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Published Mar. 18, 2021

Popular amongst casual and serious skateboarders alike, cruiser wheels are designed to be broad and soft. The great thing about getting a new set of wheels for your ride is that it can completely overhaul your boarding experience. Throw on a new set of cruiser wheels and — just like that — you can smoothly cover long distances (without all the damage from friction). The distinct width gives you the exact right surface area to keep you in control without slowing down the ride. Of course, while it sounds simple to find softer, wider wheels, a cursory search will quickly tell you that there is no shortage of options. From light-up wheels with bold colors to muted tones that tout impressively tough cores, it can be tricky to identify the right set of wheels. To cut through the noise, we’ve curated a list of the best cruiser wheels on the market, along with some insider know-how on finding the ideal fit. Let’s get to it.

Whether you are new to the world of cruising or have been at it for years, a good set of wheels makes all the difference. Freedare Skateboard Wheels are a fantastic choice, particularly given their wide-set design and ideal hardness. You can get this set of four wheels in one of four colors, or opt for them in all four colors (if you want to add a splash of color). The wheels are made out of polyurethane material, the industry-standard for skateboard wheels. At 83a hardness, they keep good traction with the ground without slowing you down. Featuring ABEC-7 bearings, the inside components of the wheels move smoothly, reducing vibrations and keeping you balanced. Effective on pavement and concrete alike, these boards make cruising even more enjoyable.

Keep in mind that, though the set of wheels resists damage from use, they will eventually wear down and require replacement. The set only comes with four wheels, so you might want to plan ahead.

Key Features
  • Comes in set of four wheels
  • Wheels are 60 millimetres
  • Hardness of 83a
  • Includes bearings and spacers
  • Brand Freedare
  • Model B079LY1DKB
  • Weight 1 pound

Incorporate high-grade steel

Works well on all surfaces

Roll smoothly on pavement


Doesn’t include spare wheels

Only well-suited for cruising

Difficult to lubricate bearings

Tons of skateboarding fans love to cruise, not only because it’s a fun exercise, but because it is a cost-effective way to get out of the house. The affordable price point of the Retrospec Ten Toes Quip Cruiser makes them desirable to those looking to stay frugal. Instead of coming just as wheels that you need to add to your board, this set comes with the cruiser board. Made using modern injection molding technology, this retro-style board costs roughly as much as a standard set of cruiser wheels. It touts a forgiving plastic deck and high-end wheels, built specifically for cruising. Gliding smoothly atop a variety of surfaces, the ABEC-7 bearings are made out of durable carbon, a material that is both lightweight and tough. Easy to maneuver, the polyurethane wheels work together with the precisely designed board to make cruising both cost-effective and fun.

It’s worth a note that, though affordable, the wheels come with an actual skateboard. Be sure that you are able to store it to be sure that you don’t run out of room.

Key Features
  • Board is 22.5 x 6 inches
  • Comes with polyurethane wheels
  • Lightweight design
  • Molded structure for precision
  • Brand Retrospec
  • Model B082 TQMD8
  • Weight 3.8 pounds

Works for users of all levels

Comes completely assembled

Features a retro look


Comes as whole skateboard

Doesn’t have separate wheels

Works primarily for cruising

The Oleio Mini Cruiser Skateboard is a terrific way to take your love of cruising to the next level. Designed to optimize the act of skateboarding on smooth surfaces, the wheels on this board are made of relatively soft polyurethane. At a 78a level on the hardness durometer, these wheels are perfect for hitting either asphalt or pavement. Worried about the wheels working with your specific board? This option comes with a drop-through deck, removing any issues relating to the trucks and spacer. The wheels are able to smoothly carry up to 220 pounds, making this setup ideal for boarders of all experience levels. By incorporating ABEC-9 bearings, the wheels move quickly by limiting friction and giving you a more efficient ride. Able to get to high speeds in a jiffy, these cruiser wheels are designed to never hold you back.

One thing that’s worth mentioning is that these boards come in pretty bold color schemes, despite having multiple options. While functional, the distinct coloring can make this option too bold for some users.

Key Features
  • Supports up to 220 pounds
  • Wheels are 60 millimetres
  • Hardness of 78a rating
  • Drop-through board
  • Brand Oleio
  • Model B08QCNLTF8
  • Weight N/A

Wheels work on multiple surfaces

Receives CPC and CE certification

Can be used by riders of all levels


Comes as a complete skateboard

Lacks replacement wheels

All options are boldly colored

It all comes down to the construction of the wheels’ interior, not just what you can see from the outside. Fireball Tinder Skateboard Wheels are built with structural integrity and function as the main design focus. While the red color might be a bit plain, the interior of the wheels makes up for it (and then some). Built for miniature cruisers, these wheels work well for younger riders. The polyurethane material rings in at 81a on the hardness durometer, making them useful not only for cruising but also for rougher ground and tricks. This is largely due to the center-set design. The dead-center placement enhances stability and extends the lifespan of the wheels themselves. With a fibreglass interior, they are both heat resistant and tough.

It warrants a mention that, though the wheels are built to resist the heat from movement, the fiberglass material can be somewhat vulnerable to cold. Store them indoors to prevent any issues due to weather.

Key Features
  • Comes in set of four red wheels
  • Hardness rating of 81a
  • 60 millimeter wheel size
  • Core centered at 50%
  • Brand Fireball
  • Model B08DG9 CYZ
  • Weight N/A

Well-balanced design

Easy to install and maintain

Works on multiple surfaces


Doesn’t come with extra wheels

Only available in one color

Wheel bearings vulnerable to cold

If you are new to the world of cruising, then Nattork Skateboard Wheels can give you the exact edge you need to get started. They feature a unique design, incorporating both colorful and translucent polyurethane. Ringing in at 78a on the hardness scale, this set of four wheels is ideal for quick travel on the pavement. Plus, at 60 millimeters in size, you get the perfect amount of surface area to make movement easier. The set comes with a tool crafted specifically to make the installation process easier. Since the set also comes with trucks and spacers, it’s definitely handy to have something to get all the gear in place. Featuring ABEC-7 bearings and tough metal bearings that reduce interference from vibrations, this set of wheels makes learning to cruise a lot simpler.

It warrants a note that, while the wheels do work as a standalone, it’s best to install them along with the included trucks and spacers. This way, you can enjoy the smoothest ride on both pavement and asphalt.

Key Features
  • Set of four cruiser wheels
  • 60 millimetres in size
  • Hardness rating of 78a
  • Includes trucks and spacers
  • Brand Nattork
  • Model B08QYYTSLV
  • Weight N/A

Compatible with most common boards

Works for cruising on all surfaces

Built to enhance durability


Somewhat tricky to install

Not made specifically for skateboards

Do you want your wheels to showcase your skills with a bit of extra flair? If so, consider Ridge Skateboard Cruiser Wheels for their bold look and high utility value. In terms of function, the wheels ring in at 78a on the hardness durometer. This means that the polyurethane will grip the ground in a way to promote your balance while also letting you move quickly. Furthered by the ABEC-7 bearings, you get the benefit of minimized vibrations and easier balance. Looking to the aesthetics, these wheels come in any of eight colors and include LED lights that engage when you move. Designed for cruising primarily on asphalt, these wheels are well-suited to riders of all experience levels.

One thing to note is that the LED function has no off switch. Every time you ride, the wheels will light up, so if subtlety is your focus, these might not be the ideal solution for your style.

Key Features
  • Wheels include LED lights
  • 59-millimeter wheel size
  • Includes ABEC 7 steel bearings
  • Comes in set of four wheels
  • Brand Ridge Skateboards
  • Model B07657L9D2
  • Weight N/A

Stylish and brightly colored

Works on all types of surfaces

Ideal for cruising activities


Not ideal for performing tricks

LED lights wear out with time

Doesn’t come with backup lights

Losenka Skateboard Wheels are a good choice for those wanting to learn to cruise, particularly since they are compatible with smaller board sizes. Just like you wouldn’t learn to drive a semi before you mastered a standard car, most riders start out with a less demanding deck. These wheels ring in at 52 millimeters, meaning they are wide relative to a compact board. Since the polyurethane rings in at 100a on the durometer scale, they let you slide smoothly across flat surfaces. Made using cold infusion technology, the wheels are built to withstand wear and tear from friction. By incorporating ABEC-9 bearings, they absorb vibrations and help the rider balance, keeping them in full control. For a dash of style, they tout a unique color scheme that lends a bit of an aesthetic edge to their main focus on utility.

It’s worth mentioning that these wheels are designed for beginners (and thus a smaller board). Once you master the art of cruising, you will probably want to upgrade to something a bit bigger.

Key Features
  • Uses ABEC-9 bearings
  • Wheel size is 52 millimeters
  • Sturdy polyurethane material
  • Comes with trucks and spacers
  • Brand Losenka
  • Model B0837M8B42
  • Weight N/A

Suitable for beginners

Works on multiple surfaces

Enables you to perform tricks


Limited compatibility rating

Can be tricky to install

Relatively low on hardness scale

Best Cruiser Wheels Buying Guide & FAQ

When it comes to skateboarding, most riders want to learn at least a few tricks. But, just like you can’t do donuts in a parking lot without knowing how to drive, you can’t become a skateboarding expert without learning the basics. That’s where cruiser wheels come into play. Cruising is the fundamental skill on top of which all other techniques are built. Basically, cruising means riding on pavement or asphalt, hitting fast speeds, and learning control. And really, what better starting point could there be? 

To cruise properly, you need the right gear, and that means a quality set of wheels. There are some key things to look for, including a reasonable hardness level (within the range of 78a to 82a is a good starting point). The wheels also have to be wide enough to let you balance easily. Equipped with these two things, you can optimize the advantages you gain from your cruiser wheels.  

Benefits of Cruiser Wheels

skateboard with best cruiser wheels at park
The best cruiser wheels can help reduce vibrations.

One of the key advantages to cruiser wheels is that it makes lengthy treks more enjoyable. Wheels that aren’t designed for the pavement make it trickier to reach fast speeds. Cruiser wheels are built to let you move quickly while also giving you a smooth riding experience. Whether you’re commuting or just getting some fresh air, a comfortable ride starts with good wheels. 

Riders of all levels can benefit from a good set of cruiser wheels. They fit onto any skateboard deck (provided you have the right set of trucks in place). Beginners with smaller decks can use cruising wheels to learn. Conversely, advanced riders get the full appreciation of a vibration-free ride while they explore the concrete jungle. 

Another key benefit of cruiser wheels is that they are built specifically for the type of ground over which they travel. Harder wheels wear down surprisingly quickly on asphalt, but more forgiving polyurethane structures don’t have this vulnerability. That’s why every skateboarding enthusiast needs a set of quality cruiser wheels in their garage. 

  • Excellent for beginner skateboards since it teaches the fundamentals. 
  • Reduce vibrations on the deck with high-quality bearings. 
  • Wheels are relatively soft, keeping the right amount of traction. 
  • Work on both asphalt and pavement for optimal versatility. 
  • Proper wheels let you reach high speeds without losing control. 
  • Cruiser wheels are compatible with all different styles of deck. 

Types of Cruiser Wheels

Sure, cruiser wheels all share a lot in common. For starters, they are all made out of polyurethane, a specific kind of polymer that can be shaped with ease. Another shared trait is a low standing on the hardness scale and substantial size. However, even with these specs, there are still different types of wheels from which to choose. Finding the right fit is predicated on identifying the wheel type you can benefit from most. 

Center-Set Core

This type of wheel is, while relatively common for cruising, is more commonly found when used for sliding. Featuring a symmetrical design, the wheels balance well when riding on flat surfaces (like those you would cruise on). The even design promotes overall longevity since the wear and tear are relatively even when used for cruising. 

One downside of this type of wheel is that they usually fall on the higher end of the hardness scale. Softer wheels improve cruising function since they let you move more quickly while keeping a grip on the ground.  If you are considering center-set core wheels for balance, be sure that they are not too hard to cruise properly. 

Side-Set Core

These cruising wheels are, per the namesake, designed with a core that falls near to the inside lip of the wheel itself. Because of this, they are able to move quickly when traveling over hard, flat ground. It reduces the overall friction inside of the wheel, reducing vibrations while you accelerate. 

Since this type of wheel offers such a low-resistance riding experience, you can find them in several hardness levels and widths. Look for side-set cores that are on a wide wheel (aim for 60 millimeters). Many side-set options are fairly soft (around 78a) and come in a whole host of colors. Keep in mind that this shifted balance can make it more challenging to do tricks. 

Offset core

If you liked the sound of center and side-set wheels, but can’t pick between the two, good news: offset models are essentially a blend of the two designs. The core lies closer to the inside of the wheel, though not so close that balance becomes difficult. These wheels are ideally-suited to experienced riders since they give you traction without overdoing it. 

Because offset wheels are well-balanced yet enable higher velocities during travel, manufacturers craft them in a whole host of styles. You can get offset wheels in all colors and hardness levels. As long as you have a bit of experience riding and find wheels that are soft enough, this type is a worthy option. 

What to Look for When Buying Cruiser Wheels

man holding the Best Cruiser Wheels
The best cruiser wheels are smooth riding and relatively soft.

When assessing cruiser wheels to suss out the best options, the first thing that we look at is the design. By considering the essential criteria for the wheels (hardness level and size), we can eliminate options that just won’t work. Next, we look at the more nuanced aspects like quality core durable materials. Factoring in user reviews of each of the wheels, we identified the top contenders. 

Aiming to take it one step further and provide you with the most thorough list, we looked into the repute of the manufacturer and the technology used in wheel construction. From cold molding to injection devices, how the wheels are made speaks directly to durability. So, by tracking down well-made, properly-designed, quality wheels, we ensure actionable advice that any skateboard enthusiast can rely on. 

The Most Important Features of Cruiser Wheels

Identifying the most critical traits of cruiser wheels is essential to getting your money’s worth. The best way to check the quality of a skateboard accessory is to pinpoint the most important features and make sure they live up to your standards. By checking these criteria off your list, you can rest easy knowing the wheels will work. 

Quality Build

In order to function effectively, your cruiser wheels must be properly made. This starts with good materials. Injection technology is a great way to ensure a precise design, meaning the width will promote a smooth ride. Look at the bearings inside the wheel, since the balls are essential to managing vibrations and fostering an easy cruise. ABEC-7 and ABEC-9 are the two most common types and they work effectively on cruising wheels. 

The other factor of a quality build is in the wheel balance. While the core will dictate how your weight is spread out on the wheels, it is the construction process that ensures the wheel itself is properly structured. When the polymer is even, free of minute flaws, you naturally get a smoother ride. 

High Stiffness Core

After you’ve ensured that the wheels are of the proper width and made of good materials, you can look to the core itself. Though there are different core structures, each of them needs to be able to support the weight placed on it. The stiffest core will usually be on a center-set design since it provides the best weight balance. 

The other core designs have their merit as well, particularly so long as the wheel is able to hold up under pressure. Just as the exterior of the wheels is vulnerable to friction on the road, the core itself undergoes wear and tear also. With a high stiffness core, the impacts are less severe and the wheels can last for longer. 

Care and Maintenance for Cruiser Wheels

The maintenance demands of cruiser wheels depend largely on how often you ride. Upkeep is meant to slow down the damage of wear and tear. An electric scooter you use daily will require more frequent attention than something you only use on weekends. Schedule your maintenance work based on how much you use the cruiser board

When it comes to actually doing the maintenance, there isn’t too much to do. As long as you store the board indoors, prevent moisture damage, and keep the wheels clean, they should last you for quite some time. 

  • Keep your bearings well-lubricated to limit the damage from friction while you ride. 
  • Clean the cruiser wheels regularly (the more you ride, the more often you should perform maintenance)
  • Store your skateboard and maintenance supplies indoors to prevent environmental damage. 
  • Rotate your skateboard wheels just like you would the wheels on your car. 
  • When your wheels are showing uneven wear or your ride is off-balance, it’s time to replace the wheels. 

Best Cruiser Wheels FAQs:

Especially if this is your first time picking out new wheels for your board, it can be a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, the many skateboarders that came before have made it much easier to get answers. The key is matching the wheels to the type of ride you want. 

Q: How do I choose a cruiser wheel?

Look for a cruiser wheel that’s lower on the hardness scale. Check for wheels that are at least 60 millimeters for a standard-sized board. 

Q: Which skateboard wheels are best for the street?

Softer, wide-set wheels are ideal for street use. Among the quality options are the Freedare Skateboard Wheels.

Q: Is it possible to do tricks on a cruiser?

While it is possible to do some tricks, cruiser skateboards are meant for comfortable, long street rides, not for performing. 

Our Top Pick

After thoroughly analyzing the candidates, we’ve named the Freedare Skateboard Wheels as our top choice. At 60 millimeters in width and landing in the 80s on the hardness scale, these wheels foster a smooth ride. Coming with ABEC-7 bearings and spacers, this set of four wheels makes riding on pavement and asphalt a breeze. Durable and easy to maintain, these wheels are suitable for riders of all experience levels. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the finer points of cruiser wheels, you can make your pick. It might be the Freedare Skateboard Wheels for their well-balanced design. Or it could be the affordable and stylish Retrospec Ten Toes Quip Cruiser. There’s a cruiser wheel set for every boarding enthusiast. Happy riding!


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