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The Best Car Seat Massagers (Review) in 2020

Best Choice wagan soft velour heated seat cushion HealthMate Heated Seat Cushion with Lumbar Support
Premium Pick homedics quad shiatsu pro massage cushion HoMedics Quad Shiatsu Pro Massage Cushion
Best Value The Best Car Seat Massagers (Review) in 2020 Comfier Massage Seat Cushion With Heat

If you’re driving for hours every day, you’re probably familiar with uncomfortable seats and poor posture, including backaches, neck pain, shoulder muscle tension, and worst of all, a numb bum.  Pair that with sedentary work like a regular nine-to-five desk job, and you’ve got a recipe for a disaster.

But what is a person who absolutely needs to drive every day for long periods of time supposed to do? Get a nice, comfy car seat massager. These handy little devices can be a godsend when you suffer from serious backaches, as they massage your muscles while you drive, helping your back, shoulders, neck and the entire spine feel rejuvenated after every ride. Below, we detail some of the best car seat massagers available. Whichever device you choose from our list, we’re sure you’ll be satisfied for years to come.

The Best Car Seat Massager

If your back and bottom would benefit from soothing, therapeutic heat while on the road, check out the HealthMate Heated Seat Cushion with Lumbar Support. This super-affordable heating seat fits most vehicles (12 volt DC outlet), including cars, trucks, RVs and even boats.

Made of foam and covered with soft, durable velour, this seat cushion is comfortable and quite stylish. It also helps it comes in two colors. With a maximum heating temperature of 114 degrees Fahrenheit, and two intensity levels – high and low – this seat cushion is perfect for warming you up and promoting circulation. This in turn helps relieve achy muscles and stiff joints. Perfect for long, cold rides! And if you don’t drive often? No problem, this heated seat cushion can be used in home or office if you buy additional adapters.

The cushion is quite sturdy once installed as it comes with 4 clips, two rear elastic traps, and four cinch straps. It’s also foldable which means you can easily store it wherever you find it convenient.

Key Features
  • Heating-only seat cushion
  • Max temperature 114 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Two heat settings
  • Compact and foldable
  • Brand HealthMate
  • Model IN9438
  • Weight 1.4 lbs

Stylish, efficient and customizable massage cushion, the HoMedics Quad Shiatsu Pro massager seems to have it all – at a reasonable price. With three massage styles and zone control feature, this massaging cushion is ideal for drivers who drive long distances and as a result suffer from stiff muscles and back pain.

This HoMedics massager offers Percussion massage, which is quite fast and invigorating for when you need to break up serious knots, Kneading massage which provides deep muscle massage and promotes comfort and de-stressing, and Rolling massage, which is gentle and promotes relaxation. There’s also the heat function which is particularly beneficial for loosening up tight lower back muscles. And of course, like any good massager, this cushion also allows you to adjust your massage experience and customize it – this is thanks to the Zone control that offers full back, upper back, lower back or spot massage.

The HoMedics massager comes with a hand controller which allows easy customization. Its integrated strapping system makes it easy to attach it to standard-sized chairs and seats.

Key Features
  • Shiatsu massager
  • 3 massage styles
  • Zone control
  • Heat function
  • Comes with a hand controller
  • Brand HoMedics
  • Model MAIN-8963254
  • Weight 11.73 lbs

Affordable, reliable full-back Shiatsu massager? Yes, there is actually such a thing, and it’s called Gideon Luxury Full Back Shiatsu Massaging Cushion. This simple but efficient massager features four Shiatsu massaging nodes which travel up and down, massaging your entire back or parts of your back – the choice is yours.

This back massager allows you to choose between getting a full back, lower back (highly beneficial for long distance drivers) or upper back massage. You can also adjust the intensity of the massage to fit your preferences. This is thanks to the aforementioned traveling Shiatsu nodes – four of them, to be precise. The entire massaging experience mimics the vigorous kneading of a real massage therapist, relieving tension, pain and stress. But that’s not all – with this massaging cushion you also get three levels of deep penetrating vibration massages as well as heat therapy that radiates gentle warmth throughout your entire back.

The massager comes with a corded hand control keypad that allows you to select and control functions, as well as home and car adapter, which means that besides your car, you can use it in your home or office.

Key Features
  • Customizable Shiatsu and vibration massager
  • 4 traveling Shiatsu massaging nodes, adjustable intensity
  • Heat function
  • Seat  vibration, 3 levels of intensity
  • Safety auto-off timer
  • Comes with a corded hand control keypad, home and car adapter
  • Brand Gideon
  • Model 4332497861
  • Weight 8 lbs

If you want a regular, cheap vibrating massager that will make your car rides more pleasant and comfortable, you need to check out the Relief Expert vibrating seat massager. This vibration car seat massager may be simple but it does its job efficiently and thoroughly.

The Relief Expert massager features 10 vibrating motors and 5 massage zones, meaning it can provide anything from a shoulder to lower back to buttock massage. There are 3 intensity settings which allow you to adjust the intensity of the massage according to your own preferences. Saying that, this massager provides quite invigorating, deep vibrating massages that no matter the intensity, help relieve muscle pain and tension. There is also the heat function in seat and back parts which only adds to the relaxation this massager provides.

The device comes with an easy-to-use hand controller that lets you adjust and customize your massages, as well as AC & DC adapter, meaning besides your car, you can also use it at home, office or anywhere else you like.

Key Features
  • Vibrating-only seat massager
  • 10 vibrating motors, adjustable intensity
  • 5 massage zones
  • Heat function
  • Comes with a hand controller, home and car adapter
  • Brand Relief Expert
  • Model
  • Weight 3.05 lbs

If you need a budget-friendly but highly efficient and customizable massage seat, you’ve found it – the Naipo Shiatsu seat cushion comes with many different features that are all designed to provide therapeutic and relaxing massages, promote circulation and general health and well-being.

This massager comes with 3D rotation kneading massage rollers which provide shiatsu deep kneading massages so efficiently, they feel like the real deal. There are eight rolling massage nodes that can be adjusted, meaning the cushion provides a full back massage, soothing tired and tight muscles no matter where they are located. The massager also offers vibration and heat massages, which can be particularly beneficial for long distance drivers who usually suffer from stiff and tense back muscles, hips and thighs. In fact, the vibration massage which is located in the seat comes with three different intensity levels so you can adjust it according to your preferences.

The seat pad comes with a handheld control unit that allows you to customize your massage experience however you like – there are three massage zones, as well as pin-point shiatsu massage and kneading massage with heat function if you need it. Best of all, this massager can be used not only in your car but at home, office or anywhere else you like.

Key Features
  • Highly customizable Shiatsu and vibration massager
  • 3D 8 adjustable rolling massage nodes
  • Seat vibration with 3 intensity levels
  • Heat function
  • Comes with a handheld controller and home and car adapter
  • Brand Naipo
  • Model 608119552252
  • Weight 15.6 lbs

If you’re a truck driver, it’s more than likely you drive all year round. Naturally, winters and summers are the worst due to extreme temperatures, but did you know that you could make your driving experience much more pleasant for about $50? Yep, the Snailax Seat Cushion is a perfectly comfortable, cheap way to make your summers cooler and your winters warmer.

This unique seat cushion not only comes with a cooling option for summer and a heating option for winter, but rocks a 3D breathable mesh fabric that offers excellent support, comfort and ventilation. This means you can say goodbye to hot, sweaty summer days and freezing cold winter months– this cushion will ventilate, absorb, warm you up and cool you down whenever you need it. There are 3 fan speeds for cooling and 2 levels of heating available. Importantly, the seat is equipped with Overheat Protection Device which allows the cushion to stay at the stable temperature for long periods of time.

Besides in the car, this device can be used in the office or home as it comes with a car and home adapter.

Key Features
  • Cooling option, 3 adjustable levels
  • Heating option, 2 adjustable levels
  • 3D breathable mesh offers support, comfort and ventilation
  • Comes with a home and car adapter
  • Brand Snailax
  • Model SL-26A8
  • Weight 3.96 lbs

Another excellent seat massager by Naipo, but this vibrating-only one at an even more affordable price. With several zones for pin-point vibration massage and relaxation, this seat cushion is perfect for long-distance drivers who don’t want to spend too much money on massagers but still want customizable and pain-relieving benefits.

This Naipo Portable seat cushion features 8 motor vibrations and 2 heaters that skillfully penetrate muscles and tissues, providing thorough, relaxing massages. There are 4 zones for spot massages which allow you to target specific back area or combine multiple points for a really achy back. Even better, there are 4 massage options: Pulse, Tapping, Percussion and Wave modes. But don’t mistake this for a Shiatsu massager – it’s a vibration-only seat massager that manages to provide different vibrating massages as well as speed settings (3 intensity levels).

The device comes with one home and one car adapter, meaning you can easily use it in your office, home, car or all three if you wish so. A corded handheld control unit allows customization.

Key Features
  • Vibration-only seat massager
  • 8 motor vibrations and 4 massage modes
  • 2 heaters
  • 3 intensity levels
  • Comes with a handheld controller, home and car adapter
  • Brand Naipo
  • Model 4332497980
  • Weight 4.1 lbs

Who says you can’t drive while enjoying relaxing massages at an affordable price? The Relaxzen Massage seat cushion with 10 motors proves you can. This massager may be simple but it has it all you need to drive or work comfortably. It comes with 10 motors, it’s customizable, super-comfy and it offers heat therapy – all that for less than $50!

The 10 massage motors in this seat cushion are set to 5 concentrating zones: the thigh areas, lower back, middle back and upper back. This allows the device to hit all the important zones, offering a really invigorating or a relaxing massage – depending on how you like your intensity levels.  Because these motors are quite powerful, the seat boasts a really thick, comfortable foam to protect your skin from impact. As for the massages themselves, there are 5 modes and 8 intensity levels. Of course, there is also the heat function which is located in the lumbar area.

This massager comes with a simple handheld remote for easy customization, as well as AC & DC adapters, meaning you can use it at home, work or in the car.

Key Features
  • Vibration-only seat massager
  • 10 massage motors and 5 massage modes
  • 8 intensity levels
  • Heat function
  • Comes with a handheld controller, home and car adapter
  • Brand Relaxzen
  • Model 60-2910P
  • Weight 4 lbs

If your work is stressful and time-consuming, the last thing you need at the end of long the day is yet another stressful event – city driving. Luckily, you can easily relieve your stress levels by using seat massagers such as the Snaiax Massage Cushion. Budget-friendly, fatigue-relieving and well-being promoting, this seat massager will seriously make your days a bit brighter.

This massage chair pad comes with 5 vibration motors and offers 5 massage modes: Pulsate, Tapping, Rolling, Kneading and Auto. This allows you to choose between invigorating and rejuvenating and relaxing massages depending on your day and current needs. There are 4 intensity settings which further allow you to customize your massage experience. And if your lower back is really achy? This seat massager provides soothing heat on the lower back area, helping loosen tight muscles. Importantly, it comes with an overheating protection and auto-shut off timer.

The massager can be used at home, office or in car as it comes with a UL home adapter and car adapter.

Key Features
  • Vibration-only massager
  • 5 massage motors and 5 massage modes
  • 4 intensity levels
  • Heat function
  • Auto shut-off timer
  • Comes with a home and car adapter
  • Brand Snailax
  • Model SL-262
  • Weight 2.3 lbs

The Comfier Massage Seat Cushion With Heat is a great option if you’re looking for a gentle massage that’ll keep you comfortable without distracting you. This car seat massager offers a gentle, relaxing massage via 10 vibrating motors.

While it won’t offer the strength or intensity of a Shiatsu massage, it works wonders at relieving stress, tension, and muscle soreness. You can customize your massage by choosing the area that needs relief — your neck, upper back, lower back, or seat. Or, you can opt for a whole-body massage. There are five programmed modes and three variable massage intensities to choose from as well. It’s perfect for working specific areas with aches and tension.

In addition to offering customizable massages while you drive or enjoy the ride, this car seat massager also provides heat. It includes three heating pads that provide warmth for the full back and seat area, ensuring you can warm up everything from your shoulders to your thighs. Use it as a seat warmer or to relieve aches and soreness in your body. It’ll heat up quickly, and you can choose between two heat levels that offer either 114 degrees of warmth or 131 degrees. An overheating protection thermostat controller keeps you safe while you use the heating function.

This car seat massager offers a universal fit. It’ll suit most standard car seats, and it’s very easy to install. You can even remove the seat massager whenever you’d like, giving you added flexibility and convenience.

Key Features
  • 10 strong vibration motors cover four zones
  • Five programmed massage modes
  • Three massage intensities
  • Heating at two levels for warmth and therapeutic relief
  • Includes a car adapter and a traditional adapter
  • Brand Comfier
  • Model CF-2206-M
  • Weight 4.34 pounds

The Five S Vibration Massage Seat Cushion is a great option if you want customizable massage options while you’re riding in your car. This seat cushion might have a slim profile, but it packs an impressive 10 vibration motors that can massage your neck, shoulders, back, and thighs. It’s an almost total body car seat massager — and you can choose the unique kind of vibration you’d like for your sore muscles or achy areas. Three massage speeds and intensities and four massage programs allow you to pick the perfect vibration for your needs. You can choose a concentrated massage or combine different body areas for a wide-ranging experience.

In addition to massaging vibration all over, this car seat massager also includes heat. This soothing feature allows you to apply targeted heat to your upper, mid, or lower back for increased relaxation and comfort. Use the heat alone or pair it with a vibration massage to increase circulation, relieve muscle pain, and eliminate tension and stress. The massage cushion includes built-in overheating protection and an automatic shut-off that’ll turn the heat off after 30 minutes of use to ensure you stay safe.

This car seat massager offers a great variety of options. And it’s easy to install on your car’s seating. Made out of plush fabric and a comfortable padded cushion, four adjustable elastic straps allow you to slide the massager over a car’s seat in no time at all. You can even remove it and use it outside of the car too.

Key Features
  • 10 vibration motors covering four massage zones.
  • Hand control unit allows for easy control and customization.
  • Heat feature applies soothing, relaxing warmth.
  • Automatic shut-off turns heat off after 30 minutes.
  • Includes car adapter and AC adapter.
  • Brand Five S
  • Model FS8812
  • Weight 3.85 pounds

Best Car Seat Massagers Buying Guide & FAQ

Everyday life can be quite stressful but simple devices such as seat massagers can help relieve pressure and tension, boost energy levels and promote good mood and well-being. This in turn can help make you happier, more productive and better at your job, whether you work at a desk job, you’re a truck driver or a stay at home mom/dad . But with so many different products on the market – shiatsu back massagers, vibration chair pads, heating cushions and so on – it can be difficult to find the right product.

Luckily, our buying guide and FAQ section should be able to help you pick the device that not only suits your preferences, but fits your budget too. Here, we cover everything you need to know about car seat massagers, including what features to look for, how to maintain your massager and what the benefits of using them are. So if you’re in need of some tips on how to pick the best massage seat, read on!

car seat massagers

Features to Consider When Buying a Car Seat Massager

Finding a perfect car seat massager requires quite a bit of research. Naturally, we’ve already done the legwork for you, so all you have to do now is pay attention to the following features when purchasing your massager.

  • Type of the massage

Most seat massagers will offer different massage modes, as well as intensity levels, but the most important thing you need to pay attention to is the type of the massage itself. While every massage type has its benefits, some are better suited for certain problems. For example, thanks to their rolling nubs, Shiatsu massagers mimick the finger-pressing technique of real expert massagers which makes them excellent for getting rid of the pain in certain body areas as well as for improving blood circulation and boosting energy levels. They can be quite invigorating. Vibration massagers, on the other hand, use simple vibration motors to produce vibrating massages, which are good for relieving stress and tension and providing relief to sore muscles, although they’re not as powerful as Shiatsu massagers. Generally speaking, if you can afford it, it’s a good idea to purchase a device that offers several types of massages. But if you can’t, that’s more than alright – just choose a device that provides the type of the massage you like the most.

  • Heat function

Although not absolutely necessary, a heat function is always a welcome feature in a car seat massager. The heating function can easily and quickly relieve lower back pain, promote blood flow and lower your stress levels. When combined with any other type of the massage, it leads to a truly relaxing, comfortable experience – highly beneficial after a long day of work.

  • Portability

Most seat massagers can be used in the car, at home or office as they come with adapters and are generally lightweight. And if they don’t include adapters, you can buy them separately at a reasonable price. If you’re looking to purchase a device you’ll be able to take with you anywhere you go, pay attention to its design. The more lightweight and compact a massage cushion, the easier it will be to take it with you.

Benefits of Using Car Seat Massagers

Getting regular massages has numerous physical and mental benefits. Although you certainly can visit a spa center for your massage every few days, it’s more convenient – not to mention more affordable – to use a seat massager at your own home/in car whenever you feel like it. Obviously, a car seat massager can never give you the same massage a human therapist can, but it still has various health benefits, including:

  • Relieves muscle pain: by kneading deep into muscles, a seat massager can efficiently relieve muscle pain and tension. A regular massage soothes achy muscles and helps relax the body.
  • Decreases stress: when you help your body relax a little, which is definitely what you’re doing by getting a nice, relaxing massage, you decrease your stress levels and eventually reduce cortisol levels in your bloodstream.
  • Improves circulation: an invigorating massage helps improve blood circulation, leading to better absorption of nutrients into the tissues and organs. This, in turn, can lead to a strengthened immune system.
  • Enhances mood: regular massages trigger the secretion of endorphins, which not only help reduce the perception of pain and stress, but lead to better mood – quite literally happiness.

Car Seat Massager Maintenance

Like all things, car seat massagers require some care and maintenance in order to function properly and for a long time. Luckily, these devices require minimal care.

  • Cleaning: because you don’t always wear freshly washed clothes (like when you’re driving all day!), it’s inevitable your car seat massagers will get dirty after a while. So, regular cleaning is a must. Most seat massagers can be wiped with a damp cloth and nothing else, although this will depend on the material and design of your massager.
  • Safety: although many seat massagers have an overheating protection system, it’s wise not to use them for hours on end, especially the heat function. This is no matter if your massager has the overheating safety feature or not. Generally speaking, it’s best to use seat masssagers in small increments: 10-20 minutes per session is all you really need.

Car Seat Massagers FAQ

Q:  What is a car seat massager?

A:  A car seat massager is pretty much the same thing as a massage chair pad, except it can be used on car seats as well. By incorporating vibration, shiatsu and other types of massages, various intensities and heat therapy, car seat massagers massage your muscles and tissue, relieving pain and stiffness and reducing stress.

Q:  Does my body type and size matter when buying a car seat massager?

A:  Generally speaking, massage chair pads are designed to work for people of average heights and weights, which makes them ideal for most individuals. However, it’s always a good idea to check the measurement of the massager to ensure it will fit your body (as well as the seat/chair!) properly. Measure your height and weight and check if it fits the design of the massager before you buy it.

Q:  How often should I use a car seat massager?

A:  You can use a seat masssager whenever you want to. Every day, every other day, a few times a week – it’s up to you. However, do know that regular and frequent massages have more health benefits than infrequent ones. That is not to say you’re supposed to use your massager several times a day (you do want to give them a rest from time to time!), just that you’ll enjoy more health perks if you use them regularly.

car seat massager

Our Top Pick for Best Car Seat Massager

Finally, it’s time we talk about our very own Top Pick – the Naipo Neck and Full Back Shiatsu Massager Seat Cushion. Although not super-cheap like some of the massagers featured on our Top 10 list, this car seat massager is a real bargain. With 8 rolling massage nodes, this device provides deep, therapeutic Shiatsu massages that relieve pain, stress and fatigue, as well as seat vibration massage that helps relax hips and buttocks. Importantly, its massaging nodes are adjustable and travel up and down, meaning you can customize your massage experience however you like.

The massager also features a heat function, which is always a plus, especially if you suffer from chronic lower back pain. Finally, since it comes with a home and car adapter and is relatively lightweight, it’s easy to take it with you anywhere you go and use it during your car rides, while working in the office or relaxing at home.


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