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A cordless fan can be an invaluable piece of equipment whether you are looking to use it on a job site, garage, or when camping. Portable cordless fans do an excellent job of cooling you down. There are many different uses for battery-operated fans, but one of the most popular uses is for job sites that don’t have their own power supply. A good, robust, cordless fan can be an absolute game changer and is a world-away from a standard corded fan. In this buying guide we look at cordless fans in detail and list the best options for job sites and inside the home.

The Best Cordless Fan

This DEWALT cordless fan is very popular. What we like about this fan is that it can be used as a corded or cordless fan. The extension cord isn’t included in the pack, which is a shame, but we feel it is good to have the option for those who need to use it for prolonged periods of time. There are multiple hanging options too – the cordless fan can be hung on the wall, wall mounted or can stand on its own. This is the perfect fan for a  jobsite and has 20V of power. It also has a variable speed, so you can set the air flow speed to suit the job at hand. At maximum speed you will get around 7 hours of run time at maximum speed.

Key Features
  • Cordless or Corded Jobsite Fan
  • 20V Power
  • Multiple Hanging Options
  • Adjustable Speed
  • Brand DEWALT

Powerful Fan

Freestanding or Wall Mounted


Extension Cord Not Included

This cordless fan has multiple speed settings and is absolutely perfect for job sites where air flow is needed to control the temperature. This product is really easy to use and has been manufactured from materials that are highly durable. You can use this Milwaukee cordless fan as a freestanding fan or mount in on the wall. This is a flexible product that can work in a number of different scenarios. It’s a robust piece of equipment with an excellent reputation from a well-known brand.

Key Features
  • Multiple Speed Settings
  • Wall Mounted or Freestanding
  • Highly Durable
  • Brand Milwaukee
  • Model 0886-20
  • Weight 6.65 Lbs

Powerful Fan





This fan can be operated with an 18V battery system or with AC power. It has a super sturdy design that is suitable for shop floors, job sites and anywhere else where you need circulated air. You can fully customize your cooling experience as the Ryobi fan features high and low settings. The pivoting head can be adjusted to get the perfect angle of use. You can use this cordless/corded fan as a freestanding piece of equipment or you can use the back bracket, hanging hooks or mounting holes to fix it onto a different surface.

Key Features
  • Powerful Fan Cord/Cordless
  • Customizable Cooling System
  • Can Be Mounted
  • Brand Ryobi
  • Model P3320
  • Weight 2.2 Lbs

Lightweight & Durable



Battery & Adapter Not Included

The difference between standard fans and battery-operated fans is that cordless fans have been specially designed for environments where there isn’t a power supply – normally job sites. If you’re looking for cordless fans then this Ridgid model is ideal as not only is it robust, it’s also versatile – giving you the option to use it with an extension cord. This fan utilizes covert air technology so it’s quite quiet. It offers 240-degree head rotation, so you can direct the airflow wherever it is needed.

Key Features
  • One of the Best Fans in the Industry
  • Quiet Airflow Technology
  • Cordless or Corded
  • Brand Ridgid
  • Weight 7.4 Lbs

Sturdy & Durable

Adjustable Air Flow

Professional Standard


Battery, Charger & Extension Cord Not Included

Not only is this Geek Aire Cordless Fan professional, it’s also super stylish with a classic design in yellow and black. The fan is fully rechargeable and features a 12-inch metal fan blade that provides a max 1500 CFM airflow. Depending on the speed setting, you get 4-24 hours of run time, and you can fully charge the battery in as little as 4-5 hours. This cordless fan has a metal construction that is water resistant and perfect for outdoor use. Use this at a job site, at sporting events, or when camping. Another feature that we like is that it’s been manufactured with the latest BLDC motor technology for quieter operation. This is the next generation of cordless fans, boasting a power bank function with an extra USB output for recharging smartphones and other digital devices.

Key Features
  • Rechargeable Outdoor High Velocity Fan
  • Variable Speed Settings
  • Quiet Action
  • Water Resistant
  • Hard-Wearing
  • Brand Geek Aire
  • Model CF1
  • Weight 6.9 Lbs

High-Tech Cordless Fan

Battery Included

USB Power Bank Attached

Perfect for Outdoor Use



This is a slightly different product than others on our list. This cooling bucket works with water to cool you down with a fine mist.  The bucket isn’t included, but you can attach it to a standard garden hose for an endless water supply. There is a variable speed setting on this cooling bucket that allows you to use the fan on either a low or high setting. This makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor activities. You’ll be able to use this product for around 2 hours on mist mode with a full battery charge.

Key Features
  • Cooling Fan & Mister
  • Variable Speed Settings
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • Brand Arctic Cove
  • Model MBF0181
  • Weight 7.55 Lbs

Cooling Bucket Ideal For Outdoor Use

Mists & Cools

Works With Any Water Vessel


Bucket Not Included

We like the cute design of this 13-inch Makita cordless fan, which has been made with extra durable materials to withstand a job site environment. Not only that, the fan also features a specially designed frame structure that has been engineered to reduce wind noise. There are three settings (high/medium/low) and an oscillation option for increased air coverage. You can use the product with a timer and also remove the front guard, enabling you to clean the cordless fan easily.

Key Features
  • Super Durable Cordless Fan
  • Up To x 4 Hours Use
  • 3 x Speed Settings
  • Oscillating Head
  • Automatic Timer
  • Brand Makita
  • Model DCF300Z
  • Weight 11.24 Lbs

Attractive Design

Durable Fan

Protective Bumpers


Battery Not Included

Best Cordless Fan Buying Guide & FAQ

In this section we will look at what features are important when you are looking to buy a new cordless fan. How heavy are they? Are they suitable for industrial job sites? We will then take a look at the benefits of using a cordless fan and reveal our number #1 favorite.

Detail of metal electric fan

Features to Consider When Buying a Cordless Fan

There are several features that we think you should consider when buying a cordless fan. These are the features we feel are most important:

  • Is It Cordless and Corded?

There are many reasons why people choose to buy cordless fans but the main reason is because they are super versatile and can be used to cool down environments which don’t have their own power supply. This makes them ideal for job sites, campsites and more. What we recommend even more than a cordless fan is a fan which has a cord too so when your battery is running low or you find yourself using the fan in a place with power you have the choice to use a power adapter.

  • Is It Good Value For Money?

Decent portable fans are not cheap and you should never opt for the inexpensive products just to save a few dollars anyway. A cordless fan should be an investment, but it should also provide good value for money. When you buy a new fan look at the reputation of the brand, look at the materials which it has been made from and look out for added features that might be included too.

  • How Big And Heavy Is It?

There’s no point buying the heaviest cordless fan on the market if you’re planning to move it around loads. If you’re looking for a fan which is super portable then look for a lightweight yet sturdy product that will easily fit in your work space and vehicle, for easy transportation. 

  • Does It Have Adjustable Settings?

The best cordless fans are fully adjustable, which means that you can often change the angle on the head as well as adjust the settings. This means that you can fully adjust the airflow in your environment. 

  • Is The Cordless Fan Silent?

If you’re working on a noisy job site this might not matter so much. If you want an outdoor cordless fan for a campsite then a noisy fan might be annoying!

Why You Should Use a Rechargeable Fan

A rechargeable fan gives you much more versatility when it comes to where and when you use it. Most fans give you around x 4 hours run time on a low setting when fully charged but you should check with the manufacturer before purchasing. If you use a rechargeable battery you will save money and be able to use the fan in environments which have little or no power supply.  

Close up of fan outdoors

Best Cordless Fan FAQ:

Q: How long will a battery operated fan run?

There is no set answer to this as every battery is different. Generally speaking though, a fully charged battery will last anywhere between 2-6 hours on a low/medium or high setting. Again, this depends on the level of battery power as well as the fan and the settings.

Our Top Pick 

When we compiled our list of favorite cordless fans we took a few different things into consideration. We wanted to include products which had been rated highly by their customers and also only include fans that were made sturdy and strong. The DEWALT DCE511B 11” Cordless Jobsite Fan With DCB230C 20V Battery Pack came out number #1 for us for several reasons. Firstly, it can be used as a corded or cordless fan and we think that gives it so much more versatility. You can use this Dewalt fan standing or mount in onto the wall so can work in a number of different environments too. Another impressive feature of the cordless fan it its run time – amazingly, it can run for up to x 7 hours on maximum speed.