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The Best Automotive Paint Guns (Review) in 2021

Best Choice Fuji Gravity HVLP Automotive Paint Gun Fuji Gravity HVLP Automotive Paint Gun
Premium Pick Tekna Prolite Tip Spray Gun Tekna Prolite Car Spray Gun
Best Value TCP Global Professional Gravity Feed HVLP Spray Gun TCP Global Professional Gravity Feed HVLP Car Spray Gun

If you’re thinking about painting your car or truck, you want a smooth and even texture that can only be achieved by using an automotive paint gun. It’s a handy tool for home mechanics and DIYers who want to refresh the surface of a vehicle without spending a lot of money. However, with so many options available it can be challenging to choose the right product. In the buying guide below, we include some of the top affordable automotive paint guns that will help you get the job done right.

The Best Automotive Paint Gun

The Fuji 2203G SEMI-PRO 2 system is one of the best professional automotive paint spray guns available. This handy tool caters to both professionals and homeowners who want an easy-to-use spray system that delivers a flawless finish. The Semi-Pro 2 model has a wealth of features, including a precise fan with a rear situated pattern control and a durable stainless steel tube. You can easily adjust the flow and paint pattern while you work on different areas and experiment with different cap sizes that deliver different levels of viscosity. This design allows you to switch between a gravity feed and a traditional bottom-feed gun, giving you the best of both worlds in terms of versatility and air pressure control.

Key Features
  • No-bleed spray gun with adjustable pattern size
  • Paint holder, nozzle and needle made of durable stainless steel
  • Includes 1.3mm standard cap with extra caps size: 2mm and 0.8mm
  • Gravity feed cup can be easily replaced with bottom feed cup
  • Adjustable oval pattern ranging from 1 inch to 12 inches 
  • Easy to clean and disassemble with an ergonomic handle
  • Brand Fuji Spray
  • Model 2203G
  • Weight 25.2 pounds

Easy to use

Precise application without wasting paint

Delivers a smooth and even finish

Great value for money


Nozzle needs regular unclogging

Metal case prone to rust

Hose attachment becomes loose over time

The Magnum X7 airless paint sprayer is a premium device with plenty to offer in terms of features and performance. You can work on all kinds of DIY projects and use up to 125 gallons of paint per year due to this functional and affordable automotive paint gun. This airless model allows you to control the paint pressure for a smooth and accurate application. Thinning is a thing of the past due to the high-pressure stainless steel pump. The Magnum X7 uses this powerful pressure to atomize thick paints and is compatible with primers and stains as well. Fast, one-pass coverage is also possible thanks to the 5/8 HP universal motor. You will also save time and energy thanks to the handy five-gallon container and cart that are sold with this model.

Key Features
  • Airless spray gun with adjustable paint pressure
  • Durable stainless-steel pistol and pumps
  • Can be connected to garden hose for easy cleanup 
  • Includes 25 ft flexible hose and 5-gallon container with cart
  • High power motor delivers maximum pressure of 3000 psi
  • Brand Graco
  • Model 262805
  • Weight 26 pounds

Easy to clean

Durable stainless-steel pump

Easy to transport

Saves time


Tends to overspray

Hose is not long enough

Sprayer tip can get clogged if you use thick paint

The 3M 16580 Accuspray gun system is a comprehensive and zero maintenance auto paint gun with a ton of features. Its one-piece design was designed for a wide variety of applications and has the necessary nozzles for all kinds of paint jobs. Each system comes with a 1.4mm, 1.8mm, and 2mm atomizing heads. The smallest size is suitable for base coats and topcoats in addition to sealers, while the 1.8mm nozzle is used to apply gel and primer coats. You can also use the spray gun for more complex projects that require industrial coating or adhesives. The 3M 16580 paint spray gun has an adjustable fan diameter and includes its signature Paint Preparation System disposable liners, so your paint cup is clean and ready for use.

Key Features
  • One spray gun system with built-in filter  
  • Includes 1.4mm, 1.8mm and 2mm replaceable atomizing heads
  • Paint and other fluids can be measured, mixed and filtered inside one cup
  • Delivers up to 12 inches of full panel coverage and vertical or horizontal patterns
  • PPS disposable liners eliminate the need for constant cleaning and maintenance
  • Brand 3M
  • Model 16580
  • Weight 1.4 pounds


Less time spent on mixing paint and cleaning

Durable and resistant to wear


Extra money spent on disposable parts

Heads are prone to breakage under heavy use

Complaints that it only works for thin priming

The Ultimate-750 paint sprayer delivers excellent coverage and precision with an easy-to-use control knob. This product has many DIY-friendly features, including adjustable flow control and three different spray patterns. You also get 2mm and 2.5mm nozzles that are ideal for varnish and sealers as well as a 3mm nozzle that you can use for latex and chalk paints. Rotating the knob allows you to choose your preferred spraying pattern, and you also have a choice between three patterns: horizontal, circular, and vertical. The cord attached to this model is 6.6-feet long, allowing you to move freely while working on large vehicles or surfaces. Plus, the combination of a 500-watt motor and 1000ml paint container means you spend less time on preparation and more time perfecting your DIY project.

Key Features
  • HVLP low spray technology with powerful 500W motor
  • Equipped with three nozzles sizes: 2mm-2.5mm and 3mm
  • 1000ml paint container can be detached for easy cleaning
  • Flow control knob can be rotated to control paint output
  • Fast and efficient flow rate of 750ml/minute
  • Brand REXBETI
  • Model 5864270686
  • Weight 3.65 pounds


Easy to use



Limited features compared to other brands

Requires regular refilling

Complaints about blowback

The Devilbliss Finishline 4FLG-670 car paint spray gun has a smooth exterior and a durable fluid passage. Designed for industrial and automotive paints, the HVLP Finishline model has a new and improved atomization technology that delivers a smooth finish with very little overspray. It is also easy to use and has several paint patterns and three different fluid nozzles: 1.3mm, 1.5mm, and 1. 8mm. The nozzles are designed for base colors and primers, topcoats, and similar fluids. Moreover, the high volume-low pressure feature means you waste less paint wasted and get more coverage.

Key Features
  • Gravity feed spray gun with HVLP technology
  • Equipped with 3 nozzles sizes: 1.5mm-1.8mm-1.3mm
  • Easy to clean anodized body and fluid passages
  • Adjustable air valve for more control and precision
  • Brand Devilbiss
  • Model 803558
  • Weight 1.5 pounds



Can be used for multiple projects


Does not have filter

Fan pattern could be wider

Needs an air compressor

The Control Max 1900 from Titan is an incredibly durable and efficient car paint gun kit that you can wheel around your vehicle with ease. This portable feature is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this model. Spray painting the bumper or any other part is simple, due to the new tip technology that reduces overspray while giving you better control over the paint flow. The pump and sprayer combo is designed to be used with unthinned coatings. This model also delivers when it comes to pressure with 1600 psi that allows you to spray up to 500 gallons each year. Moreover, this kit comes with a long, flexible hose that allows you to walk freely without wheeling the heavy gallon behind you.

Key Features
  • Airless spray gun with operating pressure of 1600 PSI
  • Powerful pump with 0.70 horsepower delivers 0.40 gal/min
  • Includes 50 ft. hose that can be extended to 100 ft.
  • All-metal gun with paint filter to prevent clogging
  • Pressure can be controlled through on/off switch
  • Brand Titan Tool
  • Model 0580008
  • Weight 37 pounds

Powerful motor and pump

High and consistent pressure

Portable with extra-long hose


Uneven spray force

Hose can get worn over time

Issues with spray direction

The Ingersoll Rand 210G is another versatile spray gun with an air adjustment valve and an easy-to-use knob that allows you to choose the pattern and flow. This model features a gravity feed with an operating pressure of 60 psi and a 1.4mm nozzle. It also has a no-drip cup and a suspension hook to store the spray gun once you are done using it. The air adjustment valves give you full control over the air pressure, so you do not end up over-spraying or wasting precious paint.

Key Features
  • Gravity feed spray gun with 60 PSI operating pressure
  • Non-drip cup creates less mess and prevents paint loss
  • Allows you to create different patterns using spray pattern knob
  • Equipped with air adjustment valve for controlling air flow 
  • Includes filter to prevent clogging
  • Brand Ingersoll Rand
  • Model 210G
  • Weight 3.5 pounds

Professional results

Runs on any pressure level

Easy to clean


Not suitable for heavy duty tasks

Not compatible with all paints

Complaints about it being fragile

The Tekna 703517 lets you paint any surface indoors or outdoors regardless of the weather. This model can be used to spray all kinds of paint using 1.3mm and 1.4mm fluid tips. It also employs the latest fluid dynamics technology in the shape of three air caps. This model is easy to clean and is ideal for solvent-based paints. The gun and all of its components are resistant to rust and are built to last. The gun has a special coating that prevents paint from sticking to its surface and comes with its very own DeKups adapter.

Key Features
  • Includes 3 air caps for optimal atomization
  • Equipped with 1.3mm and 1.4mm fluid nozzles
  • Ideal for solvent based and waterborne paints
  • Durable anti-corrosion interior and exterior
  • Includes DeKups adapter for use with cup disposable system
  • Brand Tekna
  • Model 703517
  • Weight 2 pounds


Can be used in any weather



Not ideal for latex paints

The Wagner 0529031 car spray gun is a two-in-one solution for all your DIY painting needs. You can easily achieve a professional look by using two spray guns. Each gun comes with a set of efficient and durable components that allow you to control the paint flow and pattern. The first gun applies thick and heavy-duty coatings, and the result is a smooth and textured finish that looks like it was created by a professional. The high volume-low pressure technology is accompanied by a powerful motor that delivers optimum atomization without a compressor. The second gun has a special detail finish nozzle to spray thin coatings evenly and without having to use double the amount of paint for an additional layer. This model is portable and easy to clean as well.

Key Features
  • 2 guns – iSpray Gun and Detail Finish gun with individual nozzles
  • High power motor provides optimal atomization and smooth finish
  • Ideal for light paint and rubberized peelable coatings
  • Paint flow, pattern and width are all adjustable
  • Includes 39-foot flexible hose for easy transport  
  • Brand Wagner Spraytech
  • Model 0529031
  • Weight 8.8 pounds

Easy to clean

Flexible long hose



Needs constant cleaning

Small container

Our final pick is the TCP professional gravity feed gun that comes with several features, including stainless steel components and a wide range of pattern widths. This model has a flexible operating pressure that ranges from 29 to 51 psi and a pattern width of 5.9 inches to 7.1 inches. The 1.4mm nozzle and needle are made of durable stainless steel, while the aluminum cup has a capacity of one liter of paint. This design comes with an air regulator in addition to several control knobs that allow you to adjust the amount of paint and air pressure that comes out of the gun. The TCP high volume-low pressure spray gun is suitable for base coats, clear coats, and many other fluids with varying degrees of viscosity.

Key Features
  • Gravity feed gun with 1.4mm fluid stainless steel nozzle
  • Operating pressure is 29 – 51 PSI
  • Includes air regulator with gauge
  • Equipped with pattern, fluid and pressure knobs
  • Pattern width ranges between 5.9 to 7.1 inches  
  • Brand TCP Global
  • Model TCP G6600-14
  • Weight 2.5 pounds


Stainless steel components

Compatible with many compressors


Difficult to clean

Consumes more paint compared to other models

Issues with fan control

Automotive Paint Gun Buying Guide

The following buying guide was designed to help you choose the type of spray gun that best suits your needs. After all, there are so many factors that you need to consider such as the type of DIY project you plan on launching and the kind of paint you are going to use. Each model brings different features and components to the table, so you need to make an informed decision before adding any car paint spray gun to your online shopping cart.

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Car Painting

What to Look for When Buying an Automotive Paint Gun

  • Hose Length

Something as simple as the correct hose length can make a world of difference to your overall comfort level when working with a spray gun. Investing in a device with a long hose will help you spray areas that require a ladder since you will be able to access these places without having to carry the paint container. This is especially the case if you happen to be working on a large project with a portable spray gun set on wheels. Some models come with an extension cord so you can take advantage of those extra feet to paint fences and doors.

  • Container Size

There are many sizes available from small paint guns to large ones that are better suited for professionals and automotive paint enthusiasts who have a long DIY project ahead of them. Small paint guns are ideal for less time-consuming jobs that require small amounts of paint. They can also be used for touch-ups and for surfaces that require a small spray pattern rather than a large one. If painting the entire body of your car or truck is your goal, then you will most definitely need a handy spray paint gun like the Graco Magnum X7 that comes with a cart and a sizable five-gallon container.

  • Adjustable Features

One of the handiest features that you need to look for in any automotive spray gun is the knobs or buttons that allow you to control the paint flow and pattern. The key to a smooth and professional finish is using the right pressure and pattern while working, which is why these individual knobs are important. The more control you have over the spray paint gun, the better. Having a wide range of pattern options and air pressure levels to choose from is better than spending more money on a new gun or two because your first choice did not have this incredibly versatile feature.

  • Filter

Some paint guns require the right filter-nozzle combo in order to deliver the kind of texture and finish you see on professionally painted surfaces. Some filters are used for light substances like varnish while others were designed for primers and other heavy-duty industrial and automotive coatings that can lead to clogging issues. Many models have their very own built-in filter that helps take care of this problem.

  • Nozzle Size

This is a crucial component that comes in a variety of sizes. You will need a spray paint gun that has the right kind of nozzle for the job you are about to do. Heavy coatings need larger nozzles since they are usually thicker and those include resins and primers. If you use the wrong sized nozzle, then you risk ruining the surface. Buying a device that comes with at least three sizes for different fluid viscosities and applications is the way to go.

  • Portability

A portable kit allows you to save both time and energy, especially if it had wheels and an extra storage compartment for all your additional gear. Being able to carry everything with you eliminates the need for constant trips to your garage where you keep all your supplies. Investing in this kind of kit will also come in handy once you start painting your car. Wheeling the portable cart is better than having a stationary container without wheels. Some small spray gun brands also come with a shoulder strap so you can keep your hands free for spraying.

  • Gallons Per Minute

DIY projects take both time and effort, so you need a device that allows you to be efficient without having to cut corners in terms of quality. A good spray paint gun will have a high GPM number or Gallons Per Minute. This translates to the amount of paint the device can transfer from the container onto the desired surface in a minute. If you have a big project and want to achieve fast coverage and a flawless finish, then you can choose a design with a high GPM so you can finish your task on time.

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Types of Paint Guns: HVLP Vs. LVLP

  • HVLP

HVLP paint guns produce low pressure to atomize the paint while releasing it in high volumes. Therefore, the HVLP stands for High Volume- Low Pressure and most of these paint guns run on turbine motors that generate around 100 CFM at a pressure of approximately 3 to 8 PSI. This design leads to a high finish quality and more money saved on paint and other materials. It also consumes more compressed air and has more energy demands when compared to the LVLP spray gun. HLVP spray paint guns are ideal for DIY ventures and for beginners who need a dependable device. High volume means less overspray and more precision in terms of application. HVLP are also approved by the Environmental Protection Agency due to their overspray reduction feature.

  • LVLP

The Low Volume -Low-Pressure spray paint gun is very energy efficient and prevents paint from being wasted. Purchasing one of these devices is money well spent and a chance for you to add another great and handy tool to your ever-expanding toolbox. LVLP paint guns can be used for waterborne paints and deliver the best coverage and finish with watered down paints. They are also compatible with many air compressors and require around 10 PSI at the nozzle. Make sure that you purchase a device with higher volume if you plan on working with metallic or highly viscous paints. Inventing in a pricey spray paint gun is always recommended if you are a weekend warrior with plenty of DIY tasks on your to-do list.

Painting car

Best Automotive Paint Gun FAQ:

Q: What is a paint gun and how does it work?

A:  Paint guns are similar in shape to regular guns but were designed for paint application. They rely on the atomization process that turns fluid paint into small drops. These drops create a fine mist that escapes the gun via a special nozzle. The mist then colors the intended surface. Paint guns come with their own container and have several knobs, a trigger in addition to an air cap and nozzle. They are also equipped with either a turbine, air compressor, or motorized pump depending on their size, type, and model.

Q: Do I use more paint with a sprayer?

A: The amount of paint used depends on the type of sprayer you own. Generally speaking, it is always recommended to buy 20% more paint just to be on the safe side. Touch-ups and double coats are sometimes inevitable. HVLP spray paint guns require more paint compared to other methods like rolling and bushing. Airless paint sprayers typically need double or triple the quantity of paint compared to a roller since they depend on high pressure to atomize fluids. The same applies to sprayers that rely on air compressors.

Q: What PSI should I use to paint a car?

A: Painting any car requires consistent pressure that delivers the same amount of fluid each time. This consistency is achieved with any premium spray paint gun. Therefore, it is recommended to go big in terms of gallon and compressor capacity. In PSI, this means around 90 PSI and around 14-18 CFM or Cubic Feet Per Minute. This can be achieved by purchasing a sizable 60-gallon tank with a 6-horsepower compressor.

Q: Can I use a paint sprayer to apply primer?

A: Yes. The ideal paint sprayer for this specific undercoat is the gravity feed spray gun. Remember to always consult the instruction manual before you begin and make sure to use the right air cap size and nozzle.

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car paint gun

Our Top Pick

We like the 2203G Semi-Pro from Fuji Spray for several reasons. It has a 1400-watt motor, additional air cap sizes, as well as fluid pattern and flow control. It’s simple to change between different patterns while controlling the amount of mist leaving the nozzle. The stainless steel fluid passages are durable and contribute to the overall quality of this product. Cleaning and maintaining the Semi-Pro 2 is also hassle-free. The paint gun also comes with a gravity feed cup that can be converted into a bottom feed cup in a few easy steps. Overall, this Fuji Spray design ticks all the right boxes in terms of features, quality, and ease of use.


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