills and less predictable terrain.

This type of fixie wheel isn’t very common, but it can be a good fit for some cyclists. If you’re riding primarily on smooth, even surfaces like paved asphalt, mid-section wheels are a perfect choice. They perform best on these types of roads. Mid-section wheels can also be used on all different types of bikes, which means you’ll have more options no matter what you’re riding.

Deep Section Fixie Wheels

Deep section fixie wheels are an option that’s best for expert, advanced fixed wheel riders. These wheels are designed for road racing, meaning they perform when you’re pedaling fast and trying to reach your top speed. Deep section wheels are meant to be used on flat riding surfaces, and they feature a more aerodynamic design to improve your performance.

Opting for deep section fixie wheels means you’ll have shallower rims. That helps you achieve a higher speed without pedaling even harder — meaning deep-section wheels can give you a bit of a break. They can also be used on hills, helping you continue with speed without increased difficulty.

What to Consider When Buying Fixie Wheels

using the best Fixie wheels
Fixie wheels offer a lot of benefits

Fixie wheels do offer a lot of benefits — but to maximize those benefits, you’re going to want to choose your new set of wheels carefully. It’s important to consider the versatility. Fixie wheels that allow you to ride either fixed or freewheel in different configurations will offer you more choices. And you’ll be able to adjust your wheels if you’d like in the future to try something new.

It’s also important to consider the material that your fixie wheels are made of. Lightweight wheels are always advantageous, as you can ride faster without increasing drag or your effort. However, you also want your rims to be durable. Materials that can survive many miles and wear and tear at a light weight are the best choice.

Best Fixie Wheels FAQs:

Shopping for the perfect fixie wheels can come with an awful lot of questions. Whether you’re picking out your first pair or upgrading an old set, we’re answering some of the most common fixie-related questions right here.

Q. What is a fixie bike good for?

Fixed wheel bikes are a great choice for anyone who wants to build strength and endurance. They put riders in total control of every movement as well as speed and more. These bikes are also simpler and less complicated, meaning they’re pretty low maintenance. 

Q. Is a fixie bike dangerous?

A fixie bike is no more dangerous than any other type of bicycle. 

Q. What happens when you stop pedaling on a fixie?

You can’t coast on a fixie bike. When your pedals move, your wheels move — and vice versa. This means you have to pedal the entire time you’re riding.

Our Top Pick

We named the Solomone Cavalli SC 700c Fixie Bicycle Wheel our top pick because it provides all of the best qualities you could get out of a fixie wheel. It’s very stylish, making your bike look better at every mile. It’s also great for performance, helping you ride longer and faster no matter where you’re headed. This fixie wheel is also versatile and durable, giving you plenty of options and a ton of longevity for your money. 

Final Thoughts

The Solomone Cavalli SC 700c Fixie Bicycle Wheel is our top choice thanks to its quality, versatility, and durability. The Winus Bike Mag Wheel Set, 700C Fixed Gear, another top option, is an affordable fixie wheelset, giving you two wheels along with excellent value.


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