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The Best Car Covers (Review) in 2021

Best Choice Leader Accessories Car Cover Leader Accessories Car Cover
Premium Pick iCarCover All Weather Outdoor Car Cover iCarCover All Weather Outdoor Car Cover
Honorable Mention Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro Car Cover Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro Car Cover

Leaving your car parked outside might not seem very risky, but it is. Whether you’re parking on the street or right in your driveway, you’re exposing your car to harsh UV rays that can fade your exterior paint and your interior, freezing or extremely hot temperatures, snowfall, and rain. Rust can form. Dents can appear. Even worse, debris like tree branches and dirt can blow right onto your car, causing everything from small scratches to serious damage. Fortunately, there’s one simple item that can keep your car protected: a car cover.

A car cover acts as a protective shield for your vehicle’s exterior and interior. Outdoor car covers will prevent everything from bird droppings to UV rays to rain and snow from touching your car. Available in an array of different materials, sizes, and types of fabric, a quality cover can stand up to all kinds of potential problems and weather conditions. Check out our picks for the best car covers right here.

The Best Car Covers

The first auto cover to grab a spot on our list is Leader Accessories’ cover with a windproof design. Its breathable fabric actively repels water, keeping your vehicle safe and dry while also standing up to dust, dirt, pollen, UV rays, and bird droppings.

You don’t have to worry if it gets blown away due to its windproof straps. The cover has a snug fit and is ideal in rain or shine. It even comes with its own storage bag, so you can throw it in the trunk and keep your car protected wherever you roam.

Key Features
  • Suitable for all sedans up to 200”
  • Fabric provides UV protection
  • Actively repels water
  • Wind-proof straps prevent the cover from being blown away
  • Resistant to dust, pollen, pollutants, and bird droppings
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use
  • Comes with its own storage bag
  • Brand Leader Accessories
  • Model 10301003
  • Weight 2.5 lbs

If you’re searching for an outdoor car cover that can do it all, you won’t want to miss the versatility of the iCarCover All Weather Outdoor Car Cover. This highly adaptable and protective cover is able to fit a variety of makes and models; it’ll work for coupes, sedans, hatchbacks, and even some wagons, offering front and rear coverage. 

In addition to its versatile fit, the iCarCover cover is also totally weatherproof. It envelopes your vehicle in total protection, protecting against issues like tree sap, bird droppings, rain, snow, and so much more. This cover is made with seven layers of polyester material, and it’s 100 percent waterproof and windproof. It even features a layer that keeps UV rays from damaging your car’s interior and exterior. Natural hazards and unexpected weather won’t touch your vehicle at all. And this car cover also promises a snug fit, with a fit guarantee.

Key Features
  • Fits vehicles up to 193 inches long.
  • Backed by a three-year warranty and 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • Includes a free storage bag.
  • Windproof, waterproof, and offers 100 percent UV ray protection.
  • Brand ICarCover
  • Model ICarCover_Eipon_D
  • Weight 11 pounds

With its soft yet durable fabric, this car cover offers excellent protection without rubbing away the vehicle’s paint job.

Each corner of the cover is elasticated for easy fit and removal, while its water-repellent material protects the car from rust and other water-related issues. The fabric is breathable, so you can rest assured that it’s protected against mold and mildew. The PolyPro cover protects against the sun as well as rain thanks to UV weather protection.

Each PolyPro car cover comes with a two-year limited warranty, ensuring your car gets the quality protection it needs from debris, weather, and scratches.

Key Features
  • Available in a variety of sizes suitable for most vehicles
  • Made from non-abrasive yet durable fabric
  • Waterproof
  • Protects against the sun’s UV rays
  • Each cover comes with a two year guarantee
  • Breathable fabric protects against mold and mildew
  • Comes with a two year guarantee to ensure quality
  • Easy to fit and remove thanks to elasticated corners
  • Suitable for both storage and moderate weather
  • Brand Classic Accessories
  • Model 10-010-051001-00
  • Weight 5 lbs

Titan’s tough car cover is the perfect solution for keeping your vehicle out of harm’s way. Its waterproof fabric also protects against harmful UV rays and scratches. The cover holds its own against dust, dirt, and bird droppings, offering complete protection.

Best of all, the cover is incredibly lightweight, making it easy to take with you wherever you go. The six-foot loop-end cable and lock system also ensure that the cover stays put even in windy weather. Users report that even in winds of over 50 mph, Titan’s cover won’t budge. 

Key Features
  • Fits most saloons including Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, and many more
  • 200 inch length
  • Durable waterproof fabric
  • Protects against dust, dirt, and bird droppings
  • Protects vehicles against scratches
  • Protects against UV rays
  • Lightweight design
  • Loop system secures cover in place during high winds
  • Easy to fit, thanks to quick-close straps
  • Brand Titan Performance Products
  • Model A-1
  • Weight 2.84 lbs

The Eluto Car Cover is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for total weather protection. Though it might seem simple at first glance, this cover can protect your vehicle from moisture, wind, sunlight, and so much more. Built for the outdoors and sized to cover sedans, this car cover measures 185 x 70 x 60 inches in size. It’s able to offer front and rear coverage, and it even slips over your side mirrors. An inner lining made out of high-density polyester fabric prevents scratches from appearing on your car’s paint. The outermost layer, which features reflective strips and silver coating, protects against UV rays and is waterproof, so it won’t get soaked with water or snow.

With four durable straps and a central buckle, this car cover can survive all weather conditions — including strong winds. An elasticized hem also provides a snug, secure fit from top to bottom.

Key Features
  • Waterproof and able to repel moisture.
  • Windproof, stays snugly in place without blowing away.
  • Designed to fit most sedans.
  • Made with high-density polyester material.
  • Brand Eluto
  • Model ELUTOncvvhivsdv225
  • Weight 3.23 pounds

Thanks to its durable, waterproof design, Budge’s offering has earned its spot on our list of the best car covers. The fabric is held together with tough double stitching and fits snugly around your car because of its elasticated hem. Leaves, dirt, and bird droppings are no match for this surprisingly budget-friendly car cover.

The cover is breathable, too, ensuring that mold and mildew don’t build up, even if your car has to stay put for long stretches of time. Budge’s cover is designed mainly for indoor use, but can also protect your car from the weather outside for shorter periods. This lightweight cover even comes with its own bag, so you can easily store it in the trunk and keep your vehicle safe on the go.

Key Features
  • Available in a variety of sizes to fit any vehicle
  • Tough fabric is held firmly together with double stitching
  • Elasticated for a snug fit
  • Protects against leaves, dust, dirt, and droppings
  • Excellent value for money
  • Breathable to prevent the build-up of mold and mildew
  • Suitable for mainly indoor, and occasionally outdoor use
  • Brand Budge
  • Model B-3
  • Weight 3 lbs

With four layers of fabric protection, Kayme’s car cover offers excellent defense against whatever the elements can throw at your vehicle. The cover’s aluminum layer stops the sun’s harmful UV rays from reaching your car, while an additional cotton layer protects your paintwork against abrasion. Finally, the PE coating keeps water out.

The front and rear straps also prevent the cover from being blown away by the wind, making the cover a great option for stormy weather. This cover is also equipped with reflective strips to make sure your vehicle can be seen at night, preventing accidental knocks.

Key Features
  • Available in a variety of sizes to fit almost any vehicle
  • Four layers of protection
  • Waterproof
  • UV resistant
  • Soft cotton interior prevents scratches
  • Front and rear straps prevent the cover from being blown away
  • Reflective stripes make the vehicle easier to see at night
  • Zipper around driver’s door makes for easy access to items inside
  • Brand Kayme
  • Model CC-YGLM-3XL-001
  • Weight 5.7 lbs

OxGord’s executive cover offers quality protection to your vehicle. Its five layer system consists of three waterproof polypropylene layers and one each of a breathable porous film and soft fleece. The latter prevents the cover from scratching your paint.

The reinforced seams and elasticated hems mean the cover will stay put even during high winds, while drawstrings allow for a snug fit, which prevents debris from reaching your car. Each OxGord cover also comes with its own antenna patch and a storage bag for easy portability.

Key Features
  • Available in two sizes, fitting vehicles up to 204 inches in length
  • Fabric consists of five layer protection system
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable to prevent the formation of mold and mildew
  • Drawstring fit keeps cover in place during windy weather
  • Soft fleece inner layer prevents paint from scratching
  • Comes with its own storage bag and antenna patch
  • Brand OxGord
  • Model SKU-745-XL
  • Weight 9 lbs

Available to fit vehicles up to 225 inches in length, this cover is the perfect option for larger cars. If you’re looking for a cover that can withstand the harshest weather conditions, this could be the perfect option for you.

Motor Trend’s SUV car cover is approved for protection against tough outdoor conditions, from snow to rain, to wind. It’s also resistant to UV rays, keeping your car safe from the damage that the sun can cause. Straps at its front and rear make for a snug fit, keeping out debris and preventing it from becoming dislodged. It comes with its own security cable lock too, made from hardened steel coated in plastic to prevent scratches. This cable helps secure the cover and deter thieves.

Key Features
  • Available in two large sizes – perfect for SUVs
  • A great option for harsh weather conditions
  • Stands up to rain, hail, and snow
  • Won’t blow away in windy conditions thanks to built-in straps
  • Snug fit keeps out harmful debris
  • Comes with its own security cable to keep the cover secure and help prevent theft
  • Brand Motor Trend
  • Model OV-642
  • Weight 12.65 lbs

XCAR’s cover fits vehicles up to 200 inches and offers great protection at an affordable price. The fabric is water repellent but breathable, so your car won’t develop mold, rust, and mildew. It’s the perfect option for long-term storage indoors, but it can also be used for occasional outdoor use.

The tough fabric also prevents scratches and dings from forming on your car, without being abrasive to the paint job. It’s also easy to get on and off thanks to elasticated hems and fits snugly for maximum protection against dirt, dust, pollen, droppings, and other debris. It even comes with its own antenna patch and storage bag, as well as a one year warranty. Customers love the snug which does a great job of keeping debris away from your car.

Key Features
  • Fits vehicles up to 200 inches in length
  • Water repellent
  • Breathable fabric protects against mold, mildew, and rust
  • Protects car against scratches and dings
  • Perfect for indoor storage and occasional outdoor use
  • Elasticated hems allow for a snug fit
  • Protects cars against dirt, dust, pollen, and other debris
  • Comes with an antenna patch, storage bag, and a one year warranty
  • Brand XCAR
  • Model FBA_ES101102
  • Weight 4.45 lbs

Best Car Covers Buying Guide & FAQ

And there you have it — the top ten car covers on the market today. We hope there’s something on this list for every budget and required protection level, but with so many viable options selecting the right one can be something of a challenge. That’s why we’ve taken the time to address some of the most common questions and concerns people have about these products — we hope this helps you make an informed decision.

Things to Consider When Buying a Car Cover

Car covers can all seem pretty similar when you start comparing their features and benefits. But every cover offers something different, whether that’s in size or material. To make sure you wind up with the best possible option for your car and your needs, here are a few critical factors you’ll want to consider.


Basic as it sounds, it bears repeating: car covers work best when you buy them in the correct size for your vehicle. Too large and the cover could flap about in the wind and allow water and debris to enter; too small and it won’t adequately cover the car. Always check your car’s measurements against the manufacturer’s size descriptors to ensure you’re getting the best fit for you. You want to select a cover that’ll offer a snug fit. Universal fit covers can be a good choice, but they may wind up being too big — however, if you look for covers with features like an elastic hem, adjustable straps, and buckles you can make most universal fit options work well. 


The material a car cover is constructed from can make a huge difference in its effectiveness. You’ll want to choose a material that’s tough enough to survive potential problems like UV rays, freezing temperatures, high heat, wind, and moisture from rain or snow. Materials like polyester fabric and polypropylene fabric are good choices for quality and durability. A soft inner lining is always a good idea to prevent scratches, and you can look for other material benefits like double-stitched seams and reflective fabric to find high-quality options. And don’t forget to consider whether a single layer or multi-layered material is best for your needs.


More expensive does not necessarily mean better quality — it’s only worth splashing out on a car cover if it needs to stand up to snow and hail, rather than simply garage storage or the occasional shower. A good quality car cover can be had with any budget, just make sure you’re budgeting enough to meet your protection needs.

Indoor or Outdoor

Some car covers are designed primarily for indoor use, others for the great outdoors. Where you store your vehicle will dictate which kind of cover you choose, since outdoor car covers tend to offer greater protection from water and wind. If you typically park your car inside a garage or under the coverage of a carport, you may be able to get by with a lighter and less heavy duty indoor cover. However, if you park in your driveway or on the street — or anywhere your car is exposed to sunlight, rain, or the great outdoors, an outdoor cover will be the best pick to keep your car protected.


If you travel around a lot, you probably don’t want to carry a bulky car cover around with the rest of your luggage! If this sounds like you, it could be worth buying a cover which is light-weight and comes with its own storage bag. Each manufacturer will be able to tell you how easily portable their cover is.

Weather and Season

A winter car cover will generally offer more protection than one designed for milder climes or indoor use. Make sure you check the manufacturer’s recommendations against your own experience of the local climate before making a final buying decision. Consider whether or not a car cover is able to protect against weather-related or seasonal woes like water spots, sunlight, and temperature swings.

covered car
Car covers are an effective way of protecting your vehicle.

Benefits of Using Car Covers

Using a car cover comes with a number of advantages — below are some of the most important:

  • Using a car cover protects vehicles against dust and pollutants whilst they’re in storage
  • Certain covers offer excellent protection against adverse weather such as rain, snow, or hail
  • Using a car cover is a good deterrent for potential thieves, offering anti-theft protection by covering your car’s access points
  • Car covers can be cost-effective; protecting your car now saves money on maintenance down the road (pun not intended)
  • A good car cover will keep your vehicle looking pristine, by protecting it from scratches and dings
  • Good quality car covers are made from breathable fabric, preventing mold, mildew, and rust

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Types of Car Covers

Some manufacturers will sell covers for specific cars — a corvette car cover, for example — but most car covers belong in one of the flowing categories:

Indoor Car Covers

Indoor car covers typically offer the lowest level of protection, since they’re designed for cars that are housed in a garage or similar indoor storage facility. These covers protect against dirt, dust, and water, but are not designed to withstand adverse weather.

Outdoor Car Covers

Outdoor car covers offer a step up in protection. As their name suggests, they’re designed to cover cars that are stored outdoors, so need to stand up to wind and sun as well as debris. Good quality outdoor car covers are usually equipped with some sort of strap system to prevent the wind from blowing them away, as well as being thicker and more resistant to water. Covers in this category are more likely to have built-in protection against UV rays.

All-Weather Car Covers

This type includes the mighty hail car cover — they protect against more extreme weather conditions. They’re often thicker and bulkier, allowing them to stay on when the wind picks up, and cushion the blow of driving rain or hailstones. These covers are also well insulated to help minimize freezing when the temperature drops. They’re a great option for drivers who live with severe weather conditions but can be costlier than other covers on the market.

cars covered with white protective covers
Car covers come in many different sizes and colors.

Best Car Covers FAQ:

Q:  Will a car cover scratch my car?

No. A good quality car cover has a soft lining — often a fleece — which is not abrasive and won’t scratch or chip your paint.

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Q:  Can I put a car cover on when the car is wet?

As long as the cover is breathable, there’s no reason you shouldn’t. Breathable fabrics allow water to evaporate from your car and escape, without letting in droplets of rain. This feature prevents rust, mold, and mildew from forming.

Q:  What is a car cover made out of?

Car covers are made from a variety of materials, in varying combinations depending on their type. Below are a few of the most commonly used materials:


This common plastic provides the durable, waterproof outer layer of many car covers. It’s flexible yet tough and keeps water and debris out as well as helping to protect against scratches. This plastic fabric may also be used to make any straps that secure the cover against the wind. Their toughness means that they can hold fast in high winds without tearing.


Some car covers include a layer of aluminum. The flexible and light metal protects the vehicle from sun damage by reflecting away UV rays. This also helps to prevent the car from overheating in hot weather. Frequent exposure to UV rays from the sun can fade your car’s paint job. It can also cause plastic interiors to disintegrate if enough of the radiation penetrates the windshield.


Cotton is often used for the inner linings of car covers. It’s soft, but durable, and will not be abrasive when it comes into contact with your paintwork. Cotton is also a naturally breathable fabric, so it allows water to escape from your car, stopping mold, rust, and mildew problems in their tracks.

Q:  How do I install a car cover?

Installing a car cover is usually a simple affair. First of all, unfold the cover and line it up with your vehicle. Most good quality covers will have slots for your wing mirrors, so these parts can help you position it the right way round.

You can either toss the cover over the car, before pulling down the correct end over the trunk and bonnet, or hook the bonnet end into place first and work backward. With either method, remember to fit the wing mirror sections carefully, so as not to knock your mirrors out of optimum position.

Some covers have extra straps or drawstrings to keep them in place — consult the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure you’ve attached the cover properly. Taking it off is a simple case of undoing any extra fastenings, and carefully pulling it away from your car, being mindful once again of the wing mirrors.

Q:  How often should I wash my cover?

How long is a piece of string? When your cover is made dirty by droppings, dust, mud, or other detritus, it’s time to give it a wash. Try not to wash your cover too often, though, as this can damage the waterproofing.

Most car covers can be easily washed by hand with a mild liquid detergent and lukewarm water. Mix the water with the detergent and sponge the cover down before giving it a thorough rinse.

Q: Do car covers damage your car?

A quality cover shouldn’t cause any damage to your car. The final layer — or the underside — of a cover is typically a cotton layer that’s soft and gentle on your car’s paint. This prevents scratching, even when items may brush against or lay on the cover. Make sure to look at the material and fabric layers before choosing a cover so you know it includes that soft innermost layer.

Q: What are the best outdoor car covers?

There are a lot of excellent and highly protective outdoor car covers available. Some of our top picks include the Leader Accessories Car Cover, the iCarCover All Weather Outdoor Car Cover, and the Motor Trend OV-642 Trueshield Waterproof SUV and Van Cover.

Q: Are car covers worth it?

Owning — and using — a quality car cover can really pay off. When you use one to cover your car regularly, you’ll prevent issues that can make your car look old and worn over time, like fading, dents and dings, scratches, and rust. Keeping your vehicle free of these unsightly issues can even help it better hold its value for the long-term, which can seriously pay off if you ever plan to sell your car.

car covered with protective vehicle cover
A car covered with an ultra-durable protective car cover.

Our Top Pick for Best Car Cover

We’ve chosen the Leader Accessories Car Cover as the best of the bunch when it comes to value and effectiveness. This outdoor car cover is a good all-around choice, as it will protect your precious car from many of the most common hazards. Dust, dirt, droppings, water, UV rays, and even wind are all prevented from harming your vehicle with this handy cover. We also love the fact that it’s made with biodegradable material; this little detail makes it the most eco-friendly option on our list. With this quality cover and its included convenient storage bag, you’ll get lasting all-around protection for many months and years to come.


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