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The Best Electric Scooter for Adults (Review) in 2021

Best Choice Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter
Premium Pick Segway Ninebot ES4 Folding Electric Kick Scooter Segway Ninebot ES4 Folding Electric Kick Scooter
Best Value The Best Electric Scooter for Adults  (Review) in 2021 Razor E200 Electric Scooter

If you think people cruising around on a scooter is cool, it’s probably time you invested in one yourself. Using a scooter is an exhilarating sport, as it allows you to exercise and also find your way around without being stuck in traffic and adult scooters are great because they’re straightforward to learn, assemble, and even simple to move around with. The best part is that they’re ideal for all ages; thus, you can whizz around the neighborhood with your kids and still feel safe. If you’re an adult searching for the best scooters to commute with, this article is here to provide you with all the information required to find the best electric scooter for adults.

The Best Electric Scooter for Adults

Razor is a brand that is known for its production of the best scooters in the world. Since its inception, the Razor company has sought to provide the best means of transport to people concerning safety, durability, reliability, and cost. These needs gave rise to the Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter. Out of all available scooter models in today’s article, this product tops the chart with its fantastic build, exciting features, and positive reviews from users. The Power core scooter acts as more than a scooter; it is the ideal means of transport for all people, no matter their age and skill set. The Power Core from Razor is a newly developed scooter model that has been built with the newest technologies. It features the new power core technology that delivers twice the ride time with 50% less power than many scooter models. This is a significant step up from this model’s predecessor, the Razor E90. The Power Core doesn’t make use of a chain tensioner, alignment system, or any chain for operations; thus, it is generally maintenance-free. The absence of support allows every user to save money for other tasks and activities. Some elements recognized in this scooter include the kick start system, push-button throttle, high-torque hub motor, and a hand-operated front fender system.

Key Features
  • 50% more torque than the E90
  • Up to 80 minutes of continuous use
  • Speeds up to 10 mph
  • 90 watt hub motor
  • Brand Razor
  • Model 13111416
  • Weight 22 pounds

Comfortable, smooth ride

Ultra padded seat

Luggage rack



Heavy considering the power output

People of all ages know about Segway and their ability to create high-quality scooters. This is a leading manufacturer of motorcycles, recognized worldwide as the most significant company with many customers. Segway loves to make all their products fun and functional, and this attracts many individuals who wish to have the best value for money. We’re recommending the Segway Ninebot KickScooter, their best e-scooter model for both children and adults who love making use of scooters for their daily commutes and recreational purposes. This scooter is built to last with heavy-duty materials that are also light in weight for secure storage. The Kick electric scooter from Segway uses dual batteries for its operation. These batteries are a new lithium-ion battery system that has been upgraded to perform better than most cells. A single charge of these batteries allows you to move around for up to 28 miles before needing a recharge. With such a vast distance range, you can take this scooter anywhere without worrying about it breaking down. The portability of this unit is another fantastic feature that we love. Since it is built with lightweight materials, it can be folded into a smaller size for secure storage and movement from one location to the other. Enjoy the bright LED display of this scooter, to utilize all its Bluetooth feature for better wireless control. Other features include its ambient light colors and reliable mobile app connectivity, which is tough to compete with. Regarded by many as Segway’s premium kick scooter, the Ninebot scooter helps every user to experience higher speed, range, and power, which enables them to reach their destinations quicker than they ever have.

Key Features
  • Extra Lithium-Ion battery
  • Upgraded motor
  • Front and rear wheel shock absorbers
  • Portable Folding Design
  • Brand Segway
  • Model ES4
  • Weight 30.9 pounds

Great ergonomic design

Smooth ride with no sound

Retractable kickstand


The lower weight limit can limit riders

It’s essentially impossible to make one of these lists without including the Razor brand at least once or twice, so it should be no surprise you’re already seeing its second appearance on this list, courtesy of the Razor E200 Electric Scooter. This scooter is designed for anyone ages 13 and up — so long as they don’t pass the 154 lb threshold. Still, while it’s designed for older teenagers, it should be suitable for adults on the smaller-side. It features a powerful, 200-watt, high-torque, single-speed, chain-driven motor that helps you reach speeds of up to 12 mph. The scooter also contains a rechargeable two 12V sealed lead-acid batteries for up to 40 minutes of continuous use. And at a distinctly low price point, this is a great purchase, all-around.


Key Features
  • 200-watt motor
  • Max speed up to 12 MPH
  • Rechargeable 24V (two 12V) sealed lead-acid battery system
  • Brand Razor
  • Model 13112410
  • Weight 37.3 lbs


Powerful Engine



A little heavy

Max Weight Capacity around 150 lbs

Our next best e-scooter is from the Glion camp, another leading manufacturer in quality products. Over the years, several editorial bodies have raved about the level of professionalism and quality displayed by Glion. This is a brand that knows what it’s about. From their research to design and even in distribution, they never compromise on quality and customer satisfaction. The result is always one for the books. With several positive customer reviews and outstanding recommendations from scooter experts and enthusiasts, we present to you one of Glion’s finest e-scooters, the Glion Dolly Electric Scooter, a unit designed for the adult in you. We all know about the broad market for children’s scooters, and this often leaves adults having to settle. With this marvelous unit, all adults are well catered for. The Glion Adult Electric Scooter is built on ending all your tedious commutes to and from work, school, or the neighborhoods. This is the ultimate scooter model, made to reduce the number of hours you spend in traffic jams, sweating through your suit, or fighting the urge to pee. With this unit, you get to cruise at your own pace for longer distances with absolute freedom in your stride. The Dolly scooter is light in weight; thus it can be moved to any space of your choice. Its influence also allows you to fold and store it anywhere you please if it’s not in use. It is powered by a highly effective premium lithium-ion battery, which will enable you to cover several miles on a single charge.

Key Features
  • Foldable
  • Lightweight
  • w/ Premium Li-Ion Battery
  • Reliable, durable construction
  • Brand Glion
  • Model 215
  • Weight 28.7 pounds

Excellent battery pack

Reduced charging time

Great speed of 15 mph


There isn’t much info on customer service

Not everyone prefers airless tires

Meet the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter, one of the most exceptional scooter units designed from the Asian continent. Out of all the scooters we have listed, this unit has to be the most innovative. It was crafted with information from customer reviews on competing models, as well as intense research, which was undertaken by the design team. The combination of feedback with studies led to the launch of their most beautiful scooter yet. The Xiaomi Mi scooter we review today is the US version, which comes with a warranty loved by all customers. This unit is extremely light in weight and is best used by adults. The features of the US version scooter differ from the original version, but the fundamentals elements that aid in the functioning of the motorcycle are static. Some of the items found with this scooter include its portable folding design. Manufacturers considered this to allows users to store their vehicles when they’re not in use. Their compact nature allows them to be folded and kept in small spaces, which will not be possible for the regular scooter model. Besides their portability, the Xiaomi Mi scooter has one of the best battery lifespans in this article. The battery with which it operates features a 250 w motor that allows this scooter to travel 18 miles non-stop on a single charge.

Key Features
  • Up to 15.5 MPH
  • 18.6 miles long-range battery
  • Ultra-lightweight adult electric scooter
  • Easy Fold-n-carry design
  • Brand Xiaomi
  • Model M365
  • Weight 26.9 pounds

The chain is driven, high torque motor

Retractable kickstand

Easy to assemble and store


Low rider weight max

Shorter range than the Ninebot ES4

The Megawheels experience is like no other, which is why they are recommending their Megawheels S5 Electric Scooter. All over the world, this scooter is making strides among adults and kids alike. They are in love with its construction, functionality, and the level of strength it delivers on a single charge. It is unlike any unit we have come across; thus, were confident in its ability to cater to all your travel needs. This Megawheels s5 Scooter is built from aircraft-grade aluminum. This material is used to create a durable frame that cannot be easily broken. To increase the longevity of this frame, it has been powder coated, reducing the occurrence of rust and corrosion. This motorized scooter unit is exceptionally portable, like many other models in our arsenal. It is light in weight thanks to the use of aluminum, and this allows every user to fold and mold their scooter as they please into a more manageable size for all their travels. This scooter is powered by an ultra-high-capacity battery made from lithium. This battery allows you to travel as long as 13.6 miles before a recharge is demanded. Included in the design of this scooter are five different battery indicators, which inform you about the battery capacity left.

Key Features
  • Up to 15.5 MPH
  • 13 Miles long range battery
  • 8.5" Pneumatic tires
  • Portable and folding commuter electric scooter
  • Weight 26.5 pounds

Anti-puncture tires


Great for longer commutes


No LED screen

Not the best range

Our list will never be complete without another one of Razor’s magic scooter designs. Let go of your dull, bulky and annoying regular scooter and invest in the Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter. If you’re an adult, this unit is the ideal transportation made for you. It is a unit that features a durable design, fit for adults, and all experience scooter uses. There are several elements that are unique to this unit, making it the most sought after product in this list of recommendations. We love the Ecosmart scooter because it delivers longer miles with a potent motor. This scooter features a 500w torque motor that allows you to travel for forty minutes before the need for a recharge. This Ecosmart electric scooter for adults features a bamboo deck, a height-adjustable seat, and a detachable luggage basket that allows you to store groceries or books. The powder used in coating the unit’s frame is an emissions-free product; thus, your scooter is safe for both humans and the environment. With its 36 volts’ throttle system, this unit offers a varied throttle control, which allows going longer. The seat for this scooter comes with ultra-padding for better comfort. It also has the best hand-operated rear brakes that keep you balanced and well-grounded.

Key Features
  • 500W high torque motor
  • Rear wheel drive
  • Height adjustable seat
  • Detachable luggage basket
  • Brand Razor
  • Model 13114501
  • Weight 65.3 pounds

Full-size frame and deck

Ideal for adults

Quietest chain-driven motor



Heavy considering the power output

Best Electric Scooter Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Consider When Buying an E Scooter

The design of an electric scooter differs from that of a regular bike, from the choice of materials to sizing and other factors. That being said, selecting a regular motorcycle will have a different procedure from finding the best e-scooter. We have a list of recommendations, which every potential buyer must consider before choosing one e-scooter model over the other.

  • Portability

To display how efficient and straightforward an e-scooter is, you must take note of how quickly it folds up. There are two significant types of folding, which are the 1-second and 3-second folding techniques. The ability of your scooter to fold will determine whether or not it can be moved around or stored away with ease, whenever it isn’t in use.

  • Suspension

A motorcycle having suspension or not is significant and must be looked at. The presence of suspension determines how smooth your rides will be. The suspension feature is ideal for the scooters that use airless tires. They are usually attached to the rear or front wheels of your bike, thus, and you need to know how often your motorcycle is going to be used and where it is going to be used. As much as possible, opt for a model that has suspension.

  • Lighting

If you tend to ride a lot in low light, you might want to consider a scooter with illumination. Views are vital for visibility; thus, several scooter models come with headlights and rear lights. When searching for the best scooter, be confident that it has views, whether LED or LCD.

  • Connectivity

The Bluetooth app is the last consideration any potential scooter buyer should look out for. These apps are used on smart devices to help you control your scooter wirelessly. Users get to set their riding modes, see their speed, and even map out their entire route via GPS. Read reviews of your product to find out how advanced its app is before making a purchase.

Joyful friends riding kick scooters

Benefits of an Electric Scooter

– The first and prevalent benefit of the electric scooter is its ability to help you move around with ease. These are an excellent means of transport, which doesn’t demand a lot of fuel or maintenance. They get you to your destination safely, and they’re easier to monitor and control as compared to other transport modules.

– Another benefit of the electric scooter is that unlike the regular motorcycle, this unit is very cost-efficient. This is because it doesn’t demand a lot of manual labor, and resultantly won’t need as much maintenance. The most important this an electric scooter requires access to electricity. Electric bikes are great for beginners, kids, adults, and everyone else who loves motorbikes with no stress.

– Many people like to make use of the electric scooter because it brings some amount of excitement to the way you travel. With these units, you can move longer miles and distances without any issues. They have the best control, balance, and durability, which can keep you going for as long as possible. They are also beautiful and act as a great conversation starter wherever you go.

Types of Motorised Scooter

  • Commuter motorised scooter

The commuter scooters are electric scooters that have a high pricing range. The models vary in both features and price, with their decent build, scale, and speed. These scooters have been built to take on long commutes on uneven terrain and hills. These units differ from the budget scooters, which have been priced relatively lower. The typical price of a commuter scooter is $1,000. They are also quite bulky, but they have potent motors and batteries.

  • Budget scooters

The budget scooter, as its name suggests, is a machine that is very economical for many individuals. These scooters are designed for light recreation and are also well suited for use by kids and beginners. The choice of users is because they are people who don’t need high speeds or range to enjoy their rides. These cheap scooters are priced as low as $300. The budget scooters are light in weight and are a great alternative to typical transportation like trains and buses.

  • High performance

The final type of scooter is a high-performance scooter. This is a means of transportation that is designed as an electric moped, specifically for use by adults. They are the most expensive units out of the bunch, and they also offer the highest level of performance when used. These scooters can reach a 40 mile and 40 mph range, which isn’t familiar with the budget and commuter scooter models. The best part about high-performance motorcycles is their versatility in use. These units can be used for both off-roading and commuting; thus; you don’t need to invest in two different bikes. The downside to these units is their weight. They are very heavy, and as such, aren’t very portable. For those who want a great alternative to the bus, car, or train, a high-performance scooter will be your best bet.

Electric Scooters Road Safety Tips

  • Safety gear

The first thing to do before getting onto your bike is to wear all safety gear. The most important gear one can wear is the helmet. Riding a scooter offers a higher risk of falling off, as opposed to riding in a car. Wearing a helmet reduces this risk in the event of an accident. When choosing a helmet, it must fit your head snugly, and also provide you with the needed cushioning.

  • Ride with your hands

While riding your scooter, be sure to keep both your hands on the handles. This is done to offer you more control and reduce the risk of getting into an accident. Using both sides on the scooter helps you to avoid hitting something without falling off.

  • Accelerate carefully

When riding a motorcycle, it is better to start slow on the accelerator. This is an excellent addition to having your safety gear on. Having the best scooter skills helps you to stay safe on the road and also reduces your risk of an accident. There’s nothing exceptional about hitting the accelerator on full throttle when you’re running late for work because doing this can throw you off balance. Start moving slowly, before picking up the speed to be safe.

  • Charge your battery

Electric scooters operate with batteries; thus they run on their power. These batteries must be charged to their fullest level, to ensure that your bike works excellently without malfunctioning. On a single charge, these electric scooters can cover at least 20 miles, depending on the kind of terrain and the amount of load you carry. Trips longer than 20 miles will require you to recharge along the way. To do this, you need to identify all recharging spots along your route and carry your recharging system along.

  • Avoid headphones and mobile phones

The one risk you wouldn’t want to take is the using of your phone or listening to your favourite songs via headphones while on the road. Using these devices will mean one of your hands will be busy. Controlling a scooter with a single hand is very tough, and this puts you at risk of an accident. Opt for phone calls and phone usage before and after any of your requests, and leave all calls placed during your trips to go to voicemail.

Energetic jolly guy getting to meeting point

Top Electric Scooter Brands

In recent times, we have seen steady growth in the number of scooter brands. The brands are a mix of old, new, and upcoming brands that create some of the best scooter models. Some examples of these brands include Swagtron, Glion, Razor Power, and Gotrax. These are the brands that love to keep customers satisfied via their creation of exceptional scooter models. They ensure that every item they make is up to safety standards and is also up to date with technologies.

Best Electric Scooter FAQ:

Q: How do I ride an electric scooter?

A: Riding a scooter differs a little from riding a motorcycle. The process needs to be adhered to, if you wish to enjoy your electric scooter, there are some simple steps you can follow.

  • The first thing to do is to raise your scooter in a full and upright position. This can be done by lifting the latch located at the base of the steering column. This process is done to unlock your scooter.
  • Press on the switch to power up your scooter. Study the battery life indicator and also your product information when your scooter model comes equipped with an LED display.
  • The handbrake can be found on your scooter’s handlebars. These units are usually susceptible; thus, you need to be extra careful until you become very familiar with the bike.
  • If you want to increase or reduce the power of your scooter, make use of your products throttle, by hitting it.
  • During your trip, you can use the foot or hand brake once you’re ready to stop, or when you’ve reached your destination.

Q: Are e scooters safe?

A: Electric scooters are incredibly safe for use by humans. Their initial designs were slightly dangerous to use on roads and hills because they didn’t possess the necessary safety features which allow them to stay balanced and functional. The recent models of electric scooters feature newer technologies that will enable you to climb up hills and move at top speeds without worrying about distance, reliability, and endurance.

Q: Can electric scooters go uphill?

A: There are electric scooters that can go uphill. By a general design principle, it gets harder for a bike to climb uphill when the hill is extremely steep. The ability of a scooter to move upward is highly dependent on the rider’s weight, tire material, the type of lithium-ion batteries, aerodynamics, and the importance of your bike. These features help all motorcycles move around and also enable the unit to go uphill quickly.

Our Top Pick

Our top pick product is the Razor Power Core E90 Scooter. This is the best e-scooter for all adults, thanks to its exceptional motor and powerful battery system. This is a commuter scooter that features upgraded technologies that enhance its productivity. It comes with elements such as a high torque hub motor, a fantastic kick start system, and a sturdy steel frame coated with powder for rust prevention. No matter your skill set or age, you can use the Power Core scooter for your daily commutes or a simple trip around your neighborhood. It is attractive enough to draw attention to you and powerful enough to send you on long-distance trips without requiring a recharge.