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Published Mar. 20, 2018

As a professional mechanic who works on loads of cars throughout the day, you know how hard it is to creep under your car to work on it. You have to crawl under into all the dust and often spend hours on the uncomfortable floor. This is where the creeper can be your savior as there is no need of crawling in and out from underneath the car when you can easily roll in and out.

Creepers can drastically increase your efficiency in fixing up your car and the comfort, flexibility, and support they provide are unmatched. Moreover, they allow you to move easily from one part of the car to another. When fixing the car for hours, the padded cushion can be a huge comfort and can help you avoid a plethora of spinal problems.

Generally, a padded or contoured creeper is preferred as it provides more comfort and support to the body. After intensive research, we have compiled a list of the best eight Car creepers for both professionals and DIYers.

The Best Car Creepers

Having established itself as a standard, the Pro-Lift Foldable Z-Creeper is one of the most versatile seats for both professional mechanics and DIYers as it is designed to slip under your cars to help you work on them with the utmost premium comfort and support. The Pro-Lift is a two in one creeper and designed to convert easily from a folded Z shape seat to an unfolded creeper. You can easily fold it into a mechanic’s chair to work on the upper parts of the car or retract the pin to unfold it into a creeper to work on the underside of your car.

Furthermore, its sturdy steel frame construction lends durability and strength to the Pro-Lift and it can easily carry a weight of up to 450 lbs. The size of the seat is approximately 14 x 12.25 inches and the seat is equipped with a thick padded bed and header to provide you with comfort while you get the job done. Another great feature is the six 3-inches polyurethane caster wheels that allow multi-directional movement.

Key Features
  • 2 in 1- creeper plus mechanic’s Z chair.
  • Weight Capacity of 450 lbs.
  • Six 3 inches polyurethane caster wheels.
  • Padded seats and headers for ultimate comfort.
  • 40 inches Steel Frame Construction.
  • Brand Pro Lift
  • Model C-9100
  • Weight 23.1 pounds

Performance Tool is a named brand that has churned out amazing tools and accessories for professional mechanics and car enthusiasts alike. The Performance Tool Garage Starter Set is the perfect friend for those beginners looking for a basic set to take care of their car; the Toolset consists of a Jack, a Jack Stand Pair and a Creeper. The Creeper is of superior quality with a huge variety of lengths to support folks of all sizes as it is constructed using a powder coated steel frame and uses a sturdy cool weave as a fabric to support users while they work.

Moreover, the weight capacity is an ideal 350 lbs and it is ideal for all kinds of automotive and garage applications. It can be folded easily, transported, and the portability of the Performance Tools is what makes it so ideal for home DIYers as it does not take up extra space. Equipped with 4 caster wheels, it can be wheeled easily and allows for freedom of movement below the car.

Key Features
  • Weight Capacity of 350 lbs.
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • 4 caster wheels for multi-directional movement.
  • Heavy duty Cool Weave Fabric with a Steel Powder Coated Frame.
  • Brand Performance Tool
  • Model W85030
  • Weight 40.8 pounds

The Omega 91452 is another low profile 2 in one creeper that is perfect for auto shops and garages. Mostly used by professional mechanics, it can easily fold up into a Z shaped chair that will help you do all kinds of tiring automotive work while sitting comfortably on it. Furthermore, it can unfold into a low profile creeper to get under the lowest of cars for extra workspace and the thick padded cushions and bed allow for superior comfort while you get the job done. The size of the creeper is approximately 40 x 26 x 4.25 inches; the size is universal, thus, the seat has only this one size.

Equipped with six swivel caster wheels, the Omega is extremely portable and mobile. You can move in all directions when you are under the car; it is constructed using a heavy-duty steel frame that lends comfort and durability to the seat. The Overall capacity of the chair is about 450 lbs, which is ideal and allows the chair to bear all kinds of loads.

Key Features
  • Two in One design with a creeper and a Z shaped mechanic’s chair.
  • Weight Capacity of up to 450 lbs.
  • 6 polyurethane swivel casters for added mobility.
  • Thick padded cushions for comfort.
  • Sturdy steel construction.
  • Brand Omega
  • Model 91452
  • Weight 27 pounds

The Lisle Company has been working in the automotive industry for over a century; their robust and high-quality tools are what makes them so reliable. This creeper by Lisle is a top-notch quality product marketed to those professionals working in the automotive industry. Equipped with a body fitting design, it was manufactured after rigorous testing on different body forms to ensure it was comfortable for all. The unique design allows for better comfort and support by fitting to your natural body shape and the body of the creeper is about 2 inches longer to provide a great fit.

Included are urethane rollers that are for added durability; the surface is easy to clean and is solvent, greases, and fuels resistant. In addition to that, it comprises of a very low profile with a 7/8 inch clearance to help you get under the lowest of cars with an increased workspace. The weight capacity is about 350 lbs and it is available in five other colors as well.

Key Features
  • Low profile with a clearance of 7/8 inches.
  • Urethane rollers molded to the plastic body for durability and freedom of movement.
  • A body adjusting design for added comfort and support.
  • Easy to clean and grease, fuels, solvent resistant.
  • Brand Lisle
  • Model 97102
  • Weight 11.1 pounds

The Torin Big Red Rolling Garage is truly for those professional mechanics who tend to work on vehicles bigger than cars. However, for those who tend to feel suffocated in the small-sized creepers, the tori big red rolling creeper can be a welcome savior. Moreover, it is designed with a steel frame that provides durability to the structure so that it can support all heavyweight people.

In addition to that, the 40-inch seat has a headrest that can be adjusted to four different positions and the adjustable headrest allows you to choose the perfect balance of comfort and support. It assists you correctly position your head as well. The headrest boasts an extra layer of padded foam for added comfort.

Also featured are 6 rotating or swivel casters that are flexible and multi-directional to allow freedom of movement. The badded bench is covered with a red vinyl cover that imparts extra strength, protection, and durability to the whole creeper. Moreover, the Torin ensures that all those hours spent toiling under your car are as comfortable as possible.

Key Features
  • 6 rotating wheels for freedom of movement.
  • Adjustable headset with 4 different positions.
  • Red Vinyl Cover for protection and durability.
  • Padded comfort with an extra layer on the headrest.
  • Sturdy steel construction.
  • Brand Torin
  • Model TR6452
  • Weight 16 pounds

It should be no surprise to see another Omega on this list; the company is one of the leading pioneers in the automotive industry. They develop top-notch quality products for professionals as well as beginners. One of these products is the Omega 91000 Creeper; this is a 2 in 1 creeper that could be folded up to form a Z shaped chair and unfolded to form a creeper. Moreover, the transformation from the chair to the creeper is easy and uses no extra tools and it embraces a 40 inches Sturdy steel frame construction with a seat of 14 inches; the steel provides durability and support to the system.

The Omega is equipped with six 3-inches polyurethane swivel casters that allow easy movement and the casters are oil-resistant as well. The seat is a thick padded one for extra comfort while working and the seat has been rated to have a weight capacity of about 450 lbs. The best is that it comes with a full one-year warranty if it turns out to be defective.

Key Features
  • Weight Capacity of 450 lbs.
  • 2 in one: a creeper as well as a mechanic’s chair.
  • Six 3 inches polyurethane swivel casters.
  • 40 inches sturdy steel construction.
  • Brand Omega
  • Model 91000
  • Weight 23 pounds

The creeper has set new standards for all other low profile creepers out on the market and the design is extremely low for those mechanics who work on lower cars or sports car. The wide body ensures you can move around and allows a free workspace; the creeper has an incredibly ergonomic design with a raised headset and lumbar support. The wide contoured deck ensures superior comfort and the lumbar support provides all the support you need. Moreover, it ensures better spinal health while working for hours and the drop deck has no pinch points.

The huge 5-inch caster wheels are not directly underneath the creeper, which is what allows the low profile design. The huge wheels ensure the creeper can move around in all types of terrains without being stuck or hitting too many bumps. The weight capacity is a whopping 401 lbs. and it works best for professionals working with all kinds of cars. It is best suited for beginners who suffer from spinal problems.

Key Features
  • Weight Capacity of 401 lbs.
  • Low profile design.
  • Wide contoured deck with raised headrest and lumbar support,
  • 5-inch caster wheels.
  • Brand Traxion
  • Model 1-100
  • Weight 1.76 ounces

The ATD Creeper joins a long line of affordable plastic creepers that do not compromise on quality in any way whatsoever. The blow-molded plastic features a contoured design, which is perfect for the body, shape. If you do not want to have stiffness in your back and neck after hours of toiling under the car, the ATD can serve you best as it allows unrestricted arm movement so you can work better under the suffocated space.

The ATD is a low profile design for cars that allows for a free workspace. The 1-inch ground clearance is perfect for several low cars. The best feature of the product is perhaps the tool trays that are molded into the plastic body and there is no need to get in and out to grab your tools when you can have all of them readily available. Furthermore, the 3 inches PVC wheels are of industrial strength and are oil resistant; they allow better mobility and portability. The weight capacity of the product is about 300 lbs and it is perfect for beginners due to its ergonomic design.

Key Features
  • Weight Capacity of 300 lbs.
  • Blow molded plastic construction with a contoured design.
  • 1 inch of ground clearance.
  • 3 inches PVS wheels for added mobility.
  • Brand ATD
  • Model 81051
  • Weight 12 lbs

Best Car Creepers Buying Guide

When it comes to searching for the best creepers, beginners often tend to get overwhelmed by the wide variety of features. It can be difficult to determine, which features will suit you and your car the best. It can be especially tough if you have no idea about what creepers are and what the plethora of features actually mean. To help you out, we have compiled a buying guide to help you make an informed choice.

best creeper

What is a Creeper?

A car Creeper is the perfect piece of equipment whether you are an experienced professional or a hobbyist. It usually has a steel construction frame or a plastic molded body often covered by thickly padded beds. They are set on caster wheels that allow for multidirectional movements. They can be extremely useful when you need to work on the underside of your car. They come in all size, colors, materials, and shapes. They allow you to easily roll in and out from underneath your car. Some of them are available with additional accessories such as tool trays or a foldable body.

Features to Look For

You should consider the following factors when looking for a creeper:

  1. Material: Always ensure you buy the best quality material creeper. Some come with plywood bodies. Those are not very durable and tend to break. Plastic ones are of mediocre quality, however, they can very affordable. The steel frame creepers are the sturdiest and most durable.
  2. Comfort: The purpose of the creeper is to provide you with maximum comfort while you work away underneath your car. Be sure to buy a padded one as they help prevent many spinal problems in addition to providing superior comfort. Ensure that plastic ones are contoured and not straight flat.
  3. Mobility: You need to consider the surface you will be working on. If it is a rough surface such as Asphalt then you need to buy one with larger wheels. Otherwise, a small-wheeled one will satisfy your needs.
  4. Portability: Ensure that you buy a creeper that is portable; chances are your regular customers might call you out on the road and you might need to take it with you.
  5. Clearance: Clearance is an important feature to consider as well. A low profile clearance will suit you better as it provides you with more space to work in. Higher ones might be better when working for giant vehicles such as trucks.
car creeper

Safety Considerations When Using a Creeper

Saftey should be the first and foremost priority of both professionals and hobbyists alike. No matter which type of creeper you use, you need to follow these basic safety tips to keep your garage an accident free place:

  1. Ensure you have additional stands set up in case the jack falls.
  2. Ensure you are wearing the appropriate eye protection or head protection in case of any unprecedented accidents.
  3. Do not put your tools on your chest. Instead, use a separate tool tray or the one that comes integrated into your creeper.
  4. Ensure the workplace is safe and there no chances of any other vehicle running over your legs or feet.
  5. Hang the creeper on a safe wall rack when not in use. Do not leave it around especially if you work from a home garage as your kids might find it and play with it.


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