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Published May. 20, 2021

Whether you’re a diehard devotee of the sacred weekend car wash ritual, or you’re racking up the frequent flyer points at your local drive-thru car wash, chances are, that even though you wash your vehicle regularly, you’re probably not buffing and polishing it as often as you should. A regular buff and polish is vital to keeping your car’s paint and exterior in tip-top condition. It helps remove stubborn stains and wipe away small scratches before they become a bigger problem. 

If you’re in the market for a reliable and high-quality car buffer and polisher, take a quick read through our comprehensive product review and our informative buying guide. It will teach all you need to know to be sure you purchase just the right piece of equipment to suit your needs and budget. With so many options available on the market, let Car Bibles do some of the leg work for you.

The Best Car Buffers

DeWalt is a well-known name when it comes to developing rugged tools and the DeWalt DWP849X is no exception. Exclusively designed for auto professionals and amateur car enthusiasts, it boasts a powerful 12-amp motor. The all ball-bearing sturdy construction renders it one of the most durable buffers on our list. Moreover, it features a unique Controlled Finishing System that performs as a Soft Start operation and the electronic module is excellent in maintaining the desired speed and can go as high as 600/3500 rpm.

Furthermore, featured is a Wool Ingestion Shield that eliminates any wool accumulation and increases the life of the tool. The total weight of the system 6.7 lbs. which makes this polisher incredibly portable and easy to carry around. In addition, it features a Non Mar Rubber Gear Case that improves your grip and allows precision work on your car.

Key Features
  • Powerful 12-amp motor
  • A maximum speed of 600/3500 rpm for a variety of surfaces
  • Wool Ingestion Shield
  • Control Finish System
  • Non Mar Rubber Gear Case for improved grip
  • Brand DEWALT
  • Model DWP849X
  • Weight 6.7 lbs

It has no-load speed capabilities and can easily perform a Soft Start.

The ball-bearing structure and Wool Ingestion Shield make the machine durable

It can be used on a variety of surfaces such as boats, metal surfaces, and more

Precision-cut steel gears make it smooth to operate

It can be operated at various speeds


It might burn some plastic parts

It may cause overheating issues

Porter-Cable was one of the first companies to launch a commercial polisher and since then they have taken over every professional automation shop and in-home garage. The Porter-Cable 7424 is one of their latest innovations with a 4.5-amp motor and the random orbit action is perfect for sanding off any swirls or stains off the car.

The sturdy ball-bearing function adds to the durability of the buffer. This beast of a machine operates at a speed of 2500 -6800 rpm; the speed settings are customizable and can be easily varied using a trigger and handle. The machine can be used on a variety of surfaces as the foam base is of top-notch quality. Moreover, the electronic module features a dual position handle that can be used easily by all types of users, as it is well suited for professionals and DIY car enthusiasts.

Key Features
  • Powerful 4.5-amp motor
  • Variable speeds from 2500-6800 rpm
  • Heat overload protection
  • Random orbit action helps in removing stains and swirl marks
  • Ambidextrous Construction
  • Model 7424XP
  • Weight 5.75 lbs

Dual side handles allow ambidexterity

It will not overheat

The machine is compatible with a variety of surfaces

It has one of the fastest speeds

Its construction is durable


It does not feature a backing plate

It is not quiet

If you’re a beginner polisher and buffer and want to get a solid piece of equipment that won’t’ cost you an arm and a leg, consider the HART 20-Volt Cordless 6-Inch Buffer Kit. It’s not overwhelming in its size and strength and will be a great addition to any auto detailing kit for when you want precision and ease of use. It comes equipped with a powerful 4,400 RPM motor.

This particular model features a handy locking “on” switch to help decrease fatigue during use. Weighing in at a mere three pounds, you should be able to comfortably use this buffer for prolonged periods. The elasticized buffer bonnet lets you quickly and easily switch pads. While it works with any HART 20-volt lithium-ion battery, we recommend upgrading to the 4.0 Ah lithium-ion battery, which lets you run this polisher for up to five consecutive hours.

Key Features
  • Lightweight
  • Max speed of 4,400 RPM
  • Elasticized buffer bonnet for quick pad changes
  • Locking “on” switch
  • Brand HART
  • Model HPBF33B
  • Weight 3 pounds

It requires no load to start up

It is easy to use for beginners

There is no need to hold down on a power switch

It can work on a variety of metal surfaces

The machine can be set at various speeds


Upgrading the rechargeable battery ups the cost of the unit

It does not work well with deep scratches

The Avid Power Polisher Dual Action Random Orbital Car Buffer offers both the effective buffing you need for your car’s exterior and a handful of helpful accessories. This electric buffer and polisher features a variable speed motor, with six different speeds to choose from. You can change the speed to suit different applications and purposes, and the motor can reach between 1,500 RPM and 6,800 RPM. At low speeds, this handy tool is perfect for both buffing and waxing. A professional-level buffing tool, you can remove defects like swirls and scratches with every use.

In addition to the buffer itself, you’ll also get three foam pads that are ideal for polishing and waxing your car. A foam disc, detachable D handle, spanner, and hex wrench are also included to so you’ll have everything you need to work on your car. You can customize your buffing as well as your grip and speed with this versatile car buffer.

Key Features
  • Ergonomic and adjustable handle
  • Offers six different working speeds
  • A maximum speed of 6,800 RPM
  • Orbital action prevents any swirling or streaking
  • Includes multiple foam pads
  • Brand Avid Power
  • Model MEP127
  • Weight 6.84 pounds

Professional-level quality offers durability and effectiveness

Can buff out swirls, scratches, and defects

Easy enough for beginners to operate

Includes an adjustable, detachable handle


Can feel heavy during use

On-off switch can malfunction or become loose

The Meterk Dual Action Random Orbital Car Polisher gets a shout out for being a powerful dual-action polisher that’s offered at a refreshing price point. It’s equipped with a strong 1,200-watt motor that operates relatively quietly and with a random orbit that minimizes heat and friction build-up. This unit offers adjustable speeds between 600-4,000 RPM to adapt to all kinds of different materials and needs.

This versatile polisher is suitable for use not just on automobiles, but also to sand and polish marble, wood, and other surfaces. Remove rust, apply wax, or do other types of cleaning applications. We like that it comes with a detachable side handle and can be used with an interchangeable U-shaped handle to suit whatever is most comfortable for you. We also love that it comes backed by a two-year warranty. One improvement would be if this unit was cordless, as the cord can tend to get in the way. It’s also a little on the heavy side, leading to quicker fatigue on the part of the user.

Key Features
  • Powerful 10-amp, 1,200-watt motor
  • Variable speeds of 600-4,000 RPM
  • Interchangeable handles for ease of use
  • Switch lock design allows easy speed maintenance
  • Backed by a two-year warranty
  • Brand Meterk
  • Model N/A
  • Weight 7.73 pounds

A complete kit suitable for a variety of applications

Dual-action sander or polisher

Interchangeable handles promote comfortable use

Very affordable kit

Backed by a two-year warranty


It is complex and not the best choice for novices

Not cordless

The Black & Decker WP900 is a fast, high-quality polisher designed to handle heavy-duty jobs and is perfect for amateur work as well. Considering the random orbital action is perfect for removing all those pesky stains and scratches from the surface of the car without leaving behind streaks or swirls, we certainly recommend it to auto professionals as well as any car enthusiasts.

Another great add-on is the machine has two handles with rubber grips to allow detailing without losing your grip. The machine works at one speed of 4500 rpm and the constant speed allows for uniform buffing work. Also included is a 10-foot cord that allows for larger jobs.

An application bonnet and two polishing bonnets are also included, so this buffer can be your savior if you wish to tackle larger cars or even boats.

Key Features
  • One speed of 4500 rpm
  • 10-foot cord length
  • Random orbital action to prevent swirls
  • Rubber handles for a secure grip
  • Two polishing bonnets, one application bonnet
  • Brand Black & Decker
  • Model WP900
  • Weight 2.05 pounds

The machine is well-suited for large projects such as oversized cars, and vehicles such as boats

The Black & Decker can be used on a variety of surfaces including metal, wood, and more

It is durable and sturdy

The random motion prevents any swirling


It does not work at a variable speed

It does not feature a wool shield

For a super affordable, lightweight option that’s ideal for occasional car buffing, it’s hard to beat the WEN 10-Inch Polisher. It’s a compact polisher and buffer that’s super easy for beginners to master. It’s equipped with a high-performance 120-volt, 0.75-amp permanent magnet motor that can yield up to 3,200 orbits per minute. This is a great tool for applying wax in a uniform fashion.

It features high-impact insulated housing to guard against accidental dropping. You can also use it on other surfaces, such as wood, granite, marble, and more. It comes equipped with a nice carrying case, two applicator bonnets, two wool blending bonnets, two polishing bonnets, and one washing mitt. We also like the one-year warranty. It is lacking in power compared with some other models on our list, however.

Key Features
  • It comes with a 0.75-amp, 120V permanent magnet motor
  • The constant speed of 3200 RPM
  • Dual grip handle
  • Random orbital motion for a streak-free shine
  • A convenient carrying case
  • Brand WEN
  • Model 10PMR
  • Weight 4.02 pounds

The Wen can operate on a number of surfaces including wood and metal

It is perfect for intermediate learners

The orbital technology ensures no swirls or streaks are left behind

It is durable and affordable

The dual grip handle can be used for ambidexterity


The motor is low-power

It does not feature varying speeds

The Wen 6010 is the way to go when it comes to giving your car what it needs. The high-performance 120V, 0.5-amp permanent magnet motor is ideal for [heavy duty waxing](../best-car-waxes-reviewed/) and polishing. The versatility of the polisher is unmatched as it can work on a variety of surfaces including cars, tiles, kitchens, et cetera.

It works at a constant speed of 4000 rpm which makes this beast exceptionally fast. In addition, the machine has a dual grip that allows you to use it with both hands for extra security and accuracy.

No need to hold down the button as you can simply lock it in place for continuous workflow. The random orbital technology ensures your car shines without leaving behind any streaks or swirls and with each unit, an applicator and terry cloth bonnet are available as well.

Key Features
  • It comes with a 120V, 0.5-amp permanent magnet motor
  • The constant speed of 4000 rpm
  • A lockable on/off switch
  • Random orbital technology
  • Contoured palm and body dual grip handles
  • Brand WEN
  • Model 6010
  • Weight 3.35 lbs

The dual handles allow for ambidexterity

It allows continuous workflow

The Wen is incredibly affordable

It can be used on a variety of surfaces

It ensures a streak-free shine


The power of the motor is a bit low

It does not feature variable speeds

The Meguiar’s G3500 DA Power System Tool is the perfect choice for those just setting out to purchase a new buffer for their cars. The machine is drill activated and must be attached to a drill to rotate. Most household drills will suffice which is why it is super attractive for any beginner to use and it is mostly recommended to be used with a 3/8-inch corded drill with an rpm between 1200 and 2500.

Furthermore, it can be used for a variety of surfaces including cars, interiors, tiles, and even carpet. The tool is fast and easy to use and it will wax your whole car within 30 minutes.

Also featured is a dual action mode that allows you to remove any stains, streaks, or swirls left behind by previous waxes. The DA Power System easily removes oxidation and other defects on your car by using the compounding power pads.

Key Features
  • Attaches to a household drill
  • Dual action mode
  • Compounding power and wax pads for polishing
  • Removes all defects without leaving streaks
  • Brand Meguiar's
  • Model G3500
  • Weight 1.32 lbs

The Meguiar is fast and easy to use

It can be attached to any household drill

Beginners can use this tool easily

It can be used for a variety of surfaces


It requires a drill to use

The pads are not durable and might need replacing

The Rupes LHR21ES polisher is the definition of excellent craftsmanship – which is what one expects from the Italian toolmaker, after all. This polisher is smooth-running and capable of correcting large amounts of paint defects and other types of damages in a short amount of time. Because it has a massive throw — a whopping 21 millimeters — the machine covers more surface area as you polish. This translates to an easier and quicker removal of scratches, swirls, and, as mentioned, various paint defects. The Rupes Big Foot Random Orbital Polisher ensures a smooth finish —not only because of its random orbital movement but its super large throw, too. Indeed, the finish is always perfect with this one– you’ll find no holograms or swirls using this beauty.

The model has a 500 Watts motor and OPM of 2000 – 4,200, making it powerful and efficient no matter the surface you’re working on. It uses a 6-inch hook and loop backing plate which accommodates seven pads. This makes it ideal for polishing horizontal and other large body panels.

Key Features
  • Speed variability 2000-4200 OPM
  • 500 Watts motor, 11 ft. cord
  • 21 millimeter throw
  • 6 speed settings
  • Anti-spinning feature
  • Brand RUPES
  • Model LHR 21ES
  • Weight 7.8 pounds

Covers larger surfaces quickly and easily

Produces smooth, swirl-free finish

Uniform constant in all applications

Perfect for polishing cars, trucks, RVs and other vehicles


Can be noisy sometimes

The pads could be more durable

Another installment in our list of super budget-conscious, yet well-performing car buffers is the AutoSpa 10-Inch Orbital Car Surface Polisher. Just the price alone is reason enough to consider this great little polisher, but you also get a reliable UL-approved unit. It’s equipped with a strong 120-volt motor that offers a respectable 3,600 RPMs of polishing power.

This model also comes with a three-layer foam pad that acts as a moisture barrier to protect the polisher from untimely rust and corrosion. It’s contoured and ergonomic handles and low vibration make prolonged use of this unit relatively easy and much less fatiguing than other larger models. It’s size and weight make it a great option for beginners. This kit also includes a foam, wax, and polish applicator pad, as well as a microfiber buffing pad. One thing we don’t love is that it doesn’t come with a warranty.

Key Features
  • Strong 120-volt motor
  • One speed of 3,600 RPM
  • Comes with a three-layer foam pad to protect against corrosion
  • Ergonomic design
  • Brand AutoSpa
  • Model 94001ASWDI
  • Weight 5 pounds

Great for beginners

Small enough for detail work

Super affordable

Can be used for multiple applications


Louder when operating than some models

Doesn’t offer variable speeds

For something designed specifically to get deep into your intricate chrome and metal surfaces, the Mothers PowerCone 360 Polisher is where it’s at. This spherical cone polisher is the fastest and easiest way to get deep into those hard-to-reach and tight metal areas of your vehicle. It will make all your chrome surfaces shine like diamonds. The tapered sides of the cone are also great at polishing curved or broad surfaces. It’s even effective at removing stubborn and stuck-on brake dust, tar, and sap from your car’s wheels and chrome bumpers.

You just need to attach the polisher to any variable speed drill that you already have on hand and combine the foam cone with your favorite metal polish to extract a mirror-like, pristine finish. The only drawback to this little unit is that if you have very tough, dirty metals to clean, it causes the foam to wear out much quicker, but it’s offered at a very pleasant price point, making it easy to purchase another when necessary.

Key Features
  • Conical foam polisher for metals
  • Attaches to any variable speed drill
  • 4 inches in diameter
  • 6.25 inches in length
  • Brand Mothers
  • Model 5146
  • Weight 0.45 pounds

Produces a mirror-like finish on almost any metal

Perfect for intricate and hard-to-reach spaces

Attaches easily to a drill you already own


Not suitable for polishing your entire vehicle

You need to already have a drill on hand to use it with

Best Car Buffer & Polisher Buying Guide & FAQ

There’s a wealth of different options when it comes to car buffers. You can find a buffer in just about every style, from cordless to corded, small and lightweight to heavy-duty, and everything in between. But how can you choose the best of the bunch? You just need to know what quality features you should look for in a car buffer. Our buying guide will help you narrow down your options and choose the perfect product.

Benefits of Polishing Your Car

There are plenty of reasons you should buff your car regularly. Buffing, when done after washing, can offer an array of benefits that include::

  • Keep your car’s paint job in great shape. Over time, exterior paint can fade, leaving your car looking dull and worn out. However, when you apply wax and polish with a car buffer, you can add luster, shine, and depth to the exterior. 
  • Eliminate scratches and other marks. Every car gets scratched at some point; over years of driving, small scratches can begin appearing. When you buff your car’s exterior, however, you’re actually able to fill those scratches. It’ll leave your car looking flawless once again. 
  • Remove water and mineral marks. Even if you carefully care for your vehicle, water spots and mineral deposits can leave behind unsightly blemishes. When you use a car buffer, you’ll polish away any marks to create a sleek, clean surface.
  • Increase your car’s value. As vehicles get older and develop signs of wear and tear, they depreciate and cannot hold their value very well. The better you maintain your car — keeping its paint looking good and its exterior shining without scratches — the more value it’ll have. And that could be especially important if you decide to sell your car.

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Features to Look for in a Car Buffer

The following features should be taken into consideration when buying a car buffer:


One of the top factors in choosing an excellent car polisher is the speed at which it rotates. The higher the speed, the better able the polisher is to get at deeper scratches. Variable speeds offer you many more options for applying wax, polishes, or buffing than just a single speed. However, be aware that higher speeds can lead to greater heat and friction. If you’re a beginner, we recommend starting out with a lightweight, single speed buffer until you’re more comfortable and familiar with it.


The weight of your buffer or polisher is also a prime factor in how successful you’ll be at using it properly. If your polisher is too heavy, you will fatigue too quickly and end up applying wax unevenly, making the job look sloppy. If your polisher is too light, you may find that it vibrates too much during use, which can also lead to fatigue and frustration. So consider getting a weight that you’ll be comfortable holding for 20-30 minutes at a time.


Car buffers tend to vibrate when in use. However, too much vibration can be uncomfortable and it causes inaccurate results as well. If you are planning on doing detailed work, choose a buffer that has minimum vibrations.


The price of the car buffer should well within your budget. Buying an expensive version could mean that the machine is not worth the price while a cheaper one usually compromises on quality.

Hand Control

Since you might take some time doing the job, you should ensure you are comfortable in doing so. A dual handle will serve you best as you can hold the machine with both hands. Ensure the grip is secure as well as a poor grip could lead to inaccurate results.


Buffers are usually either rotational or random orbital. We recommend buying the random orbital type as they eliminate all defects while preventing any swirling or streaking.

Tips for Using Car Buffers

Follow these tips for a flawless finish every time:

  • Do not mix buffing pads. When you have used one with a specific compound, do not use it for another.
  • Use wool pads for heavily oxidized paint or where the foam pads will not cut the paint.
  • Use an RPM of 2000-2500 for heavy cutting with wool pads and 1600-1800 for light cutting. For foam pads, use 1100-1300 rpm.
  • Do not buff away at one place for too long as this might end up harming your car’s surface.
  • Since buffers tend to grow hot, use masking tape to seal zones that might catch fire on the surface of the car.
  • Use a spur or a padded brush to clean your buffing pads from time to time.
  • Do not apply the compound to the buff pad, instead apply it to the car and then buff away for optimal results.
  • Ensure your buffing pad never touches the ground or it will accumulate grime or dirt which is hard to remove.
  • Clean your car before you start to polish. Ensure the car has no dirt or grime on the surface.

Our Top Pick

Now that you’re well-versed in the intricacies of the automobile buffing and polishing scene, it’s easy to see why we would choose the DeWalt 7-Inch-9-Inch Variable Speed Car Buffer as our top pick. This uber powerful polisher is strong enough to tackle any kind of buffing or polishing job you can come up with, but it’s also gentle enough for intricate and more delicate jobs. It is sure to deliver professional results with its easy-to-use design and variable speed capabilities.

For a more budget-friendly option, consider the WEN 10PMR 10-Inch Waxer-Polisher. It’s an excellent single-speed polisher that’s great for beginners and easy on the wallet.

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