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The Best Fifth Wheel Hitches (Review) in 2021

Best Choice b&w companion 5th wheel hitch rvk3500 B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch Rvk3500
Premium Pick Pulliam Enterprises Superglide Fifth Wheel Hitch Pulliam Enterprises Superglide Fifth Wheel Hitch
Best Value Curt Manufacturing Trailer Fifth Wheel Hitch Curt Manufacturing Trailer Fifth Wheel Hitch

Are you looking to carry an excessively heavy load on your truck using a trailer? If so, you need the help of a fifth wheel hitch. This kind of hitch makes activities such as towing extremely easy for both the vehicle and the driver. The best fifth wheel hitches are designed to suit your needs and requirements. All fifth wheel hitch units in this guide come in various models with features that set them apart from each other. They’re extraordinarily functional and extremely affordable, depending on your budget.

The Best Fifth Wheel Hitch

One wheel hitch that is used by many professionals is the B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch. Many consumers choose this unit because they want to use the adapter feature. Its operations are guided by the B&W turnover ball under-mounting system, which can be installed in a total of 10 minutes.

The B&W 5th wheel hitch is an excellent choice if you’re in need of a functional and reliable fifth wheel hitch. Its design is specialized and allows you to connect or attach it to the receivers of your fifth wheel, often located in the towing prep package. Release your hitch with ease by making use of its cam-action handle that has been integrated into the hitch.

Key Features
  • 2-piece design
  • Dual jaw
  • Cam-action handle integrated into the hitch
  • Effortless hook-up and release
  • Brand B&W
  • Model RVK3500
  • Weight 128 pounds

Pivot arms is adjustable with a steady base.

Smooth and noise-free ball bearings.

Disassembling is made easy with removable safety pins.

Twice as supportive as any other hitch.


Availability is minimal

It doesn't include a lube plate.

You can't use it on vehicles with smaller beds.

The Pulliam Suplerglide wheel hitch is an automatic sliding hitch. With its under-bed gooseneck hitch and super short bed, this fifth wheel hitch offers worry-free towing. With its sturdy and high-quality construction and high level of durability, this wheel hitch is an excellent investment.

The performance of the Pulliam Superglide is excellent throughout its long-lasting life. To make operation easy, each one comes with a manual that is easy to follow. Eliminate the tensions of pin and lever pulling by getting yourself a Superglide, and enjoy a super easy and worry-free towing experience.

Key Features
  • 18k Trailer Weight
  • 14" Travel
  • Eliminates Lever Release or Pin Pulling
  • Very Strong and Secure
  • Brand Pulliam Enterprises
  • Model 2900
  • Weight 183 pounds

Exceptionally strong

Safe and secure to use

Well built and with a powerful grip.

It has no crashes


Incredibly very expensive

Very it difficult to attach and remove

Doesn’t have a proper locking system

The Curt Manufacturing trailer hitch is worth investing in if you are in need of a fifth wheel hitch for specific trailers and applications. It does an excellent job and is extremely durable. Not only does this unit have a high level of performance, it is also reasonably priced, making it an economical choice. Its affordability combined with its countless features make it one of the most sought-after trailer hitches on the market. 

The Curt Manufacturing fifth wheel hitch can comfortably handle a  vertical load of up to 4,000 pounds, and it has a 16,000-pound gross trailer weight rating. It is designed with a carbide powder coat, which offers protection from the elements, prolonging its lifespan. Other features include an adjustable height, dual pivoting head, 10-degree lateral movement, and an anti-rattle skid plate.

Key Features
  • Pivots on dual axles for lateral movement
  • Automatically locks for secure coupling
  • Operates using a single handle
  • Mounts to all industry-standard base rails
  • Brand Curt Manufacturing
  • Model 16115
  • Weight 101.3 pounds

Its double jaws hold the kingpin

Its color indicator would make whole assembly procedure simpler.

This hitch offers excellent durability with its powder coating


Hard to remove from truck bed for full bed access

Might feel heavy but manageable

It might be confusing to couple/uncouple

Another exceptionally manufactured fifth wheel hitch is the Anderson 3220 Wheel Hitch. First, it’s very lightweight. Lesser weight translates into less difficulty when you install, attach, or remove the hitch wheel from your truck. This hitch is adjustable, heavy duty, and has a greaseless coupler, which is highly effective.

The Anderson 3220 features three adjustments that help you adjust its height to suit your needs. The adjustment feature together with the wheel hitch’s greaseless coupler ensure that this unit doesn’t get your hands stained with dirt and other messy materials. It requires five minutes for installation, and it is a durable and a highly compatible fifth wheel hitch overall.

Key Features
  • Very lightweight
  • More adjustable and heavy-duty
  • Three adjustments for height
  • All standard brands of gooseneck hitches
  • Brand Andersen Hitches
  • Model 3220
  • Weight 55 pounds

Offers swivel in all directions.

Very easy to install and hook-up.

Its ball-funnel makes hook up very convenient.


The base frame covers the space for safety chains' hook up.

Very difficult to attach and remove frequently.

Doesn't have a proper lock system

There is yet another fifth wheel hitch manufactured by B & W which has made it onto our list. It is the B & W RVK3300 for a Ford Puck. Now with this product, all users of Ford Pickups with the factory provided Ford prep package have their fifth wheel hitch. It features a beautiful two-piece design which makes both removal and installation extremely easy. It also has a companion OEM, designed by professionals to fit the new Ford OEM hitch platform. With its cam-actuated latching mechanism, the RVK3300 companion hitch wheel has gained popularity around the world for its easy hook-up and release.

This B & W hitch has been designed such that you’re offered the smoothest ride with an equally splendid performance while driving. It construction takes away any form of sloppiness, causing it to be one of the highly recommended products you’ll ever come across in today’s industry. This unit can be attached with ease to any under-the-bed-mounting system and can be installed or removed easily without compromising the sturdiness, reliability and towing power of the entire group.

Key Features
  • Designed to fit the Ford OEM hitch platform
  • Two-piece design
  • Cam action latching handle
  • Fully articulating head
  • Brand B&W Hitches
  • Model RVK3300
  • Weight 66.1 pounds

B&w is a very reliable brand

No load shift

Easy to lock and unlock hitches.


Very expensive

Very heavy and require extra labour to handle.

Might feel heavy but manageable

The Curt Manufacturing 16516 Towing Wiring is one unit you must check out, especially if you’re extremely particular about your expenditure. This economical option has been chosen by many individuals around the world, thanks to its 10-degree lateral movement, dual pivoting head and maximum durability. All its great features ensure that you’re guaranteed a comfortable towing experience. With help from its anti-rattle skid plate and rubber stoppers, this wheel hitch makes it a point to deliver a quiet and smooth ride every time.

With the many mounting options made available with this unit, flexibility is not an issue at all. Also, the Curt Manufacturing wheel hitch ensures a comfortable and secure coupling with its automatic locking feature. This fifth wheel hitch has been designed with heavy materials to tow up to 16,000 lbs of 5th wheel trailers, with 12″ of travel in the truck bed. Backed by a five-year warranty, the Curt Manufacturing wheel hitch comes with four height adjustment settings, right rolling units and a thick operating handle. 

Key Features
  • Economical option
  • Its dual pivoting head
  • Rubber stoppers and anti-rattle skid plate
  • High level of flexibility
  • Brand Curt Manufacturing
  • Model 16516
  • Weight 220 pounds

Its double jaws hold the kingpin

Its colour indicator makes whole assembly procedure simpler.

Offers excellent durability with its powder coating


You may find it hard to get full bed access.

Might feel heavy but manageable

It might be confusing to couple/uncouple

There has been a lot of positive feedback about the Pro-Series 30056 Fifth Wheel Hitch by users in different parts of the world. These have arisen for a whole myriad of reasons, which we are willing to let you in on. For starters, the Pro-Series wheel hitch has been designed sturdily with a 4-way pivoting head which features a 5-degree side tilt, making the process of hooking it up extremely easy. Its slide bar mechanism comes complete with a rounded outline, making this unit ideal for automatic self-latching.

The Pro-series sliding 5th wheel hitch unit is elementary to setup and install, and every purchase gives users the chance to take hold of the fifth wheel hitch’s mounting kit as well as a unit. From thirteen inches to seventeen inches, it is possible to make vertical adjustments of this fifth wheel hitch, and this has been known to promote ease in matching the unit with different trailers. Thanks to its one-piece legs that feature a wide stance, this wheel hitch offers nothing but great stability, and also provides the required clearance for safe completion of turns made via a slow speed.

Key Features
  • Comes with a 5-degree side tilt
  • The slide bar jaw mechanism
  • Features a rounded shape
  • Skid plate with a 5-degree side-to-side pivoting capability
  • Brand Pro-series
  • Model 30056
  • Weight 23.4 pounds

Remarkable construction and quality of the hitch

Includes head support

Fits most types of vehicles


The shipping process needs to be improved.

Might feel heavy but manageable

Installation is a little complicated and time-consuming.

The Reese Elite 30142 fifth wheel hitch is one model under the Reese Elite brand that will never disappoint you regarding expectations and functionality. A member of the brands elite series, this entity is amongst many other models that have gained massive popularity around the globe with their provision of easy and quick hook-ups through a widely manufactured funnel area. In total, this hitch comes with an enormous capacity of 18,000 pounds and has been pre-assembled to save users up to an hour of assembly time. A wrench has been provided with every package, however, to help users hand tighten the foot assembly, while foot tab washers have also been included for a fast installation process.

The self-latching jaw feature included in the design of this reese 5th wheel hitch wraps around the kingpin, offering a high level of security for long periods. Features such as this make this wheel hitch unit an ideal choice for all your heavy-duty hauling. To lessen the burden and trouble associated with coupling and installing a wheel hitch to a full-size truck, this unit comes with all things required to reduce the issues and make your installation effortless.

Key Features
  • Lockable extended length handle
  • Turn to handle quick lock mount system
  • Improved 4-way head pivot
  • The wider footprint for stability
  • Brand Reese
  • Model 30142
  • Weight 137 pounds

It offers great durability.

Pre-assembled components help save time.

Enables you to drive on rough surfaces


You can't use this with small vehicles

Its big size makes it hard to move.

Might feel heavy but manageable

This sliding fifth wheel hitch is an excellent option for all those who wish to invest in the best fifth wheel hitch for applications such as 7250 and trailers. The Curt Manufacturing 16130 model isn’t only affordable, and it is also one of the most functional hitches you’ll ever come across on the market, thanks to its vast array of features and sturdy construction. The 16,000 lbs gross trailer weight rating of this unit is one of its features that are discussed with pride. Concerning vertical load, this hitch can accommodate up to 4,000 lbs without any issues.

You will never have a tough time using this unit, thanks to its single-handed operation feature. Durability and a longer lifespan are also assured since the design has been undertaken in such a way that your hitch is protected from all natural elements and elements of destruction. This has been ensured by using a carbide powder coating on the surface of the product. Experience a smooth and quiet ride whenever you use your wheel hitch, with aiding features such as an anti-rattle skid plate, dual pivoting head and a 10-degree lateral movement.

Key Features
  • Dual jaws provide 360-degree kingpin contact
  • Three-position coupling indicator
  • Self-aligning head
  • Designed to tow trailers up to 20,000 lbs.
  • Brand CURT
  • Model 16130
  • Weight 140 pounds

It makes towing smooth.

It provides secure towing experience

makes the coupling process easier.


Might feel heavy but manageable

Hard to get full bed access.

It might be confusing to couple/uncouple

The Pro-Series 30128 fifth wheel hitch 15K is an entity that is capable of fitting various kinds of trailers, thanks to its adjustable nature. This hitch can be adjusted vertically to 17 inches from 13 inches. The installation and disengagement process has also been made extremely easy, thanks to the inclusion of an easy-to-reach handle provided in the overall design. This unit is a model of Reese and is quite impressive in its functions, thanks to its improved slider. The slider included is suitable for use in short bed trucks and extended cabs.

You can get the exact fit or height you require with this fifth wheel hitch, since its fully adjustable. You are also bound to experience a jerk-free and quiet ride, thanks to its 4-way pivoting head feature. This feature also makes installation on uneven terrain an easy and doable process. The rounded slide bar included in the design makes automatic latching possible, once it’s paired up with the hitch’s cushion grip handle.

Key Features
  • Improved Slider
  • Adjustable
  • Boasts of its jerk-free and quiet ride
  • 4-Way Pivoting Head
  • Brand Reese
  • Model 30128
  • Weight 147.8 pounds

Remarkable construction and quality of the hitch

Includes head support

Fits most types of vehicles


The shipping process needs to be improved.

Installation is a little complicated and time-consuming

Might feel heavy but manageable

Best Fifth Wheel Hitch Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Look for in a Good Fifth Wheel Hitch

Challenges may arise while you go searching for the best fifth wheel slider hitch, which is why we have provided you with considerations and factors you need to pay close attention to, to make the best decision.

  • Price

The price of a 5th wheel hitch is a very critical factor one must consider before making a purchase. Try as much as possible to correlate the actual cost of your preferred model to the features it possesses. This will help you determine if the hitch wheel is worth investing in.

  • Ease of Installation

How easy is it to install your preferred wheel hitch? This factor contributes significantly to your final decision when searching for the best fifth wheel hitch. If the trailer and truck match, it is a sign that the hitch will be easy to install. Make sure that the model you opt for is easy to set up, without needing external help.

  • Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of a fifth wheel hitch is one of the few factors you must take note of when searching for a high-quality hitch. The hitch you select must be able to carry any trailer. Your hitch might break while in use if it has a small weight capacity, and this can result in serious traffic accidents. Think ahead about five years from now, when checking the weight capacity of any wheel hitch. If you have a large trailer, you might want to opt for a hitch with a 20,000 lbs capacity.

  • Pivoting System

Choosing a hitch that has a pivoting feature makes it possible for you to enjoy a higher level of flexibility while on the road. The usual system employed by many wheel hitches is the 2-pivot system, which enables your trailer to move forward.

  • Sliding hitch

The sliding hitch of fifth wheel hitches is a critical feature when you’re in need of a hitch for a short bed truck. Sliding hitches help reduce the chances of you experiencing trailer bumping of your vehicle.

fifth wheel hitch

Benefits of Using a Fifth Wheel Hitch

  • They are a more comfortable and safer entity to use for towing.
  • You’re offered emotional stability while on the road since the tow vehicle, and the trailer has been locked together.
  • With a fifth wheel hitch, you can haul considerably more weight, since it’s been mounted closer to the centre of gravity of the truck, spreading the load out more evenly.
  • If towing an extended trailer, for example, making use of a fifth wheel hitch makes it easier to manoeuvre. This is because, the hitch has been mounted inside the bed of the truck, making it easier to back up or turn.

Types of 5th Wheel Hitches

There are two main types of fifth wheel hitches that every trailer owner needs to familiarise themselves with when shopping for this product.

  • Fixed wheel hitch model

The performance of this model is mostly dependent on the overall quality of the hitch purchased. They are available in two kinds; those with the single jaw and the others with a dual jaw system. The only jaw mechanism tends to be more affordable than the models that make use of the dual jaw system. This model, however, has one main problem; its limited turning radius.

  • Sliding wheel hitch model

The second main group is the more flexible option available, as its capable of turning more than 90 degrees, making it easy to manoeuvre. Just like its earlier counterpart, this model also comes in two types; the manual and automatic slider. As their names suggest, their operations are done manually or with use of some automation.

Fifth Wheel Hitch Safety Tips

  • Don’t fight the wind
  • Keep your tire health in mind, always.
  • Do not exceed your weight limit.
  • Learn to make use of your mirrors
  • Keep your lug bolts in mind.

Alternative Options for Mounting the Hitch

Another attachment method often used is one which makes use of a gooseneck ball. This alternative method is perfect for those who plan on towing not only a fifth wheel trailer but applications such as a gooseneck trailer.

RV Travel

Best Fifth Wheel Hitch FAQ:

Q: How Do Fifth Wheel Hitches Work?

A: Fifth wheel hitches are usually mounted on metal beds and used with pickup trucks. They have massive metal jaws that are secured to the foundation of the pickup, before being bolted to the truck’s frame.

Q: How Does the Fifth Wheel Trailer Attach to The Fifth Wheel Hitch?

A: The wheel trailer connects to the hitch via a downward facing pin. The fifth wheel hitch has metal rails running beneath it, and these are attached to the pickup truck for strength.

Q: Can I Install A 5th Wheel Hitch Myself?

A: Yes, it is possible to install your fifth wheel hitch by yourself. There are many installation kits made available to suit the model of the hitch, as well as your tow vehicle.

Our Top Pick

The first, fifth wheel hitch we spoke about and our Top pick for today is the B & W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch, a two-piece designed hitch that is suitable for people who see themselves towing more than just a fifth wheel trailer. It is adaptable, adjustable and affordable, and has been designed for easy installation and disengagement. Its operations are guided by the B and W turnover ball under-mounting system, which is installed in a total of ten minutes. This unit can promote a first jaw and kingpin contact by using its dual jaw.


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