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Published Nov. 5, 2019

Getting a vehicle cleaned to perfection is a great source of pride for many car owners. However, finding the best car wash brush for each area can be tough. Each part of your vehicle has different needs, so finding a good car wash brush can make all the difference in the finish you get.

Whether you’re looking for a car brush for your wheels or need a longer brush to handle the roof so you don’t strain your back and neck, we’ve got you covered. Below, we list the best car brushes on the market and give you a  complete guide dedicated to everything you need to know about your new purchase.

The Best Car Wash Brush

Hitting our top spot is this soft car wash brush from Mothers. With an extra-long handle, this brush is designed for wells and wheels but can be used almost anywhere on your vehicle. The soft bristles mean that you can use this without fear of scratches or scrapes, and the rubber bumper leaves you with extra peace of mind for your vehicle’s wellbeing.

This is a long-handle car wash brush that is comfortable to use, too. While the handle allows you to get into almost any tight spaces, it also comes with an ergonomic, non-slip grip to help you really get in to those tougher spots and tighter spaces.

Key Features
  • Non-slip grip
  • Extra-long handle
  • Soft bristled
  • Protective bumper
  • Brand Mothers
  • Model 155800
  • Weight 12 ounces

Perfect for getting into tight spaces

Soft bristles ensure no scratches

Bumper around the bristles protect your car


Longer handle can make it awkward to reach some spaces

Chemical Guys is known for making quality items that help clean your car, and this short-handle car wash brush is a great option. Compact enough to squeeze into awkward spaces, this is a great choice for getting into your wheels and wheel wells. It’s also heavy duty enough to tackle even the most built-up grime.

It can be a little awkward to hold at times, as the short handle doesn’t quite counter the larger brush head, but we feel that this is still a great choice if you really need to work in confined quarters. The soft bristles are a nice addition, and there’s no risk of damaging your car during use either.

Key Features
  • Heavy duty brush
  • Compact
  • Non-slip handle
  • Brand Chemical Guys
  • Model ACC_G09
  • Weight 4.8 Ounces

Small, lightweight design is easy to handle

Softer tips allow the brush to shift heavy dirt without damaging the vehicle

Easily gets into tight and small spaces


Shorter handle can be awkward to grip

Needs to be stored well, or bristled can break formation

If you’re looking for an RV or larger truck wash brush, then this item is a good option. Coming with a range of features to help make short work of cleaning even the largest vehicles, you’ll find that this item is easy to use and comes at a great price.

While this brush won’t shift very tough stains and problem spots, it’s a great choice if you’re looking for good coverage over larger areas. The integrated squeegee and water flow control helps give a fantastic clean and softens up the tougher dirt and grime at record speed. Just be sure not to use too much pressure against the rod as it has been known to break if you go too hard.

Key Features
  • Adjustable handle
  • Integrated squeegee
  • Integrated water flow control
  • Brand Camco
  • Model 43633
  • Weight 0.16 ounces

Perfect for cleaning tall vehicles

Water control and squeegee give additional cleaning power

Wide cleaning brush makes short work of larger vehicles


Lightweight rod is easy to break under pressure

Bristles are too soft for heavy duty cleaning

Another great car wash broom with flow-through capabilities, this option from Carrand is a three-sided brush that really lets you get into the tougher stains and dirt on your vehicle. With an aluminum extension pole and hard bristles, this option is perfect for those vehicles with heavy dirt and grime build-up.

This option will make short work of your initial cleaning – but you should be wary of the tougher bristles, which can be too harsh for some areas of your vehicle. To avoid scratches and scrapes, try to keep a light hand during use, and you’ll find that this is one of the best car wash brush options for larger vehicles.

Key Features
  • Telescopic pole
  • 3-sided bristles
  • Flow-through pole
  • Brand Carrand
  • Model 93072
  • Weight 1.6 ounces

Three-sided bristles cleans at all angles

Can be used to clean taller, wider vehicles


Bristles can be too harsh for some areas

Another great choice that is popular with buyers is this soft brush with an extension pole from DocaPole. Able to reach up to a colossal 12 feet, this is the ideal telescopic car wash brush for those with very large vehicles such as trucks and vans. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee and fantastic customer service for added peace of mind.

The soft bristles work really well all over the paintwork without fear of scratching your vehicle. You should be aware, however, that the head of this item is fairly small – so it can take a much longer time to get your automobile sparkling clean.

Key Features
  • Soft bristled
  • Telescopic pole
  • Lifetime guarantee included
  • Brand DocaPole
  • Model 5-12 Foot Pole
  • Weight 3.2 pounds

Excellent customer service is quick to respond to queries and complaints

The soft bristles won’t scratch or damage your vehicle


Small brush size increases the length of time spent cleaning

Another fantastic option that features a flow-through pole, the Extend-A-Flo from Ettore is a popular choice that customers love. With an ergonomic grip to give you greater comfort over longer days cleaning your cars and SUVs, the pole also features an integrated shut-off valve for greater control of water flow.

The softer bristles are perfect for working all over your vehicle, but be aware that it may be too soft for those tougher spots. Still, this is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for an affordable flow-thru car wash brush that can make short work of even the largest vehicles.

Key Features
  • Telescopic, flow-through pole
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Integrated shut-off valve
  • Brand Ettore
  • Model 59072
  • Weight 1.5 pounds

Built-in valve allows for easy water control

Soft bristles are suitable for work across the vehicle


Bristles may be too soft for heavier dirt and debris

Our second entry from Carrand also features the flow-thru water option and telescopic handle to help you reach the awkward parts of your vehicles. This particular choice uses a fan spray rinse to add a little extra power to your cleaning and give you a better chance of getting rid of those tougher dirt spots.

With the added benefit of a rubber bumper and soft bristles, you can clean with gusto, knowing that you’re unlikely to scratch the paintwork while you clean. Unfortunately, the bristles are known to come loose over time, so you may prefer to use this on occasion instead of on a regular basis.

Key Features
  • Telescopic, flow-through pole
  • Built in rubber bumper
  • Fan spray rinse
  • Brand Carrand
  • Model 92022S
  • Weight 1.2 pounds

Rubber bumper eliminates risk of damage to your vehicle

Fan spray rinse helps to shift tougher dirt and grime


Bristles can come loose easily

If you’re looking for a replacement car wash brush head, then you can’t go wrong with this brush head from Weiler. Extremely popular and compatible with all screw-top poles, this option is also compatible with flow-thru poles.

The bristles are soft enough to work well with the bumper, allowing you to wash your vehicle with complete peace of mind while removing scratches and scrapes. Meanwhile, the bristles are known for lasting much longer than others – even if they are placed farther apart than most competitors.

Key Features
  • Brush head only
  • Polystyrene bristles
  • Can be used with flow-through poles
  • Brand Weiler Corporation
  • Model 73146
  • Weight 1 Pound

Foam block and rubber bumper eliminates risk of damage to your vehicle

Bristles last longer than most other brands


Bristled are placed a little farther apart than others

If you need a tough car wash brush to handle heavy-duty work, then this is an excellent car brush. Featuring aircraft-grade aluminum and medium-hard bristles, this choice if perfect for removing those tough stains and dirt spots on your vehicle.

This is not a good selection if you’re after a quick-and-easy option, as the handle and brush have been known to break apart at times – but it will work brilliantly if you’re trying to get rid of built-up grime from years of neglect.

Key Features
  • Medium stiffness/hardness
  • Telescopic handle
  • High density bristles
  • Brand Star Brite
  • Model 040192
  • Weight 2.3 Pounds

Ideal for shifting tougher dirt and debris

Soft enough to avoid the risk of scratches to your vehicle


Adjustable handle can break easily under pressure

Push-in handle and brush combination can separate at times

If you just need a cheap and reliable option for those tighter spaces and tougher spots, this cleaning brush for cars from AmazonBasics is a good choice. The bristles are soft enough to leave you without fear of scratches, while the rubberized bumper ensures you don’t accidently catch any corners while cleaning.

Unfortunately, it is shipped in two pieces and has been known to break apart when under too much pressure. Thus, this is a better choice for lighter work and cleaning up a light build-up. The head may also be a little too wide to fit into smaller areas around the wheel, for example, so check the dimensions to see if this fits for your needs.

Key Features
  • Long handled brush
  • Rubberized bumper
  • 2-piece set (handle and brush)
  • Brand AmazonBasics
  • Model CW190327
  • Weight 8.8 ounces

Low cost option providing great value for money

Bumper provides additional protection from damage


Handle and brush may separate under pressure

Head can be too thick to reach some spaces

Best Car Wash Brush Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Look for in a Car Wash Brush

  • Size

Naturally, the first thing you’ll probably look into is the size of your car wash brush. Long handled car wash brush options are perfect if you’re looking to get into wells and wheels, for example but not great for getting the perfect angle in small spaces. Similarly, telescopic options are perfect for larger, taller vehicles, but might be too awkward to use on smaller cars.

You should also check the brush size itself, as smaller brushes will naturally mean you need longer to clean your vehicle, while larger brush sizes won’t fit into tight spots. Of course, this means that larger brushes will make short work of large cleaning areas, while small brush sizes can fit into tighter spaces.

  • Bristles

Before purchasing your new car wash brush, check the images and reviews, as well as the descriptions for the ideal bristles. Too soft, and you’ll find yourself working harder to shift tough stains, too hard and they may damage your vehicle paintwork.

Where they’re placed will matter too. Three-sided brushes are perfect for working all over the vehicle, while those bristles which are spread too far apart can mean that you end up pushing dirt around instead of picking it up with your brush.

  • Features

These can often make or break a good car wash brush, so be sure to check out the features and see if they’re of any use to you. For example, a telescopic handle is naturally going to make working on larger vehicles much easier, and a flow-through/flow-thru handle can keep fresh water coming, so you don’t have to keep dipping your brush in a bucket.

Similarly, a good quality handle will usually be ergonomic, so you don’t end up getting wrist and hand strain from working on cars all day – this is especially helpful for those who wash cars for a living.

Short Handle Brush

Benefits of a Car Brush

The main benefit of a car brush is the speed at which you’ll be able to work. They are especially effective if you wash cars for a living and so are working under time constraints, or simply have a larger vehicle which needs longer, tougher brushes for cleaning.

They’re also extremely helpful for shifting dirt and grime. While a car sponge is prone to dragging the dust and dirt across the surface of your car, increasing the risk of damage to your paintwork, a car brush will “catch” and lift the dirt away from your vehicle.

Different Types of Car Cleaning Brush

  • Short and Long Handle Car Wash Brush

Both of these are ideal for smaller cars that require a little more attention to detail. They allow for complete control during use and the different handle sizes mean you can get into different areas without putting yourself in harm’s way.

Perfect for working on wheels and wells, the long handle car wash brush means you don’t have to get yourself right into the tight spaces in order to work. Meanwhile, short handle car wash brush choice allow for extra power around built-up grime.

  • Truck Wash Brush

These come with a telescopic pole and are therefore ideal for working with larger vehicles. By using these, you negate the need for a ladder to reach those awkward spots on the top of your SUV or truck and therefore you can complete your wash at a much faster pace.

  • Flow Through/Flow-Thru Brush

These are usually combined with truck wash brush options and are designed to help keep a steady flow of water through your pole. By doing this, you can easily and quickly shift dried-on stains and mud that you’ll pick up by driving, thus making your job much easier and faster.

Best Car Wash Brush FAQ:

Q: Can car brushes scratch paint?

Most specialist car brushes are designed to minimize the risk of scratches and damage to your vehicle. However, if you accidently run some dirt across your vehicle before washing it, or find yourself with tough, stiff bristles, then there is a risk of some scratches. Instead, opt for soft of medium bristles – and try to give your car a good rinse first, to avoid the risk of dirt from the road being scratched across your vehicle.

Q: How do I choose the correct wash brush size?

The correct size depends entirely on what area of the car you’re looking to clean. If you need a good all-rounder, then it may be best to opt for a medium-sized brush head that can work over larger areas without any extra effort from yourself, but can also fit into tighter spaces. Of course, smaller brushes will be more effective at getting into those tougher spots, while larger brush sizes will cause your cleaning to be done within minutes. Think about the size of your vehicle and the time you’re willing to spend on cleaning your car before buying your brush, and you’ll be sure to choose the correct size for your needs.

Q: Why should I go with a wash brush over a regular sponge?

While a sponge is perfect for giving your car a general wipe down after cleaning, it’s the wash brush that will help to shift the dirt without damaging your vehicle. The motion used when cleaning with a car wash brush will easily pick up the dirt and debris without scratching your paint and can easily pick up and bring the particles away from your vehicle. This leaves your car in much better condition after cleaning. car cleaned

Our Top Pick

We love Mothers’ Long Handled Brush because it really helps you to get in to the tightest spaces and toughest spots – without any risk of damaging your vehicle. The extra soft bristles still do an amazing job of shifting the worst dirt and debris without too much hassle, and the ergonomic grip means you can work on those stubborn areas without feeling the strain.

This is easily the best car wash brush on the market because it can be used almost anywhere on your car. Meanwhile, the rubber bumper ensures that there is no risk of scratching your paintwork while you clean. It comes at an affordable price and offers great value for money, too.