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The Best Sunglass Holder for Cars (Review) in 2021

Best Choice Superior Essentials Double Sunglass Holder for Cars Superior Essentials Double Sunglass Holder for Cars
Premium Pick Lebogner Visor Sunglasses Holder Lebogner Visor Sunglasses Holder
Best Value Jtshy Sunglass Visor Clip Holder Jtshy Sunglass Visor Clip Holder

Sunglasses are an important part of our ensembles. They don’t just make us look cooler: they help protect the eyes as well. It’s only normal to take them off when driving, however, keeping them just anywhere can lead to serious damage. Sunglass holders securely keep those expensive and tremendously helpful pair of sunshades in place. This ensures they don’t fall and are well taken care of when they are not being used. As compact as these support systems may seem, picking one out can be challenging without a helpful guide. That’s why we have compiled this detailed list outlining the best sunglass holders for cars.

The Best Sunglass Holder for Cars

The Superior Essentials Double Sunglasses-Glasses Holder is a reliable unit with the capability of holding 2 pairs of glasses at once. It can be reading glasses, protective glasses, and regular sun shades, and this holder securely keeps them in place. The simple design allows the glasses to easily slide in and out without the hassle of fiddling with the unit to get in in place. This ensures easy access to any of the clipped glasses at anytime with a simple one-hand operation. The glasses won’t easily slip out, however, particularly if they’re plastic.

Apart from storing glasses, there’s also the benefit of slipping in important cards, tickets and portable items. It’s not easy to forget what lies before you, and this car glasses holder ensures such important items are not forgotten or left behind. The unit clips unto the visor or vent system in the car, which permits easy reachability and enables a good distance that doesn’t get in the way of the car visor when driving. The Superior Essentials Sunglass holder definitely stands out for its universal compatibility and reliable storage of sunglasses on the go.

Key Features
  • On-the-go access to sunglasses
  • Clips on to sunvisor and car vents
  • Universal fit
  • Mounts both horizontally and vertically depending on the car
  • Brand Superior Essentials
  • Weight 1.6 ounces

Easy to use

Simple slip-in and out operation

Holds up to two glasses at the same time


Not suitable for wire framed glasses

May not fit larger framed glasses as much

The FineGood 2 Pack Glasses Holder is great for professionals who need more than one or two glasses for various reasons. For an efficient and quick change, this 2-pack sunglass organizer ensures are all glasses and sunglasses are securely in place and easily detached when needed. One clip has the capacity to firmly hold in two glasses on both ends. They easily attach to the sun visors in the car, a good distance from where they can disrupt the driver’s view.

The clips also rotate up to 180 degrees, allowing a good amount of adjustability. This means the unit can be placed either horizontally or vertically, depending on what suits the driver. For a two-pack system, it’s quite affordable. Made with high-quality carbon fiber material, these clips hold their ground and are less susceptible to slipping from their position when the roads get rough. Thanks to the flast, smooth design, it does no harm to the sun visor either, so install it without concerns about marks or tears.

Key Features
  • 180° Rotatable
  • Fits sun visors thinner than 2.5cm
  • Practically all sunglasses fit
  • One clip holds two sunglasses
  • Brand FineGood
  • Model FG-glasses_holder_2
  • Weight 1.44 ounces

Additionally holds cards and tickets

Soft and flat material does no harm to visors

Doesn’t obstruct drivers view


Isn’t quite easy to use

Reportedly slips off occasionally

Doesn’t work well with sunglasses that have wire hands

This product does it all; it won’t just hold up the glasses but locks it in a protective case for safekeeping. The Lebogner Car Sun Visor Sunglasses Case Holder features a thoughtful, unique and innovative design that keeps those fancy designer or reading glasses safe and accessible. With a case that either hangs firmly in place or close up for better storage, this sunglasses storage box clips securely to the sun visor. The case prevents the glasses from falling, scratching or breaking, especially when the car hits those bumpy roads that sends most light objects lunging to their doom.

Designed to support a simple operation, reach up and open or close the case with just one hand and without losing focus. It’s that easy. The wide fit works with practically all glasses types, big or small, thick or slim. This reliable unit will also fit in practically any car from SUVs to trucks, sport cars or minivans. It’s made with top-quality ABS material with a velvet interior to lushly pamper the delicate parts of those quality sunglasses. In addition to holding your favorite and most stylish glasses, the case also has extra slots for storing credit cards, tickets and receipts. To keep your car organised and maintain focus on the road, this quality case will reliably store a pair of sunglasses and keep them accessible as well.

Key Features
  • Universal fit with all vehicles
  • Made with high quality ABS material
  • Features a soft velvet interior that prevents dents and scratches to the frame
  • Easy installation
  • Brand lebogner
  • Model Lor
  • Weight 6.4 ounces

Simple one-hand operation

Doesn’t leave marks on the visor

Does not obstruct drivers’ view


Some users reported it as a small

May not fit larger framed glasses as much

The Superior Essentials brand bring us this portable and more compact model fit for hanging a pair of sunglasses. The metal clip clings securely to the top of a car visor keeping the set out of the drivers view. This portable and compact form of the Superior Essentials Sunglass Holder provides ensures a neat and well organised storage of those favorite pair of sunglasses. Alternatively, the holder can equally be clipped to the air vents easy access as well as a well organised outlook. This visor sunglasses holder features a strong, and tight fitting grip that are firm enough to keep a pair of glasses clipped in.

The design equally ensures the clip isn’t too strong to provide a lenient slip out when necessary. This makes operation quite simple; pull out the clip and insert the glasses for convenient and un-obstructive storage and easily pull slightly again to retrieve the pair. There are no buttons or parts that make operation a challenge, just a simple and safe design that keeps the glasses locked in. Equally selling at an affordable price, this universal design generously accommodates all glasses types and should securely fit on practically any car visor.

Key Features
  • Universal fit
  • Clips on sun visors and air vents
  • Easy operation
  • Compact form
  • Brand Superior Essentials
  • Model SC_1
  • Weight 0.8 ounces

Fits practically all sunglass types

Eases one-handed operation



Material used is a bit cheap looking

The wire clip is quite thin

Doesn’t work great with metal framed glasses

When people step into your car you may want them to see a well-organized, fresh-scented interior with a sunglass holder that keeps the space looking neat, tidy and well arranged. The Jtshy Auto car Vehicle Sun Visor Clip Holder works great. Get creative clipping other handy and small-sized items in place to achieve the ultimate concise and organised look. Made from plastic and alloy, these portable clips are quite sturdy and durable.

The wire clips are made of metal and hang tightly and securely to the sun visor, ensuring there’s less rattle even if you drive over a bump. With the insides of the holder adequately cushioned with soft material, the sunglass handles and frames are well protected from scratches or dents. It also comes in a wide range of color options.

Key Features
  • 5pcs sunglass holder
  • Made of alloy and plastic
  • Sun visor clip
  • Comes in a variety of colours
  • Brand Jtshy
  • Model 13
  • Weight 1.12 ounces

Can accommodate tickets, complimentary cards

The foam cushions the sunglasses

Have a firm and secure fit


Some clips reportedly fall out too quickly

Comes in random colours

The foam material is reportedly too stiff

An equally affordable option for safely storing your sunglasses in the car when not in use. It’s cool to drive wearing a set of your favourite sun shades, however it’s not always convenient, safe or comfortable. Instead of tossing them in the cup holder, alternatively try these premium quality Sunglass Clip for Car Visors. One set includes two clip holders with the viable ability to keep sunglasses in place on the go. The simplistic design keeps one pair of sunglasses securely in place eliminating the probability of harmful falls, scratches, dents and the likes. The smooth and indented design keeps sunglasses locked in a secure grip, so even when the brakes are applied suddenly, or the road gets bumpy, the glasses stay securely in place.

Featuring a hook design, the clip holder can be fixed on the car visor or the air vent systems. Both ways, the glasses stay securely in place with enough room to avoid abrasion. It’s equally made with quality materials that ensure the form is sleek, smooth, shiny and durable. Designed with universality in mind, this sunglass holder for car visors and vents suitably fits in almost all car types. With easy access and simple operation to benefit from, enjoy the convenience these cool clip holders provide.

Key Features
  • Sleek and durable design
  • Set of two car sunglass holders
  • Fixates on both sun visors and air vent systems
  • Enjoy a full refund if they don’t deliver
  • Brand Hominize
  • Model CSH-1903
  • Weight 2.4 ounces

Compatible with almost all vehicle types

Firm and sturdy grip

Easy to use


May not clasp glasses with wire frames as firmly

For a wider and more convenient organizing tool, the Rubbermaid 3329-20 Automotive Car Vent Storage Organizer makes a great choice. With more space to store a wide range of items, it declutters the car interior, enabling a more lush, classy and organised look. The bag itself is made from high quality polyester material, be assured of its durability and sturdiness in the long run. Being a suitable home to practically all small-sized loos items, coins, complimentary cards and the likes, it definitely does a great job as a sunglasses storage box.

The smart hook designs comes with an ingenious variety of ways it can be placed on. It clips into the air vent system as well as the metal pillars on the headrest. While the well-spaced interior can hold vital items from USB’s, mobile devices, wallets and of course sunglasses, the included mesh pockets on the front make it easier to slip in complimentary cards, and sizeable stationery. Thanks to the solid polyester make, both the interior and exterior are incredibly easy to clean, a dash of soap and water on a wipe cloth will do the trick.

Key Features
  • Holds loose items from sunglasses to phones and pens
  • Two attachment accessories include in each package
  • Additional mesh pocket for complimentary card and loose change
  • Polyester material
  • Brand Rubbermaid
  • Model 3329-20
  • Weight 2.4 ounces

Easy to clean

Can clip on a variety of places

Stores a wide range of small items


The plastic hook breaks easily

The HOLDCY Car Glasses Sun Visor Clip Holder offers a suitable solution for those expensive, designer sunglasses that need to be securely kept out of the way when driving. Most times, the price tag on a pair of sunglasses really doesn’t matter; reliable, comfortable sunglasses that shield the eyes from the sun and improve the general outlook are priceless. When driving, it may be a bit reckless to leave them lying on the dashboard or stored away in the cup holder. The frequent lunges back and forth may end up denting or scraping on the material. If it’s  plastic pair, those unattractive peel spots would begin to grow larger and larger until it becomes unsuitable to put those particular pairs on.

This solid sunglasses storage box is a one-fix solution for this challenge, it doesn’t just hold the pair up and out of view, but securely closes it in for a safe and secure ride. The cushioned interior walls on the side of the frame are well protected within the box without concerns of scratches. They equally ensure that when the glasses lie in the car overtime, they are not prone to dust or other particles. Clip this luxury sunglass case to the visor on the preferred side and enjoy the locked-in safety it guarantees.

Key Features
  • Dust-proof and heat resistant
  • Shock resistant
  • Simple, portable design
  • Cushioning sponge interiors
  • Brand HOLDCY
  • Model YJJ-Black
  • Weight 6.2 ounces

One-hand operation

Easy snap-on installation

Push switch that efficiently opens up the case


The size is a bit bulky

The latch unexpectedly pops open at times

May be obstructive when placed on the driver’s side

The ReadiSpex Eyeglasses and Sunglass Holder for Car Dash platforms is a versatile holder that works for the home, office, truck or boat use. Made with premium quality zinc-alloy, it’s well-built to last; the well finished, shiny and attractive surface definitely adds class to the dashboard. For those who love a minimalist outlook, this portable sunglasses organiser can be suitably placed on the dashboard. The advantage to this portable unit is the universality; place any type of sunglasses on the retractable hook and enjoy the classy touch it delivers. The clip fold out to hold in a pair of glasses and folds back when not in use.

It has made sunglass storage a lot easier; simply slide them in when driving an dlside them out whenever they are required. With just one hand you can quickly hook and unhook the pair of glasses securely held in place by this sunglass holder. Designed to be placed in plain site, yet in an un-obstructive area on the dashboard, it comes with an intensely strong 3mm adhesive glue that would stick firmly to practically anything. So if you don’t mind the simple and classy look, accessorize your car with this portable sunglass holder and enjoy the convenience it provides.

Key Features
  • All-metal zinc-alloy construction
  • Simple and classy design
  • Foldable holder
  • 3m adhesive stick-on
  • Brand ReadiSpex
  • Model RS001
  • Weight 0.64 ounces

Simple installation; no tools required

Universal fit for both cars and sunglasses

Minimalistic sturdy and durable design

Comes with 1 extra adhesive and an alcohol prep pad


Might need to spray WD-40 when removing

These 2 Pack Slip in Glasses Case for Sunglasses and Eyeglasses may not necessarily fit on your car visor. The design does feature a clip, however, it’s quite thin and as a result may only fit on thin materials such as clothing. They were majorly designed to sit on the breast pocket or other openings on men/women clothing while driving. This keeps the sunglasses close to you at all time in an enclosed leather pocket that keeps the dust at bay. Whether you choose to wear this clip-on or place it on a surface, it adequately protects the sunglasses from dents, chipping, scratches and falls.

The soft interior ensures that whatever type of glasses been placed in; reading, sunshades, medicated glasses will suitably be pampered while in there. It poses no damage to the frames, and has the capacity to hold practically all sunglass types. Another benefit to this two-pack system is it’s versatility; store credit cards, complimentary cards and even devices in its safe haven and be assured of their safety throughout the ride.

Key Features
  • Universal fit
  • Versatile use
  • Not designed to be mounted on car visors
  • 2-pack slip in case
  • Brand MAZZEO
  • Weight 1.6 ounces

Protects both frames and lenses from damage

Clip holds well on the pocket

Accommodates practically all sunglass types


The clip is a bit weak

The clip is only suitable for extremely slim and ligh materials

Does not hold bigger glasses or protective goggles

Best Sunglass Holder for Cars Buying Guide

Sunglasses holders are one of the luxuries that don’t come with a car, no matter how fancy it is. Seeing as how important it is to keep the glasses that shield the eyes against the sun, some manufacturers have come to the rescue with these ingenious sunglass holders. We have outlined some of the best types available in the market, here are some useful tips and information nuggets that should help when buying and using a car sunglass holder.

Sunglasses on a holder in the car

What to Look for in a Sunglass Holder

Sunglass holders should have a number of useful features to aid a better driving experience and safely store sunglasses for later use. However, these three features stand out; we believe a good sunglass holder should be universally compatible, have an easy-to-use design as well as a structure that protects the frames from falling or unnecessary scratches.

  • Compatibility: Car sunglass holders help to secure a pair of glasses so they are safely in place when not in use. However, not all units are suitable for all car types or sunglass designs. It is important to ensure the unit you choose can suitably fit in the car and hold the various glasses you frequently wear.
  • Design: The sunglass holder should have a stylish yet simplistic design that is easy to use. The sunglasses should easily slide in and out without a fuss and the holder should support a one-hand-operation
  • Visor protection: Some well-designed sunglass holders have a cloth or foam material that cushions the glasses and protects them from scratches or damage. Some units even have UV protection

Why You Should Use Sunglass Visor Clip

It may sound a bit dramatic when the importance of these units are emphasized, however, you may not see the need until those lovely pair of glasses get lost, damaged or keep getting scratches cause they are not placed well. Here are some major reasons all individuals who drive and own a pair of sunglasses should have sunglass holders in their car;

  • Easy Reachability: car sunglass holders make it easier to reach your glasses whenever they are needed. Most units fit perfectly on the visors or vents with a multidimensional adjustability that allows easy access. They are highly recommended to keep those designer sunglasses at easy reach so you just have to grab and go.
  • Convenience: it may sound a bit exaggerated, but sunglass holders make driving a lot more convenient. With the pair safely sitting in place, you can focus on the road without constantly reaching out to secure them everytime the car hits a bump. Some units come with two clips that can hold two sunglasses at the same time, making it easier for both the driver and the person at the passenger’s seat to store their glasses once it’s taken off.
  • Protection: why gamble on those dapper looking glasses that cost you some good paper, when they can easily be secured in a handy place when driving? Safety is key when driving, a lot happens on the road and your complete attention is needed to avoid ‘unpleasant incidents’. Sunglass holders take away the distraction of constantly reaching for them, keeping them securely in place throughout the drive. This ensures that all your favourite sunglasses don’t keep falling under the seats or take a crash landing when you hit the brakes or a road bump.

Types of Sunglass Holders for Car

  • Mono-Holders: as the name suggests, these sunglass holders can only hold up one at a time. They securely clip to one pair of sunglasses and may have some other beneficial features to offer.
  • Dual-Holders: these sunglass holders are able to hold up to two pairs at a time and may even clip on some other portable items such as business cards or tickets. They come with two clips on both ends to conveniently and securely hold two glasses for the two special people seated in the front.

Car Visor Sunglass Holder

Our Top Pick

We recommend the SuperEssentials Double Sunglass Holder for its ease of use and ability to hold more than one pair of glasses at a time. The simple design facilitates easy access and a slip-in, slip-out operation making it pretty convenient. They easily clip on to the visors or vents in the car and are both a secure and affordable option.