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The Best Car Phone Mount (Review & Buying Guide) in 2021

Best Choice The Best Car Phone Mount (Review & Buying Guide) in 2021 iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Dashboard
Best Value beam electronics Beam Electronics Universal Car Air Vent Mount Holder
Premium Pick bestrix Bestrix Universal CD Slot Smartphone Car Mount Holder

As dangerous as it might be to use your cell phone while behind the wheel, it’s a fact of life that you’ll sometimes need it handy during a drive. Whether you’re following GPS, playing music, or receiving important calls, it’s important to have a hands-free option — both for your own safety and, of course, to obey the law. The simplest option is a car phone holder that will allow you to see your phone screen in your regular field of view, without taking your eyes off of the road. These days, there are various types of phone holders available that can be mounted on your windshield or dashboard. To see what our favorite car phone holders are and learn more about them, read on below.

The Best Rated Car Phone Mounts

iOttie’s easy to use phone mount can secure any smartphone to the dashboard or windshield of your car. Its patented Easy One Touch mechanism allows your phone to be mounted and removed with a single hand gesture. It also boasts a telescopic arm, which allows you to alter your phone’s position for the easiest use. The iOttie mount is also incredibly stable, providing excellent screen visibility even on bumpier roads.

This car mobile holder also comes with a full year’s warranty and is easy to install with a simple yet effective suction cup, attached to a specially designed dashboard pad.

Key Features
  • Compatible with all smartphones thanks to its fully adjustable mounting system
  • Easy installation
  • Can be mounted on either dashboard or windshield
  • Sturdy design keeps phone steady for ease of use
  • Comes with a year’s warranty
  • Easy One Touch technology makes mounting and removing your phone effortless
  • Brand iOttie
  • Model HLCRIO125
  • Weight 8 oz

Adustable mounting system

Easy installation

Sturdy design


Suction cup loses grip

Susceptible to heat

May not work with phones in cases

Beam Electronics offers another strong choice with their universal phone mount. The holder works by latching onto the air vents of your car, providing a secure hold that’s convenient and easy to install. Air vent installation also precludes the possibility of having your view of the road obstructed by an object on the windshield.

It’s easy to slide your phone in and out of the mount, thanks to the quick release button located on its back. Beam Electronics’ holder also boasts real toughness in its design – it can withstand both hot and cold conditions, all the while keeping your phone stable for easy visibility. Its soft, padded interior cradles your phone throughout your journey, keeping it safe from bumps and scratches. Finally, like the iOttie, this mount comes with a full year’s warranty for your peace of mind.

Key Features
  • Compatible with most smartphones (excluding Google Pixel 5)
  • Easy installation via your car’s air vent
  • Positioning totally avoids blocking your view of the road
  • Quick and easy to slide smartphone in and out of the mount
  • Comes with a year’s warranty
  • Durable design protects your phone from bumps and scrapes
  • Brand Beam Electronics
  • Model Beam Electronics Air Vent Car Mount
  • Weight 3.04 oz

Avoids blocking your view of the road

Durable design

Protects your phone from bumps and scrapes


Not compatible with Google Pixel 5

Doesn’t lock onto the air vent

Clamps not durable

Bestrix’s offering in the car phone holder department can be attached via the CD slot on your car stereo. It’s held in place without suction cups, so could be a good option if your car has an uneven dashboard, or you’ve found it difficult to get suction cups to remain in place on your windshield in the past. When your phone has been secured, it can be rotated so you can find the best possible viewing angle.

The mount can also hold phones whilst they’re still in their cases, saving you the hassle of removing your phone’s case every time you undertake a journey. The adjustable gripping mechanism can handle a huge variety of smartphones, case and all, and cradles your device on three sides for optimum security.

Key Features
  • Holder is attached by your car’s CD slot
  • Compatible with all smartphones up to 6 inches in diameter
  • Rotation allows you to find the optimum viewing angle for your needs
  • Roomy enough to hold phones even in bulky cases
  • Stays firmly in place even on bumpy terrain
  • Brand Bestrix
  • Model CD – 9087
  • Weight 7.2 oz

Adjustable CD slot tongue

360 degree angled head

One-touch removal


Does not support Multi-CD Changer

Vibrates and shakes while driving

Blocks use of CD player

Like Beam Electronics phone holder, WizGear’s mounting system can be easily attached to the air vents of your car. Once installed, the smartphone is quickly and firmly mounted using a powerful magnet. The set comes with magnetic strips which are easily attached to your phone. They can grip onto the magnet on the holder itself even through a plastic case, so the appearance of your phone needn’t be affected.

WizGear’s magnetic phone holders also swivel back and forth, so you can see your screen as clearly as possible. Not only is this easier on your eyes, but also promotes safer driving, since you won’t be squinting at a screen which is difficult to see. Finally, a pack of two of these holders can be had for super cheap, earning them a spot among the best value products on this list.

Key Features
  • Easily installed using your car’s air vents
  • Magnetic holding system grips phone firmly and easily
  • The mount can swivel back on forth to give you the easiest viewing angle
  • Two pack is excellent value for money
  • Universally compatible with smartphones, regardless of their size
  • Brand WizGear
  • Model magnetic mount
  • Weight 3.84 oz

Easily installed

No size limit for phones

Hidden magnet on phone


Air vent clamp not strong

Required magnet installation on the phone

Can damage air vent

Vansky’s three-in-one design can be mounted on a car’s air vents, windshield, or dashboard, for maximum versatility. As well as this, the phone holder boasts a long, flexible arm, which can hold your phone at the perfect angle for your needs. The phone mount’s ability to rotate a full 360 degrees means you also have the choice between portrait and landscape viewing — the possibilities are virtually endless! Its strong suction cup mounting system will keep your phone securely in place throughout your journeys, leaving you free to concentrate on the road.

Vansky’s mount is compatible with the vast majority of smartphones, including Apple iPhones 4 – 7Plus, and the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S6.

Key Features
  • Compatible with most smartphones
  • Three-in-one design can be mounted on your car’s windshield, dashboard, or air vent
  • Long, flexible arm allows 360 degree rotation, and for your phone to be held in any position
  • Easy to install with a strong suction cup
  • Brand Vansky
  • Model VS-MOUNT03
  • Weight 8 oz

360-degree rotation

Easy to install

Soft padding on grips


Arm can’t support heavier phones

Multiple piece construction

Not durable

Mpow provides great value for money with its effective and convenient car phone mount. It can be easily installed in your car’s CD slot, a lesser used but very effective and stable mounting mechanism. This mounting method also places your phone in a prime position for charging without obscuring your view of the road. Your view of your phone will be good too, since the mount allows for a full 360 degrees of rotation, allowing you to position it at the best angle for you.

Most smartphones are compatible with Mpow’s car mount, thanks to its adjustable side grip mechanism. It also has a quick release button, so you can swiftly and easily grab your phone when you get out of the car.

Key Features
  • Compatible with most smartphones
  • Easy to install in your car stereo’s CD slot
  • Grips and protects your phone whilst you drive
  • Quick release button makes taking your phone out of the mount easy
  • 360 degree rotation lets you position your phone at the best angle for visibility
  • Charging port and headphone jack remain accessible whilst your phone is in the holder
  • Brand Mpow
  • Model PAMCM3-V
  • Weight 4.8 oz

iOttie has earned themselves a second place on our list with this car phone mount, which can be attached to either the dashboard or the windshield, holding your smartphone securely in place.

The Easy One Touch 2 boasts a telescopic arm, which can be pulled out when you want to view your device a little closer. As well as this, the mount rotates to make sure you can find the most comfortable viewing angle. It also has the same quick release technology as its cousin further up the list, making it quick and easy to move your phone in and out of the holder. The mount also comes with a special dashboard mounting pad, to ensure it’s held in place as securely as possible. This, combined with the iOttie’s solid, sturdy design, will protect your smartphone from the tight corners and bumpy roads that certain journeys entail!

Key Features
  • Compatible with most smartphones
  • Can be installed on the dashboard or windshield
  • Telescopic arm allows close-up viewing
  • Solid, sturdy design keeps phone safe
  • Quick release button makes mounting and removing your phone easy
  • Allows charging port and headphone jack to be accessed during use
  • Brand iOttie
  • Model HLCRIO121AM
  • Weight 7.4 oz

Solid, sturdy design

Quick-release button

Charging port and headphone jack accessible during use


Suction cup leaves a mark

Adhesive pad not durable

Feels clunky and bulky

Maxboost’s universal car phone mount can, as its name suggests, be used with virtually any smartphone. It’s easily and securely installed using your car’s air vents and holds your phone in place through a system of small but powerful magnets. A magnetic strip is then attached to either your phone or its case, holding it firmly in place.

Because of the way in which the magnets are positioned, you can also rotate your phone 360 degrees whilst it sits in the holder. It’s compact too, and because of its dark color is a subtle option for mounting your phone.

Key Features
  • Compatible with virtually all smartphones
  • Easy installation using your car’s air vent
  • Two pack also includes magnetic strips for your phone, adhesive, and rubber mounting pads
  • Sleek design is barely noticeably in your car
  • Cost effective
  • Phone can be rotated to landscape and portrait positions, as well as anywhere in between
  • Magnetic phone mounting makes it easy to take your phone in and out of the holder
  • Brand Maxboost
  • Model MB000049
  • Weight 2.56 oz

Easy installation

Sleek design

Easy to use


Not strong magnet

Not compatible with all air vents

Not compatible with large or heavy phones

TechMatte’s car phone mount is attached to your dashboard or windshield through a sturdy suction cup. Your phone is then connected to a pad through a series of strong magnets. With its one-year warranty and durable design, this mount will keep your phone safe even on rough terrain. Customers report that the magnets are strong enough to withstand sudden stops and potholes too.

The adjustable positioning also allows you to see your phone at any angle, making it easy to keep an eye on navigation without being distracted from the road ahead. All this along with the strong and reliable suction cup installation makes this phone mount a great value option.

Key Features
  • Compatible with any smartphone thanks to its magnetic holding mechanism
  • Can be attached to your dashboard or windshield
  • Strong magnets will hold your phone in place over rough terrain and during sudden stops
  • The angle your phone sits at can be adjusted for optimum viewing
  • Comes with a year’s warranty
  • Thin magnetic strips allow your phone to be attached without affecting its appearance
  • Brand TechMatte
  • Model 4070198
  • Weight 4.8 oz

Compatible with any smartphone

Strong magnet

Doesn’t affect the appearance


Suction cup melts in the sun

Won’t work through thick cases

Not meant to be taken on and off

Mpow’s cell phone holder for cars has an extra secure installation method. Its powerful suction cup, which sticks to the windshield, is combined with an additional mount that sits on the dashboard. Between these two points of contact, your phone is held in place extremely firmly.

This holder also boasts a long, flexible arm, so your phone can be held at virtually any angle. This ‘goose-neck’ arm is flexible enough to be easily positioned but rigid enough to stay in place once you’ve got it where you want it. It’s also easy to install and remove your phone from the mount, with its one-touch release button. The phone holder is compatible with all smartphones sized between 4 and 6 inches, so it’s really versatile too.

Key Features
  • Extra secure installation with a suction cup and additional dashboard mount
  • Its long, flexible arm allows you to position your phone exactly where you want it
  • Compatible with the vast majority of smartphones
  • Your phone is safely cradled at three points
  • Quick release button makes it easy to remove your phone at the end of a journey
  • Great value for money at under $10
  • Brand Mpow
  • Model MCM6A-PTX-1
  • Weight 2.4 oz

Probably the most compact magnetic phone mount on the list is the Humixx. It can be attached to any flat surface, within or without your car, via a strong adhesive base. Your phone is then secured in the holder through powerful magnets. A small magnetic circle is attached to your phone, which aligns with the magnetic surface of the phone mount.

The silicone surface of the mounting circle means that the back of your phone won’t be scratched, but can be easily rotated a full 360 degrees. Because the phone is mounted via a magnet rather than gripped in a cradle, Humixx’s holder is compatible with virtually all smartphones. This magnetic holding mechanism also makes attaching and removing your phone as simple as touching it to the magnetic pad and gently pulling it off.

Key Features
  • Compact, discrete design
  • Adhesive base can be attached to any smooth, flat surface
  • Can be used outside the car
  • Strong magnets hold your phone in place
  • Compatible with the vast majority of smartphones
  • Adjustable head allows phone to be rotated a fill 360 degrees for optimum viewing
  • Brand Humixx
  • Model 4326588569
  • Weight 2.4 oz

Adjustable 360 degrees

Compact, discrete design

Install on any flat surface


Doesn’t stick to textured materials

Doesn’t work with larger phones

Adhesive negatively affected by heat

Auto Tech’s luxury phone holder certainly lives up to its name. The device keeps your smartphone securely in place through an attachment to the car’s air vents. It can handle potholes and rough surfaces, as well as sudden stops, all while keeping your phone safely encased in its rotatable cradle.

Once mounted, your phone can be rotated 360 degrees, so can be used in portrait mode, landscape mode, or anywhere in between. The phone mount also boasts a sleek design, which blends into your car’s interior, and a gripping mechanism capable of holding even heavier smartphones steady.

Key Features
  • Sleek design blends in easily with most car interiors
  • Installed via car’s air vents
  • Stays firmly in place, even over rough terrain and potholes
  • Phone can be rotated from portrait to landscape position whilst in the holder
  • Grips your phone on the sides, keeping charging port free
  • Compatible with most smartphones, including most iPhones and Samsung devices
  • Brand Auto Tech
  • Model Black-CarMount01
  • Weight 1.6 oz

Sleek design

Stays firmly in place

Charging cable compatible


Metal can poke through silicone cover

Doesn’t work on all air vents

Not durable plastic pieces

If you’re looking for a protective air vent mount that will save you space and money, Aukey’s car phone holder should catch your attention. This adjustable holder clips easily to most standard car vents, whether the slats are vertical or horizontal. Its cradle is attached by a pivoting ball joint that can rotate 360 degrees for optimal viewing at any angle, as well as a quick switch between landscape and portrait viewing modes.

Aukey’s silicone-padded mount ensures that your phone never gets a scratch by providing smooth contact and a firm grip on your phone. The bottom support features an opening for quick charger access, so your phone never dies while you’re following GPS. Altogether, it covers all the basics you need in a phone mount for a reasonable price.

Key Features
  • Air vent mount holds phone securely in place
  • Fits most horizontal and vertical vents
  • Rotating and pivoting ball joint gives a wide view angle
  • Easily adjustable cradle with instant-release button
  • Soft inner padding to prevent scratches
  • Brand Aukey
  • Model HD-C55
  • Weight 3.98 oz

Lisen’s magnetic phone holder is another great value option that mounts easily onto your car’s air vents. It uses a special hook shaped grip with three separate clasps to ensure superior support for your phone while driving. There’s nearly no chance of it ever falling when you take into account the powerful magnets that are capable of securing objects four times as heavy as the average smartphone.

The magnetic holder rotates 360 degrees and different shapes of metal pads are included to accommodate various sizes of devices. However, it’s also important to note that this product is only compatible with horizontal vents, so it may not be a fit for some models of car.

Key Features
  • Upgraded three-hook grip never falls off your air vent
  • Uses six magnets to hold the phone in place
  • Easily installed and adjusted by turning the knob
  • Compatible with most phones and mini tablets
  • Brand Lisen
  • Model LV633
  • Weight 1.75 oz

Bestrix’s sleek and elegant design is a great option for holding your phone in place during car journeys. Its metal frame provides a durable mount for your phone, without the risks of breakage which certain plastic models can bring. Your phone is attached to the holder by small but strong magnets, and it’s compatible with the vast majority of smartphones. The grip is even strong enough to take the weight of mini tablets, making it a versatile option for your vehicle.

Your device can be held in both landscape and portrait positions with this mount, and it’s strong enough to grip your phone even through a thick case.

Key Features
  • Air vent mounted
  • Sleek and elegant design blends easily with your car’s interior
  • Compatible with the vast majority of smartphones, and most mini tablets
  • Phone is held in place by strong magnets
  • Phone can be positioned in both portrait and landscape positions
  • Brand Bestrix
  • Model 4335022212
  • Weight 2.88 oz

Sleek and elegant design

Durable ABS plastic construction

360-degree rotation


Metal plate prevents wireless charging

Doesn’t hold larger and heavier phones

Adhesive on the metal plate not strong

Best Car Phone Mount Buying Guide & FAQ

Now you know our favorite items out of all the many car phone holders on the market today. Whichever model of car or phone you may own, there’s no doubt that one of the options on this list will suit your needs. In case you’re still unsure and want more of the full picture, scroll on to read some basic info that we’ve compiled about how to shop for a good car phone mount.

Things to Consider When Buying Car Phone Mount

When choosing a phone mount for a car, there are a few key considerations to make:

Your Car’s Interior

It’s important to think about your car’s interior so you can find a phone holder that will fit in your space without blocking your view. Different types of mounts will attach to your car in different ways, so not all options will be compatible.

You might not have room for a windshield mount if your windshield rises at a low angle to your dashboard. If your car’s dashboard is uneven or damaged, it may not function as a suitable anchoring point for a suction cup. Finally, you need air vents of certain shapes to make the most of vent mounts. Make sure to check the mounting features for your phone holder and check them against the space your car has available.

Outside Temperature

The outside temperature is another consideration you should make when looking for the best car phone holder. If a windshield-mounted car phone mount isn’t suitable to be used in a certain temperature zone, it will lose suction and likely fall off.

If you live in a particularly hot or cold area, it may be best to opt for a car vent mount or magnetic mount. That way there is no risk at all of the phone car mount losing its suction.

phone mount holder for cars
Car Phone Mount

Your Phone

When it comes to matching a holder to your phone, the most important factors are size and weight. Some mounts are stronger than others, while some types accommodate only certain types of devices. If your phone is particularly large, you might want a magnetic holder, rather than a cradle, to avoid problems with fitting.

How You’ll Use It

If you drive a lot, or if you tend to drive for long periods of time, you’re going to want a car phone holder that can hold up to the more regular strain. It might be worth it to splurge on a more versatile model if you want to get the most out of that level of ownership. It’s important to have the features you need, such as an open charging port or the ability to switch from landscape to portrait viewing.

Benefits of Using A Phone Holder For Your Car

Using a car mount to secure your phone has a number of benefits:

  • Secures your phone in place, even when the road gets bumpy
  • Prevents losing your phone in the cracks around your driver’s seat
  • Makes it safe for you to follow GPS on your phone
  • Lets you make hands-free phone calls without breaking the law
  • Easily play music or podcasts without a fuss

Types Of Car Phone Mounts

Car phone mounts typically fall into one of four categories:

Air Vent Mounted

Air vent mounts attach to the blades of your car’s front air vent, letting you conveniently place your phone just to the left or right of the steering wheel, depending on the vent placement in your car. They tend to work better with rectangular vents than round ones and they can hook very firmly into place. However, using an air vent mounted car phone holder also brings the risk of overheating your phone when you’ve got hot air blowing in the winter.

Magnet Mounts

Magnetic car phone holders come in many different shapes and sizes to suit a range of different smartphones and a range of different cars. These types of mounts most commonly use a magnet that adheres to the back of a smartphone and a magnetic base that adheres to different locations throughout a car, usually on the dashboard or windshield.

As far as smartphone car mounts go, magnet mounts are a very effective style of car mount as long as the adhesive is strong and stands the test of time.

Cup Holder Mounts

Cup holders and mounts come in a range of different styles to suit all the different shapes and sizes of vents and smartphones. Some use powerful magnets to hold your phone in place while others use rubberized grips to attach themselves to the vent grill.

This type of car phone mount is very effective and is very usually very sturdy and solid feeling. The only trouble one might face with this type of car mount is that it can potentially block the air coming from a car’s air conditioning and, worst-case scenario, the mount might snap the vent grill if not removed carefully.

Clamp Mounts

Clamp mounts are just as they sound, a car phone mount that clamps onto a range of different sized securing points. They are best used to mount their phones on the back of a headrest. Making them perfect for backseat passengers.

Suction Cup Mounted

Suction cups are the most common type of mount for car phone holders. They are designed to stick to your windshield or dashboard, making them the most versatile. However, they can fall off if the surface isn’t clean enough and some suction cups are stronger than others, so your mileage may vary.

Adhesive Mounts

Adhesive mounts are uncommon in the market. They are designed to stick to any flat surface of your car, making them very easy to install, but difficult to remove since the adhesive is designed to last a long time. If there’s a specific spot you have in mind for your car phone mount, adhesive mounts are a good choice for achieving your ideal positioning.

CD Slot Mounts

Another type of car phone mount is one that slots into your car’s CD player. This is an extremely secure method of mounting that barely obstructs your driving view, if at all. However, installing them tends to be a bit more complicated and it will render your CD player useless while you’re using it.

phone mount holders for cars
Car Phone Mount

Top Brands

Here are the top brands that we both know and love.


Scosche manufacturers many different phone and tablet holders to suit just about every car. The most notable of these is the Scosche MagicMount. The Scosche MagicMount is an award-winning design that conveniently, easily, and securely mounts smartphones and tablets to a range of different surfaces.


Baseus is another quality smartphone car mount manufacturer. Their mounts come in a range of different styles and are perfect to protect your phone from being dropped underneath your feet as you drive.


iOttie is a New York City-based manufacturer that makes a wide range of different phone mounts and smartphone car holders. One of their best products is the iOttie Easy One Touch. iOttie’s Easy One Touch suctions onto a range of different surfaces and will fit many different sized phones.

Beam Electronics

Beam Electronics universal car phone mounts are up there with some of the very best on the market. Beam Electronics is based out of Georgia and manufactures all of its products within the United States. If you are in the market for a really well-made car vent mount, Beam Electronics is the brand for you.


Mpow makes a range of different products including Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and, of course, universal smartphone car mounts. Their extensive range includes windshield, dashboard, CD slot, and magnetic car phone mounts.


Bestrix produces some of the best quality auto accessories on the market. Anything from wireless charging devices, tablet mounts, and, of course, cell phone holders. Their car phone holders are specially designed to keep any sized phone in your line of sight without obscuring the road ahead.


Humixx makes a ton of affordable car phone holders. Many of their mounts make use of a metal plate that offers strong and secure magnetic holding power. Ensuring you can use your phone at any stage without the fear of it dismounting and falling into the footwell of your car.


Car phone mounts come at a price that will fit anybody’s budget. Here are some of the best ones at their respective price points.

Up to $10

From $10 to $15

Over $15

Best Phone Mount For Car FAQ:

Q: What is the purpose of a case-compatible holder?

A: Case-compatible holders have the versatility to hold your phone without removing its case, saving you time and trouble getting in and out of the car.

Q: What should be the capacity of a charging-compatible holder?

A: Your charging-compatible holder should have a minimum capacity of at least five watts. Be careful not to choose a capacity higher than 10 watts, or you may overload the battery.

Q: Are there any device-specific mount holders available on the market?

A: Most car phone holders are compatible with many types of smartphones. It is possible to buy one intended for a specific model or device, but it’s unlikely you’ll find more benefits other than your phone fitting into it easily.

Q: What additional features should you look at before buying a car mount holder?

A: Top features to look out for include:

  • Rotating and pivoting joints
  • Ease of installation
  • Mechanisms for securing and releasing your phone
  • An open gap in the support to allow charging

These are the most common features for general quality of life, and you can expect to be satisfied with most products that offer them.

Q: What is the best iPhone car mount?

A: There are a number of different car phone mounts that will suit iPhones really well. Although, the best is probably magnetic car mounts. iPhone’s back panels are well flat and well suited to the adhesive plates that are used with magnetic holders. Making them the perfect solution for iPhone car mounts.

Q: Are magnetic car mounts safe for phones?

A: Yes. Most magnetic car mounts are safe for phones. They have been specially designed to be powerful enough to hold your phone in place but not so powerful that they penetrate the phone’s casing and damage any of its sensitive components.

Q: What is the best cup phone holder?

A: The best phone cup holders are designed to hold your phone securely in place while limiting the possibility of damage to your car’s air vent. Good cup phone holders are paddle and are made in a way that they won’t break any of the grills on your air vents.

Q: Are car vent mounts bad?

A: No, not if they are designed well. The biggest issue with car vent phone mounts is they either block air from blowing out, clamp wrongly on the vent’s grill potentially causing damage, or hold the phone too close to the vent and cause the phone to overheat from hot air.

Q: Where should I place my phone mount?

A: The dashboard of your car is usually the best place to mount a phone holder. That way, your phone stays in your line of sight, it doesn’t obscure the windshield at all, and it keeps the phone in reach for ease of use.

Q: How do I get my car mount to stick to my dashboard?

A: To ensure a car mount sticks well onto your car’s dashboard, pick a nice flat spot so the adhesive can stick well, clean the surface down with an alcohol wipe, peel off the adhesive paper, and firmly push the mount onto the dashboard for at least a minute or to ensure complete adherence.

phone mount holders

Our Top Pick

In the end, the best car phone mount from the bunch is the Easy One Touch Four from iOttie. We were most impressed with the versatility it offers. For such an affordable product, it offers a great array of compatibility and functionality. From the easy-to-use quick-release mechanism to its overall durability, this is a quality item that will satisfy your needs for a long time.