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Published Jul. 23, 2018

As every car owner knows, keeping a vehicle clean and tidy is a surprisingly time-consuming project. From muddy tyres, to bird droppings on the windshield, keeping up with the assault of daily life can often be a challenge for even the best wax coat. And then there’s a car’s interior. Whether you have kids in the back, or just messy car-pool passengers, items being dropped and abandoned in the car can quickly transform a pleasant journey into a nightmarish one. That’s where a car seat organizer comes in. These handy devices can be hung on the back of a car’s front seats, giving passengers riding in the back a place to store useful items, avoiding the dreaded ‘lost under the front seat’ scenario, and keeping things neat and tidy.

With so many options on the market, we’ve scored the web for the best car seat organizers around today, to help you choose the one that’s right for you. We’ve also answered some common questions about these useful storage items, so you can go ahead and use them with confidence. Happy organizing!

The Best Car Seat Organizer

Lebogner’s car seat storage solution consists of a double sided cover, which allows both front and backseat passengers a handy place to tuck items away. Since the organizer covers the front seat, it also offers an extra layer of protection to your car’s interior. Constructed from a durable fabric which is easy to wipe clean, this seat organizer is built to last through the various food and drink related incidents which populate the average road trip.

It features handy pockets in a variety of sizes, including a tablet holder which can accommodate a range of Apple and Android devices. The tablet can be operated as normal through this pocket, which has a clear plastic front. A bottle holder is another useful addition which makes this device an incredibly practical one. Its lifetime guarantee also goes to show the faith that Lebogner have in their product.  

Key Features
  • Sized for the vast majority of car seats
  • Features a front seat cover, with attached storage
  • Features multiple pockets accessible to back seat passengers
  • Includes a slot for tablet storage
  • Includes a bottle holder
  • Made from durable, wipe-down fabric
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Brand Lebogner
  • Model B078P31KR2
  • Weight 1.65 pounds

This car organizer is simple to attach to any front car seat thanks to its easy to adjust straps. It features five pockets of various sizes, including a slot to stow away a tablet, one perfectly sized for books and documents, and others which comfortably fit bottles and juice cartons. It’s a great option for keeping things safely out of the way as you drive, as well as keeping kids in the back entertained.

The tablet pocket has a transparent front which touch-screens can be operated through, for maximum utility. The slot also keeps the tablet’s ports open, so passengers can charge their device and use headphones hands-free. Made from durable, easy to clean polyester, this organizer also comes with a free cleaning cloth, and promises to last for years to come.

Key Features
  • Simple to attach to any car seat
  • Features five pockets, with elastic tops to keep items secure
  • Includes a slot for tablets, which can be fully operated as they’re in the pocket
  • Made from durable polyester, which can be easily wiped down
  • Comes with free cleaning cloth
  • Brand Mom’s Besty
  • Model B00UO6DDVS
  • Weight 8 ounces

Oasser’s seat organizer two pack offers car owners hoping to tidy up their vehicles great value for money. Each set of pockets can be easily hung over the back of the front seats, and provides back seat passengers with a great way to keep things tidy, especially during long journeys.

Each car pocket organizer features a clear tablet holder, allowing devices to be used hands free. Not only is this more convenient for watching movies and TV shows, but is also prevents the tablet from being dropped and damaged. The tablet pocket is teamed with two elastic-topped pockets, a larger storage space below, and handy hooks. Oasser have even thrown in a free tissue dispenser, which can be easily attached to one of the hooks.

Key Features
  • Great value two pack
  • Easy to hang on any car seats
  • Features a tablet pocket, allowing devices to be used hands free
  • Includes handy hooks
  • Elastic-topped pockets grip items securely
  • Made from durable polyester
  • Comes with free tissue dispenser
  • Brand Oasser
  • Model B071Y6F4SR
  • Weight 1.63 pounds

Earning their second place on our list, Lebogner offer a touch of luxury with their premium seat consoles. Each is designed to be tucked down next between the front seat of your car and its central console, so instead of losing items in this gap, you can find them. The organizer is made from attractive PU leather, so blends in nicely with a leather interior as well as being long-lasting. Its grippy surface means it won’t come dislodged during bumpy journeys, or when the seat is adjusted – Velcro strips are also provided for that extra security, though.

The organizer features two distinct pockets, which are perfectly sized for stowing items which can otherwise be lost, such as cell phones, keys, wallets, and loose change.

Key Features
  • Provides a handy set of pockets between front seats and the centre console
  • Comes in a pack of two
  • Stays firmly in place thanks to a grippy surface and Velcro strips
  • Attractive leather appearance blends in well with all interiors
  • Perfect for keeping track of smaller items such as phones, keys, and cash
  • Brand Lebogner
  • Model B071WQHN3D
  • Weight 10.4 ounces

With its diverse array of pockets and reinforced corners, Lusso Gear’s back seat organizer is another of our top picks. It’s easy to attach to any car seat via two adjustable straps, and also has a hidden pocket which can hold a tablet in place for hands free usage. Their design also includes one detachable pocket, which can be stocked with on-the-go essentials and easily removed from the organizer.

Since it’s made from durable, wipe-clean polyester, this is an organizer which will last, too. As well as keeping the kids entertained and your car tidy, it can also act to protect your seats from the accidental (or deliberate…) kicks and scrapes of kids’ feet.

Key Features
  • Easy to attach to any car seat
  • Made from durable, wipe-clear polyester
  • Hidden pocket for tablet allows hands-free usage
  • Design features a detachable pocket
  • Protects the back of your car seats from scrapes and kicks
  • Reinforced corners allow more to be stored without the organizer sagging
  • Brand Lusso Gear
  • Model B01MZXL0P6
  • Weight 1.21 pounds

Earning another spot of our list of car seat organizers is Lusso Gear, with their roomy storage basket. The organizer is designed to fit on the middle seat in the back of the car, keeping things in place during a long journey. It’s the perfect place for kids to stow their toys and games to avoid them sliding around on the floor and getting lost.

The basket folds down to a tiny square for easy storage, but when in use it can hold a great deal. It features a number of pockets and compartments of varying size, as well as carry handles for moving it to and from the vehicle.

Key Features
  • Roomy basket style organizer designed to sit on the middle seat
  • Perfect way for kids to store toys and activities during a long journey
  • Folds down to a tiny square when not in use for easy storage
  • Features ergonomic handles for hassle free transportation
  • Includes multiple compartments and pockets of various sizes
  • Constructed from durable polyester fabric
  • Brand Lusso Gear
  • Model B01MTO0SHM
  • Weight 2 pounds

My Travel Aide’s two pack of kick mats are an ideal solution for kids who like to rest their muddy feet on car seats, and they have built-in storage pockets too. Constructed from sturdy fabric with reinforced stitching, this useful car accessory is designed to last for years to come.

It features pockets in an array of sizes, including one which can be secured and detached via Velcro, and is suitable for heavier items such as books, notepads, and tablets. The kick mat is extra-large, to ensure the entirety of your seat is protected against footprints and scrapes, with two easy to adjust straps holding it firmly in place.

Key Features
  • Effective kick mat combined with a great storage solution
  • Two pack protects both front seats from mud and scrapes
  • Made from sturdy fabric with reinforced stitching
  • Features a wide array of pockets
  • One pocket is detachable and suitable for heavier items
  • Large size covers the entirety of each seat back
  • Easy to keep in place with adjustable straps
  • Brand My Travel Aide
  • Model B01FWNZFBI
  • Weight 6.4 ounces

For road trips involving snacks and beverages, Autoark’s blend of cool bag and seat organizer is a must have. It attaches to the back of any car seat with an adjustable strap, and offers back seat passengers a great storage solution that’s perfectly tailored to food and drinks. One insulated bag is accompanied by three elastic-topped pockets. It even features a built in tissue dispenser to deal with those messier to eat food items!

The main cool bag is great for larger items, whilst smaller bottles and cartons will be at home in the side pouches. As well as the hanging strap, the organizer can be doubly secured in place with a fastening which attaches to the bottom of the seat, stopping your supplies from falling out.

Key Features
  • Features three elastic topped pockets, tissue dispenser, and cool bag
  • Perfect for storing drinks and snacks during journeys
  • Sits securely on your seat thanks to two straps
  • Prevents drinks and snacks from spilling or getting lost in the vehicle
  • Brand Autoark
  • Model B00XR36WVI
  • Weight 8 ounces

This kids’ car seat organizer is perfect for smaller passengers who tend to get bored during car journeys. Its bright, colorful design was put together with kids in mind, and is tough enough to stand up to frequent use.

The organizer’s dual functionality makes it a very versatile option – a sturdy desktop surface folds out, making an on-the-go activity centre which is great for drawing, coloring, and activity books. The desk also features an elasticated band at its top to hold paper in place during those bumpier journeys, and elastic-topped pockets to stow supplies such as pencils and erasers. When the desk is zipped up, a clear tablet pocket is revealed, which lets kids play games and watch TV shows and movies hands free. This organizer can also be easily taken out of the car thanks to a carry handle – it’s the perfect choice for travelling with active children.

Key Features
  • Bright, colorful design is perfect for kids
  • Features a sturdy foldaway desktop
  • Includes four elastic-topped pockets for stowing supplies
  • Desktop zips away to reveal a clear tablet pocket for hands-free use
  • Brand My Speciality Kids Shop
  • Model B01DJJRQY6
  • Weight 1.7 pounds

Sleeping Lamb’s car back seat organizer incorporates a stylish zig-zag pattern, sure to brighten up any car’s interior. The organizer combines the protection of a kick mat with the utility of five pockets to provide backseat passengers large and small with entertainment and a place to stow away items on long car journeys.

The organizer features five pockets in total; two are deep enough to tuck away books and magazines, two are elastic-topped and great for smaller items such as drink bottles, and the final pocket is clear-fronted and perfect for storing a tablet. Tablets can be used hands free when they’re tucked into the pocket, allowing passengers accessible entertainment, and preventing the item from being dropped. Alongside its great storage capacity, the kick mats are durable enough to stand up to any number of scrapes and muddy footprints, and can be easily wiped clean.

Key Features
  • Waterproof kick mats with built-in organizational capacity
  • Pack of two so both front seats are protected
  • Bright pattern livens up any car interior
  • Features five pockets, including clear fronted tablet storage for hands-free use
  • Bottom pockets are deep enough to accommodate books and magazines
  • Two elastic-topped pockets are perfect for drinks bottles
  • Brand Sleeping Lamb
  • Model B077N4XR2Z
  • Weight 1.1 pounds

Best Car Seat Organizers Buying Guide & FAQ

And there you have it – our top ten car seat organizers. With such diverse products available, we hope there’s something for everyone. To help you decide which one is right for your needs, we’ve also answered some common questions about these products, and outlined some things to bear in mind when purchasing one.

Best Car Seat Organizers Buying Guide

What to Consider When Buying Car Seat Organizers

Below are a few important things to bear in mind when purchasing a car seat organizer:

  • Size and Fit

When choosing an organizer, always pay careful attention to the dimensions of the product, and check it will be a good fit for your car. If you’re unsure, many manufacturers will respond to questions, or you could check the customer reviews to see whether someone with a similar vehicle is also using the product.

  • Kids or Adults?

Who will be using the organizer is also an important factor. If you’re hoping to keep the kids organized and entertained, you might decide to choose an organizer which also features kick mats, fun colors, or a surface for artistic play. Adults will probably prefer something a bit more muted, with space for travel essentials such as books, drinks and snacks. Some organizers even have a built-in cool bag to keep food and drink at optimum temperature.

  • Tablet Storage

If you have a tablet – such as an iPad or Kindle – purchasing an organizer with a built-in tablet pocket is probably a good idea. Most organizers which accommodate tablets allow them to be used hands-free, and leave headphone and charging ports open.

  • Portability

If you plan on taking the organizer in and out of the car a lot, it might be a good idea to choose one with a carry handle, or a detachable pocket for on-the-go essentials.

Benefits of Using Car Seat Organizers

Using an organizer to tidy up your car comes with a number of benefits. Below are some of the most notable:

  • Organizers keep your car tidy by stowing items which could otherwise be dropped
  • Organizers often feature kick mats which protect your seats from muddy footprints
  • Many organizers allow you to use your tablet hands free during travel
  • Organizers keep passengers safer by preventing items from falling
  • Keeping food and drink in an organizer helps to prevent spillage
  • Organizers come in a wide variety of styles to suit diverse needs
Car Seat Organizer

Best Car Seat Organizer FAQ:

Q: What is a car seat organizer?

A car seat organizer is any device designed to keep items safe and tidy inside a vehicle. Most are hung over the back of a front seat, but others can be tucked between the front seat and the center console, or sit on the middle seat in the back.

Q: How do I clean it?

How an organizer should be cleaned will depend on what it is made from. Most good quality car seat organizers will be made from sturdy polyester which can be wiped clean with water or an anti-bacterial spray. For on-the-go cleaning, you could even store some anti-bacterial wipes in one of the organizer’s compartments.

Q: What are those made of?

Most car seat organizers are made from a sturdy fabric such as polyester, but others are made from imitation leather. Both are relatively long-lasting and easy to maintain.

Q: Can I actually watch something on the iPad while it’s hanging in the compartment on the seatback?

Yes. These organizers are designed to hold items – including your tablet – firmly in place, minimizing any movement and making the screen easy and pleasant to watch. Additionally, most organizers with a tablet pocket leave the headphone jack and charging port free, so you can watch movies or play games without disturbing other passengers, as well as re-charging your device easily when the need arises.

Our Top Pick

Our favourite car seat organizer is Lebogner’s, which comes with a built-in seat protector. This product allows passengers in both the front and the back to access items which would otherwise roll around on the floor, or be unceremoniously crammed into the glove compartment.

The seat protector offers an extra layer of security to your front seat – which is also comfortable to sit on – whilst the organizer section features a tablet-holding pocket which lets passengers watch movies or TV shows on their device hands free. Compatible with the vast majority of car seats, and easy to install, the organizer really is a great option for keeping the back of your car spotless. Since it’s made from a durable, wipe-clean fabric, too, this handy travel must have can be used comfortably and conveniently for years to come, making it a very sound investment indeed.