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Published Feb. 22, 2019

If you’ve decided to install your own amplifier and need to find the best amp wiring kit that money can buy, you may feel a little overwhelmed. Buying an amp wiring kit isn’t like buying a USB cable or adapter plug. If you buy the wrong amplifier kit then you’re going to get terrible sound in your car or no sound at all.

There are loads of different types of wiring kits available, and it’s not an easy task trying to find which one will be the best for your system. Below is a list of the top amp wiring kits and a buying guide to help you set up an excellent audio system in your vehicle.

The Best Amp Wiring Kit

This Boss audio amplifier installation kit offers amazing value for the money. The kit contains:  20ft 4GA red power cable, gold plated high-quality AGU fuse, gold plated AGU in-line fuse holder, 3ft 4GA black ground cable, 16ft 18GA blue remote turn-on wire, 30ft 16GA speaker wire. 17ft high performance RCA interconnect, 6ft split loom tubing, (20) 4” wire ties, 4 x rubber grommets, #10 gold plated ring terminal, 5/16” gold plated ring terminal, ¼” gold plated ring terminal and 4 x gold plated speaker terminals. Most users have had a positive reaction to this kit and feel it’s a good deal for what you get.

Key Features
  • 20ft Power Cable & Gold Plated Competition AGU Fuse
  • Gold Plated AGU In-line Fuse Holder & 3 ft Ground Cable
  • 16ft/18 Gauge Remote Turn-On Wire, 30ft/16 Gauge Speaker Wire
  • RCA Interconnect Cable & Foot Split Loom Tubing
  • Wire Ties & Rubber Grommets
  • Brand Boss
  • Model KIT-10
  • Weight 3lbs

The KnuKonceptz brand claims to offer the next generation in copper clad aluminium (CCA) with the KCA Kable (Kolossus Copper Alumiunium). The 4 gauge wire uses 29.44mm^2 of copper clad aluminium to transfer current from your battery to the amplifier and boasts a tough PVC outer coating that is resistant to grease and oil. This PVC jacket can also withstand extreme temperatures.

The kit includes: 18′ 4 AWG Blue KCA Kable (CCA) Power Wire, 3′ 4 AWG Black KCA Kable (CCA) Ground Wire, Inline fuse holder with 80A fuse, 5m Bassik Twisted Pair OFC RCA Cable, 20 ft Bassik 14 AWG CCA speaker wire, 5m Blue Remote / Turn one wire, 2x  gold plated 4 gauge ring terminals, 2 x gold plated 4 gauge spade terminals plus grommets and wire ties.

Key Features
  • 18ft 4 Gauge KCA Power Wire
  • 3ft 4 Gauge KCA Ground Wire
  • 1 x Inline fuse holder with 80A AGU Fuse
  • 1 x 17ft Black Bassik RCA Oxygen Free Copper Cable
  • 20ft/14 Gauge CCA Speaker Wire
  • Brand KnuKonceptz
  • Model KCA-K4
  • Weight 3.3lbs

This is a no-nonsense amp kit that really does what it promises. When you buy this kit you’ll get a 17ft red soft touch 4 gauge CCA power cable, 3ft black soft touch 4 gauge CCA power cable, 3ft black soft touch 4 gauge CCA ground cable, 17ft soft touch 2 channel RCA cable, 17ft soft touch CCA speaker wire and an ANL fuse holder with 100A fuse.

Key Features
  • 17ft/4 Gauge CCA Power Cable  
  • 17ft CCA Speaker Wire
  • 3ft/4 Gauge CCA Ground Cable  
  • 17ft/ 2-Channel RCA Cable
  • Wire Ties, Split Loom & Rubber Grommet
  • ANL Fuse Holder With100A Fuse
  • Brand InstallGear
  • Model IG4AKR
  • Weight 2.55 pounds

This New England Providore subwoofer wiring kit will certainly give you bang for your buck. These high quality cables have been manufactured with solid metal connectors and provide a super tight connection that prevents the cable from coming loose or adding additional noise due to  bad electrical conduction.

These cable are also highly-shielded to provide extra noise suppression. The premium kits have added crimped, tinned, solid copper lugs that give you the very best connection between the battery and power cable. This amp wiring kit is perfect for those who have powerful subwoofers. The width of the speaker wire provides a low voltage drop, which can totally handle the current that your amp will deliver to your speaker.

Key Features
  • 20ft & 4ft Power & Ground Cables
  • 18ft Twisted & Shielded OFC RCA Cable
  • 100 Amp Mini-ANL Fuse & Heavy Duty Fuse Holder
  • 13ft /10 AWG Speaker Wire & Remote Turn-On Wire
  • Crimped/Tinned Copper Lugs, Gold Plated Terminals & Firewall Grommet
  • Brand New England Providore
  • Model PR000091
  • Weight 4.15 lbs

This 4 gauge amp wiring kit features everything you will need for a successful installation. Rockford is a trusted brand that promises the use of the highest quality brass parts in the kit as well as 100-percent oxygen free copper. This may not be the cheapest amp kit in this list, but when it comes to electrical goods, you often get what you pay for and this kit is no exception. Overall, it’s a very popular and effective this wire kit.

Key Features
  • Full AWG Wires
  • Oxygen Free Copper
  • Top Quality Brass Parts
  • Wire Termination Hardware
  • Brand Rockford Fosgate
  • Model RFK4D
  • Weight 7.6 lbs

We couldn’t write an article covering the best amp wiring kit without including the SoundBox P Series 1/0 Gauge Amp Kit. It provides unrivalled quality. The set of wires have been manufactured using the highest standards, which allow for excellent quality sound and the ultimate level of performance.

Every detail has been carefully thought out, from the UltraSoft wire jackets to the twisted RCA interconnect, and you can expect excellent quality throughout.

The P Series amp kit has a max power rating of 5000 watts using the highest grade components.

Key Features
  • 18ft (1/0 Gauge) CCA Power Wire & 3ft (1/0 Gauge) CCA Ground Wire
  • 18ft RCA Interconnect & 18ft (12 Gauge)Speaker Wire
  • Silver Plated In-line ANL Fuse Holder With 200 Amp ANL Fuse
  • 18ft (18 Gauge) Remote Turn-On Wire
  • Wire Ties, Wire Loom & Terminals
  • Brand SoundBox Connected
  • Model K0
  • Weight 5.35 lbs

This 4 gauge amp wiring kit is both inexpensive and high quality. It has a high positive response from customers who put this to the test in their cars. This amp kit has been manufactured to be used with car audio systems up to 1000 watts RMS. The wires are made from copper-clad aluminium, which boast an uninterrupted transfer of power and signal.

Key Features
  • Powerflex Power Cable & Ground Wire
  • In-line Mini-ANL Fuse Holder With 80 Amp Mini-ANL Fuse Helical Twist Construction
  • Interconnect RCA cables
  • Brand Belva
  • Weight 4.15 pounds

If you’re looking for an inexpensive amp kit then this might be the one for you. This kit contains everything you need to set up your car amplifier and subwoofer speakers. The wires offer the ultimate sound protection, and the water-resistant in-line fuse holder with AGU type 60A gold plated fuse is suitable for many different modes of transport, including cars and boats.

Key Features
  • 20ft/4 Gauge Power Wire & 4ft. 4 Gauge Ground Wire
  • 20ft/16 Gauge Remote Turn-On Wire & 20ft/12 Gauge Speaker Wire
  • 20ft Stereo RCA Cable & 6ft Split Loom Cable
  • AGU Type 60A Fuse & In-line Fuse Holder
  • Terminals, Cable Ties & Grommet
  • Brand Pyle
  • Model PLAM40
  • Weight 2.4 ounces

This complete amp install kit contains all the components you need to wire up your car amp. The 2 Channel X-Series contains nickel-plated connectors that not only gives the product excellent durability but also provides a fantastic signal transfer.

Another excellent feature of the NVX car amp kit is that the copper wire is 100-percent oxygen free. This serves two purposes: better sound quality and maximum efficiency. The flexible wire can tolerate a variety of conditions, including vibration and heat. This is a tough amp kit that will not let you down.

Key Features
  • 20ft/4 Gauge Power Wire & 3ft/4 Gauge Ground Wire
  • 20ft/18 Gauge Remote Lead Wire & 40ft/16 Gauge Speaker Wire
  • 16ft/2-Channel RCA Interconnect Cable
  • Mini-ANL Fuse Holder & 100 Amp Mini-ANL Fuse
  • Firewall Grommet, Terminals & Zip Ties
  • Brand NVX
  • Model FBA_XKIT42
  • Weight 6.3 lbs

The Stinger wiring kit promises the ultimate in peak performance when it comes to high-powered car audio systems. The kit has been specifically designed for car audio systems up to 400 watts and the premium copper wiring that is 100-percent oxygen free boasts uninterrupted transfer of power. Another features of this amp kit that makes it stand out is the 6000 series shielded RCA audio interconnect cables that are designed for increased noise rejection.

Key Features
  • 18ft/8GA Power Wire & 3ft/8GA Ground Wire
  • 17ft Audio Interconnect & 17ft 18GA Remote Turn-On Wire
  • Mini-ANL (MIDI) Fuse Holder & 70 Amp Mini-ANL Fuse
  • Terminals, Firewall Grommet & Screws Included
  • Brand Stinger
  • Model SK6681
  • Weight 4lbs

Best Amp Wiring Kit Buying Guide & FAQ

There are several things you will need to consider before buying an amp wiring kit. Should you choose copper wire or copper coated aluminium? What size do you need? Can you mix gauges? Below we will talk about the things you need to consider before buying an amp kit and answer your most frequently asked questions.

What to Consider When Buying an Amp Wiring Kit

There are several things you will need to consider before buying the best amplifier wiring kit:

  • Everything Included – the best amp kits that are available to buy will have everything included in the bundle. Make sure that you double check this before making your online purchase. The best type of amp wiring kits will include: good quality RCA cables which are at least 16ft in length, positive wire at least 18ft in length, ground wire, speaker wire, remote wire, crimp ring terminals (which give you a stronger, more solid connection), good quality fuse holder & fuse, zip ties (to keep everything neat and tidy).
  • Wire Length – this is very important. You should try to find an amp kit that includes a wire of around 18ft. You will need a wire with enough length to stretch the battery positive terminal to the amplifier in your vehicle. The RCA and remote cables should measure around 15-16ft also. Avoid wires around 12ft as these are likely to be too short and cause tension.
  • Don’t Get Scammed! The first thing you will need to establish when buying your amp wiring kit, is which gauge size to buy. If you’re unsure then it’s best to opt for an 8 gauge wire as this is the standard for most amps. In fact most amps use a maximum of 8 or 4 gauge wire. The thing to note at this point is that many companies lie about the gauge size and tell you that the wire is gauge 4 when in fact it’s much smaller and the insulation is thicker to give the illusion of a thicker wire. Make sure you read the reviews before you buy so you know what you’re getting is genuine. Do your research and never opt for the cheapest option.
  • Fuse Holder – make sure you buy an amp wiring kit with the best quality fuse holder. A high quality fuse holder is one of the most important components of an amp wiring kit. Don’t buy the cheapest! The best type to go for are ANL and AGU fuse holders. The benefits of these? They’re easier to instal, show the fuse element if it’s blown and are normally resistant to heat and moisture too.
  • Good Value – don’t be lured into false economy and buy the cheapest! I know we keep saying this but make sure you find the best quality for your dollars without compromising on quality.

Copper vs. Copper Coated Aluminum Wire

When you start to research different amp wiring kits, you will encounter wires which are made from copper and many which are copper coated. Which is the best?

Let’s first look at the differences:

  • Copper Wire

Much more expensive than copper coated wire, this pure type of wire can cost up to four times more than aluminium wire. The reason for this? It’s a good conductor of electricity. Not only this, but copper wire has been used for many years and it’s largely considered to be the better option for wiring.

  • Copper Coated Aluminium Wire

This type of wire is normally made from strands of aluminium wire which has been coated with a very thin layer of copper. Copper coated aluminium wire (or CCA wire) usually looks the same as pure copper wire but will act differently. You see, the main difference between these wires is that copper coated aluminium wire is a cheaper alternative. As with all wires (both copper and copper coated) the strand sizes and quality will differ from brand to brand but generally the insulating material is the same and made from PVC or a silicone based material. Copper coated aluminium wire provides a difference when it comes to resistance. Aluminium isn’t the best conductor of electricity in comparison to silver, but when aluminium is coated with copper you will actually find that it can deliver the same conductivity with a higher resistance. One of the downsides to the type of wire is the quality and flexibility. A copper coated aluminium wire won’t withstand the same amount of flexing as a pure copper wire. Another thing to look for is honest advertising as some products are sold as pure copper and when you cut the wire you discover that they’re actually copper coated aluminum wires.

How to Install to Amp Wiring Kit

If you’ve decided to take on the job of installing your amp wiring kit yourself then you might want to do your research first and get a buddy to help you along the way. But here are the basics to installing an amp writing kit:

  • Mount Your Amp On A Safe Surface – make sure that it’s a solid surface that can’t conduct electricity, in a safe spot that cannot fly off in an accident and hurt someone and at least 3ft from the stereo itself. You’ll then need to disconnect the negative battery terminal to prevent getting an electric shock.
  • Pass Wire Through Firewall – use an empty rubber grommet in a factory hole for this or drill a hole carefully, using a rust protector afterwards.
  • Attach The Power Wire To The Battery – the long (usually around 16-20ft) power wire will need to run through your car’s interior. Making sure that the wire won’t get caught or pulled, run the wire through the car’s body. Under the carpet is ideal but you will need to remove the rocker panel and kick panel covers first.
  • Instal The Fuse Holder – next you will need to find a good spot next to your battery and instal and secure with a cable tie for added safety.
  • Connect The Power Wire To The Amp – attach the wire to the positive terminal and never the battery post and secure the wire with plastic wire ties.
  • Attach RCA Cables – you’ll now need to find your RCA cables and remote turn-on lead (blue cable with white line) and run them through your vehicle the same way you did with the power wire but on the opposite side.
  • Connect Speaker Wires – you must place these wires away from the power wires when connecting. This prevents sound interference.
  • Connect The Amp’s Negative Terminal – using the shorter negative power wire, connect the negative terminal to the car’s chassis ground.
  • Check All Wires – you must do this first before you insert the main power wire fuse. Ensure everything is in the right place first! You’ll then be ready to connect the negative battery terminal. Remember: all your wires should be tight and secure, don’t forget to check the ground wire too.
  • Check The Amp – you’re now ready to turn on the amp and set the input gain levels to their lowest setting. Also turn off bass boost or any other filters at this stage. Reconnect your car’s negative battery cable and turn on the radio. Check to see that the sound is coming from each speaker and that this is equal. Then turn up the volume until you actually hear distortion so you can then set it just a fraction below that level. Ideally you wouldn’t hear any distortion. This is an indicator of a good head unit. Repeat this process for the input gain and other components and then you should be good to go!

Best Amp Wiring Kit FAQ:

Q: What Is An Amp Wiring Kit?

An amp wiring kit is an all-inclusive wiring kit for your car amplifier that will usually include the following: power and ground cables, remote turn-on wire, RCA cables, speaker wire, in-line fuse and fuse holder. Additionally they can also include: wire ties, crimp connectors and wire termination hardware.

Q: What Size Amp Kit Do I Need?

The amp wire gauge (which is the thickness) that you choose to purchase will depend on how much current your sound system will consume. The length of the wire is also an important factor in this. As a general rule of thumb the following rules apply: Wire Gauge Size & Total Amp RMS Wattage:

  • 0/1 AWG – 1000 + Watts
  • 4 AWG – 400 -1000 Watts
  • 8 AWG – 200 – 400 Watts
  • 10 AWG – 100 – 200 Watts

Q: Can I Mix 12 And 14 Gauge Wire?

It is advisable that you do not mix different wire gauges.

Q: What Kind Of Wiring Kit Do I Need?

You’ll need to find out which gauge wire you need first. Find out the current wattage of your sound system and use our formula above. Choosing an amp wiring kit depends on a number of factors, generally speaking. Look for a trusted brand with good quality wires that meet the exact specifications ie if it says 8 gauge it needs to be 8 gauge. You will need sufficient wire length and a good fuse holder and power wire connectors too. Do your research first, find a good brand offering good value for money.

Our Top Pick  

We felt that the Boss audio amplifier installation kit provided excellent money and everything you would need to instal your in-car amplifier including: power cable, AGU fuse, fuse holder, ground cable, remote turn-on wire, speaker wire, interconnect, wire ties and more.


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