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There are so many different reasons why using a specially-designed car dryer blower is a good idea, but the main reason is to keep your paintwork in optimum condition. Using a microfiber towel or cloth – no matter how clean and soft – always runs the risk of damaging your car. If you own a leaf blower for your yard you might be tempted to use this for your car. We will discuss below why this is a bad idea and can actually damage your car significantly. Finally, keep reading to find out what you should look for when buying a new car blower, and we will highlight our reasons for buying a good quality model.

But first, keep reading to discover our favorite car dryer blowers on the market:

Best Car Dryer Blower

This powerful car dryer is popular with users, and if you take a good look at the features that it offers it is easy to see why. Adam’s Polishes says that it offers the safest touch-free drying method available, and with an 8HP motor we feel confident that this car dryer will dry your vehicle within minutes and leave it free of micro scratches and water spots. You can fully adjust the speed control of this product, and it will give you 58,000 feet per minute of clean, warm, filtered air. The 30-foot hose has a self-expanding and retracting design that enables you to store the dryer after use with ease. It also takes up significantly less space than standard dryers. There’s a 15-foot power cord and rubberized attachments to fit into all of those difficult to reach places in your car without damaging surfaces if they accidentally come in contact. Another feature that we like which is often overlooked is the fact that this product uses noise-cutting technology, so you can experience a quieter operation that won’t bother the neighbors.

Key Features
  • Powerful 8HP Motor
  • Rubberized Attachments To Minimize Damage
  • Noise-Cut Technology For Quieter Experience
  • Self Expanding/Retracting 30ft Hose
  • 15ft Power Cord
  • Brand Adam’s Polishes
  • Model AC

Unique Hose




Quite Expensive

If you’re looking for a good-quality car dryer that has been made in the USA, then this air force master blaster car dryer will not disappoint. While it’s not the cheapest product on our list, we feel that you really get what you pay for with products like this and therefore you’re paying for extra quality. There are several metrovac master blaster products on the market, but this model is an updated version that boasts so much more. The dryer comes with front-mounted swivel wheels that enable you to maneuver the car dryer blower with ease. With this Master Blaster, you can dry your vehicle within a matter of minutes, and you won’t ever have to worry about micro-scratches from using a towel or water spots from allowing it to dry ‘naturally’. It comes with a wall mount bracket and hose hanger, so you can save a little space when storing this in your garage or work space. Using warm, filtered air, the product will safely blast off water from the main body of your vehicle as well as hard-to-reach places where you wouldn’t be able to reach manually. This product features two twin fan 4 peak HP motors that can deliver up to 58,000 feet per minute of clean and warm filtered air. Each motor is individually controlled by a separate switch to allow you to select from three different airflow and temperature levels.

Key Features
  • Two Twin Fan (4HP) Motors
  • Adjustable Airflow & Temperature
  • Front-Mounted Wheels
  • 30ft Hose
  • Brand MetroVac
  • Model MB-3CDSWB-30
  • Weight 16.34 Lbs

Dries Car In Minutes

Easy To Use

Made In USA



Many people look for more portable products that don’t take up too much storage space. If you have limited space in your garage or workshop, then this Air Force Blaster SideKick is ideal. This product offers high quality and high performance for a reasonable price. This is an American-made blower that is super compact and portable. It’s strong and durable and made from steel with a 1.3HP motor that can pump out 18,000 feet per minute of warm 25-30 degree air. Not bad for a product that is so small!

Key Features
  • Small & Portable
  • Manufactured From Steel
  • 1.3HP Motor
  • Blows Out Warm Filtered Air
  • Brand Continental
  • Model 49-8729
  • Weight 3.98 Lbs

Strong & Sturdy Design

Cuts Drying Time Significantly


Heats Up Fast

The Master Blaster car dryer is one of the top products of its kind on the market, with an excellent reputation. The Metrovac Master Blaster is capable of delivering some seriously powerful air to your vehicle (58,500 feet per min), and the air that it delivers is clean, dry, warm and filtered so you won’t have to worry about your car or motorcycle getting damaged by dirty air. There are two switches on the car dryer blower that allow you to set the airflow and temperature, so you can fully adjust the product to suit your needs. There are three different levels of airflow and temperature, and you can use the front or rear motor independently or simultaneously for maximum power (8HP). This car dryer has been built to last, has been manufactured from steel, and features a heavy-duty hose and blower nozzle, air concentrator, air streamer tool, micro adapter and male-to-male adapter. 

Key Features
  • Powerful Car Dryer (8HP)
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Manufactured from Heavy-Duty Steel
  • Brand Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner
  • Model MB3CD
  • Weight 16.9 Lbs

Excellent Reputation


Extra Powerful

Clean Air



The Chemical Guys JetSpeed Professional Surface Air Dryer and Blower is an excellent tool for getting your vehicle clean and dry. This professional-grade car dryer blower can blow air at any size or kind of vehicle, including cars, SUVs, and motorcycles to dry them in just seconds. It works quickly thanks to its 110-volt, 6-speed 5 amp motor. It has a 7-foot power cord that’ll give you flexibility and reach, and it’s easy and lightweight to carry at just 15 inches long and 2.6 pounds in weight. You’ll have no trouble reaching tight spots all around your vehicle. This car dryer blower is capable of expelling 92.4 cubic feet of air per minute, and you can trust it on your car’s exterior thanks to the soft and flexible rubber nozzle. The device even includes a directional airflow attachment and a dust bag.

Key Features
  • Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner
  • Can Be Used as a Blower
  • Lightweight
  • Compact Design
  • Brand Chemical Guys

Versatile Vacuum Cleaner

Easy to Store

Can Handle Car, Garage & Workshop Mess


No Attachment Organizer Included

A car dryer blower should have enough power to dry your car in a matter of minutes, and for that reason we chose this model for our list. This turbo dryer provides some serious power – 6.5 peak horsepower (HP) and yet it’s super lightweight and handheld too, which makes it portable and easy to manoeuvre around your vehicle to blow the water off. You can use this car dryer to dry your car for a streak-free finish or to blow small nooks and cracks where water can collect. The air is filtered too so you don’t have to worry about blowing dirt, sand or any other debris onto your car. This dryer comes with a 35ft power cord and a 6ft flexible hose and specially-designed vinyl nozzle that will not scratch your vehicle if it accidentally comes in contact with the paint. Using this car dryer will minimize any damage to your vehicle so it makes a worthy investment.

Key Features
  • Handheld Car Dryer (6.5HP)
  • Shoulder Strap for Extra Comfort
  • 35ft Power Cord
  • 6ft Flexible Hose and Vinyl Nozzle
  • Brand McKee’s 37
  • Model MK37-9638100
  • Weight 11.8 Lbs


Easy to Use




If you need a car dryer blower that has a lot of power, consider the Metro MasterBlaster MB-3CD Industrial Dryer and Blower System. This impressive device can powerfully dry off your vehicle in no time at all. With an impressive eight horsepower output, this industrial-strength blower car dryer can deliver 58,500 feet of dry, warm air per minute. It weighs around 25.4 pounds, but you won’t have to carry it far or stay tied to one spot thanks to the 12-foot heavy-duty cord. The dryer comes with a heavy-duty neoprene blower nozzle that’s gentle on your car’s exterior as well as five different interchangeable attachments for more targeted drying. There’s also a 10-foot flexible commercial-strength hose for increased flexibility and reach. If you want your car dried 75 percent quicker, this is definitely the way to go. 

Key Features
  • 8.0 Peak HP Motor
  • 5 Interchangeable Attachments
  • 10ft Heavy Duty Hose
  • Made in the USA
  • One-Year Warranty
  • Brand Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner
  • Model MB-3CD
  • Weight 25.4 pounds



Perfect For Vehicles & Workshop Spaces


May Have to Replace the Brush at Some Point

We thought we’d include something a little different for this listing so would like to present to you the Detail King Tornador Cleaning Tool. You’ll need to purchase a separate air compressor to use this product, but due to its size this is a very portable and handy car dryer blower to use for your vehicles. This is a pneumatically operated suction spray gun which can be used with water, air or soap to dispense it under very high pressure. You can use this to remove dirt and grime super fast. It’s perfect for using in difficult to reach spots where dust or water needs blasting away.

Key Features
  • Detail Cleaning Tool
  • Portable
  • Powerful Pneumatically Operated Suction Spray Gun
  • Brand Detail King
  • Model TOR-Z-020
  • Weight 2.2 Lbs





Additional Components Required

Definitely one of the most reasonably priced products that we have seen on the market, this professional Beast Series Vacmaster Vac features a sturdy 5 gallon tank which is made from durable polypropylene. This vacuum works as both a wet and dry vacuum which means that it is suitable for the interior of cars and workshop and garage floors too. It can also easily be converted into a blower so you can dry your car without touching the paint and not have to worry about marking the surface. The hose, accessories and power cord can all be stored on-board on the vacuum which takes the hassle away from additional storage space. The hose is 7ft but has over 25ft reach and the blower comes with an 18ft power cord. 

Key Features
  • Powerful 5.5HP Motor
  • 5 Gallon Tank
  • Can Be Used As A Blower
  • Wet/Dry Vac
  • 7 ft Hose With 25ft Reach
  • Brand Vacmaster
  • Model VFB511B0201
  • Weight 13.5 Lbs

Excellent Value For Money

On-Board Storage

Accessories Included


Fairly Large

If you’re looking for a smaller, more portable dryer for your motorcycle or car then this car blow dryer is perfect as it’s not as cumbersome as some of the other products we choose for this review piece. This is a handheld device that gives you the opportunity to adjust the temperature and speed of the airflow. This means that you can adapt the settings to tailor to your exact needs. Because of its size, this is perfect for removing dust and dirt from hard to reach places as well as blasting water from small crevices and cracks. Using filtered, warm air, this product is said to reduce drying time by up to 75%. This is a durable piece of machinery too made from steel with neoprene blower nozzle.

Key Features
  • Powerful Dryer – 2800 Watts/110V
  • 11ft Flexible Hose
  • One Year Warranty
  • Adjustable Speed & Temperature
  • Brand SHELANDY
  • Model STL-1907
  • Weight 12.1 Lbs

Strong & Sturdy Design

Cuts Drying Time Significantly


Heats Up Fast

Best Car Dryer Blower Buying Guide & FAQ

If you’re still unsure about what type of car dryer blower is best for you then worry not! As promised, we have written a guide below offering the best advice on what to look out for when buying a car dryer, we’ve also listed the benefits of owning a car dryer and give you advice on how to use one! In our FAQ section we answer your most commonly asked questions and conclude by revealing our favorite car dryer blower from our list.

Read on to find out who won the number #1 spot…

Things to Consider When Buying a Car Dryer Blower 

  • Power

As you’ll see from the products that we chose, most product descriptions will include a measurement indicating the power of the motor which is normally measured in HP (or horsepower). The higher the number, the more powerful your dryer. Another measurement to look out for is the velocity of air that goes through your blower – for example: 58,000 feet per minute. Again, the higher the number the more powerful the product.

  • Weight, Size & Storage

Do you want a small portable handheld device or are you ok with using a more robust product that you can easily maneuver on wheels? When looking to buy a car dryer blower it’s very important to consider the size of the product, the weight and whether or not it’s easy to store. Some vacuums have on-board storage for attachments and the hose, which is super handy.

  • Versatility

Are you looking for a blower or something a little more versatile? If you’re looking to get more value for your money then you might want to consider a wet/dry vacuum which can be easily converted into a blower – this means that you can use this on the exterior and interior of your vehicle, as well as on your garage or workshop floor. 

  • Price

How much are you willing to spend? It might be worth thinking about this before you filter your results. If you’re spending over budget then make sure the product comes with a warranty. 

  • Adjustable

A super handy feature of a car dryer blower is when the airflow speed and temperature is fully adjustable. This means that you can adapt the equipment to suit your needs. 

car wash

Benefits of a Car Dryer 

There are many benefits to using a car dryer and if you’ve never used one before then we understand that you might be a little sceptical. If you wash your car and need it drying fast then it’s going to take a while using towels and a car shammy or chamois. Using a car dryer blower ensures that you car is dried fast – usually in a matter of minutes. The problem with drying your car using towels and shammies is that it’s easy to damage the surface. If you are constantly rubbing the paint on your car then you are bound to eventually end up with micro scratches and marks. If you allow your car to dry naturally then you are also likely to get water spots, so using a car blower makes sense as it uses clean, filtered air to blast the water from the surface.

How To Use a Car Dryer Blower 

The first thing that you will need to check is if the car dryer is compatible with your electricity supply. You don’t want to go blowing any fuses and bearing in mind how powerful these devices can be, that’s easily done. Plug your device in and wheel it to your vehicle (or carry it if it’s hand-held). Start on the lowest heat and airflow setting (if it has adjustable settings) and move around the car blasting the air towards the wettest parts and pay particular attention to smaller more harder-to-reach areas; cracks and crevices. Increase the temperature and airflow if needed and then hey presto! You’re done.

Best Car Dryer Blower FAQ:

Q: Is it safe to dry my car with a leaf blower?

Many people ask whether or not it’s safe to use a leaf blower to dry a car and that’s still a controversial issue. The problem is that leaf blowers haven’t been designed for cars, so you can encounter a few problems. Firstly, there’s no air filtration, so you will be blowing unfiltered (and potentially dirty) air onto your vehicle. A leaf blower has a hard plastic tip – ideal for leafs but not so good for cars! The problem with this is if you accidentally make contact with the car you could leave a scratch or worse…a dent! The air of a leaf blower isn’t controlled like a car dryer, so you won’t be able to adjust the airflow and temperature. Finally, leaf blowers are pretty noisy, whereas car dryers tend to be a little quieter and therefore more ‘neighbor-friendly’.

Q: Is it better to leave your car to dry? 

In a word, no! If you leave your car to dry naturally you are likely to get streaks and water spots and that kind of defeats the object of washing your car. You’re going to get a much cleaner looking finish if you use a car dryer to blast the water away fast.

Q: Can I run a blower with an inverter plugged into my vehicle’s cigarette lighter? 

The cigarette lighter in your vehicle has a relatively low voltage and car blowers use a lot of power. The two are incompatible and you should never attempt to run a blower with an inverter plugged into the cigarette lighter. Car at wash station

Our Top Pick 

Adam’s Air Cannon is a powerful option with an 8HP motor that has the ability to effectively and efficiently dry your vehicle within minutes. It produces 58,000 feet per minute of clean, filtered air and comes with a 30-foot hose and 15-foot power cord, so you are easily able to dry hard-to-reach areas on your vehicle. The unit is easy to store and takes up less space than many rival products. But the best feature about this car dryer is that it’s designed with noise-cut technology, so it’s less likely to bother the user as well as people in the vicinity.