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Published Dec. 9, 2020

Taking your ATV hunting is a great way to cover ground and expand your horizons. Of course, when you’re out on the trails for lengthy periods, you need some equipment. To make your next excursion easier, there are tons of ATV hunting accessories. Getting sore while you sit in wait? A padded seat can make your life a whole lot easier. Need something to store all your gear? You can get waterproof gear that attaches to your ride and provides ample space. To help you along, we’ve curated a list of the best ATV hunting accessories, along with some tips on making the right pick.

 The Best ATV Hunting Accessories

Consider the Kolpin Matrix Seat Bag for its expansive space and durable design. It is explicitly designed for fit on all types of all-terrain vehicles. Weighing only five pounds, it’s easy to haul around. Plus, since it includes three separate bags that attach, you get exactly the storage space you need with none of the bulk. It incorporates a section for food and drink, built to keep your things cold. Cumulatively, it offers over two cubic feet of storage. The bag is made of high-grade nylon that’s treated to make it waterproof. Durable and handy, this is a great accessory overall. 

However, it’s worth noting that the bag can be tricky to maintain since the waterproof layer can wear down in the washer and dryer. For best results, it’s best to clean it by hand.

Key Features
  • Made of three detachable bags
  • Nylon fabric treated with waterproof material
  • Contains 2.02 cubic feet of storage
  • Resistant to UV radiation
  • Brand Kolpin
  • Model 91150
  • Weight 5 pounds

Sturdy design that withstands damage

Keeps food cold in storage

Designed specifically for ATVs

Provides ample storage space


Tricky to clean and maintain

Elastic straps can break

Buckle subject to wear and tear

Looking to improve your next hunting experience but don’t want to go over budget? Take a look at the Realtree Edge Camo Balaclava. Riding on an ATV can kick up a lot of dust, not to mention how chilly it can get when sitting in wait. This mask is designed to keep you comfortable and warm on your next trip. It’s compact enough to store in your ATV and ideal for keeping debris off of your face. The camouflage pattern helps you integrate into the surroundings. Well-ventilated and stretchy, this accessory is designed to last for a long time. Crafted to retain heat, it will keep you warm so you can make the most of your ATV hunting trip. 

Although this versatile accessory comes with many benefits and uses, it’s worth mentioning that the fabric may irritate sensitive skin. Also, the seams are subject to wear and tear.

Key Features
  • Covers head, face, and neck
  • Made with camouflage pattern
  • Fleece-lined interior
  • Stretchy and ventilated design
  • Brand Tough Headwear
  • Model 5824050901
  • Weight 1.58 ounces

Fits under an ATV helmet

Helps keep you comfortable

Compact and easy to maintain


Too large for younger wearers

Fabric may irritate sensitive skin

Seams subject to wear and tear

It’s no secret that hunting can benefit from an extra set of eyes, and that’s why the Coleman ATV Rear Padded-Bottom Bag is so popular. It effectively creates additional seating on the back of your ATV. Both safe and comfortable, the seat is well padded to make it easier to ride. Crafted to support riders of all sizes, the wide seat is made out of high-grade materials designed to be rip and tear-resistant. Coming with storage accommodations, the trio of pockets keep your goods secure. The inside walls prevent impact damage while you move. With easy installation, this padded bag is a premium pick. 

Despite the gear’s high functionality, if you spend more time hunting solo, it may be less useful. This bag is best suited to those bringing a hunting companion along. However, keep in mind that the seat has relatively limited storage space.

Key Features
  • Made of rip-resistant material
  • Adds extra seat to the ATV
  • Includes storage pockets
  • Features two bottle holders
  • Brand Coleman
  • Model CRPB-2
  • Weight 1 pound

Comfortable and wide seat

Padding buffers against vibration

Fairly easy to install


Only useful if travelling in pairs

Relatively limited storage space

Buckles subject to damage

When you spend hours sitting and waiting, it’s easy to get sore muscles. That’s why the Classic Accessories ATV Seat Cover receives an honorable mention on this list. Not only is it designed to offer a universal fit, the camouflage design helps it stand out as hunting gear. It offers two sets of benefits: the first is keeping you comfortable while you sit, helping prevent aches and keep you in the field longer. The second is that the cover keeps your seat in good condition through the durable fabric that resists both moisture and debris. 

While this seat cover is durable and comfortable, it doesn’t have padding. It is more comfortable than sitting on the regular seat, though if you need even more support, you may need a supplemental pad. The elastic hem of the seat cover can also wear down over time.

Key Features
  • Fits with almost all ATV seats
  • Camouflage color
  • Elastic hem for attaching it
  • Dirt and water-repellent
  • Brand Classic Accessories
  • Model 15-116-015901-00
  • Weight 0.1 ounces

Helps you sit more comfortably

Incorporates a stylish design

Keeps your seat in good condition


Doesn’t feature padding

Can get damaged in a washing machine

Elastic hem can wear down

Those who like to hunt early in the morning can get a lot of benefits from the Sunpie Green Rock Lights. The set of six light pods is great for all vehicles, wiring into the electrical system easily. Each pod features an LED light that is capable of performing for as long as 50,000 hours. With three chips in each pod, you get a bright light that won’t create a lot of heat or draw too much power thanks to the aluminum exterior, helping the dispersal of heat. Meeting the security standards of the Department of Transportation, these lights are great for hunting. 

Although it is fairly intuitive to wire the lights, it can be challenging for those with less experience. However, with the color-coded wires and a bit of time, it’s easy enough to tackle. Also, be aware that the lights can be vulnerable to scratch damage.

Key Features
  • Set of six pod-style LED lights
  • Requires hardwired installation
  • Each light features three chips
  • Brand SUNPIE
  • Model 6255754
  • Weight 1.06 pounds

Provides a powerful green light

Compatible with any ATV

Works for long time periods


Can be difficult to install

Green light not suited to all situations

Vulnerable to scratch damage

Check out the Nilight LED Bar light for its versatile applications and high-performance value. The bar design connects to a 2-foot base, which you can attach to pretty much any vehicle. Inside, it incorporates two rows of bright LED lights. These work to powerfully illuminate the trails, helping you stay safe while on your hunting trip. Designed to last for a long time, the light is encased in an aluminum-heavy material that spreads heat out properly. The set comes with all the hardware you need for installation. When it’s in place, this long-lasting lighting solution will hold steady, no matter how rough the trail gets. 

While the light is handy as a safety tool, it can be too bright for certain hunting applications. That said, it does make your vehicle substantially safer. Also, keep in mind that the bar light can be tricky to wire into a vehicle.

Key Features
  • Bar-style LED light
  • Mounts directly to the vehicle
  • Comes with installation software
  • Uses 72-watt LED technology
  • Brand Nilight
  • Model 60003C-A
  • Weight 2.6 pounds

LED bulbs are very long-lasting

Heat-dispersal limits wear and tear

Strong external casing to prevent damage


Bright light can be too intense for hunting

Can be tricky to wire into the vehicle

Mounting hardware vulnerable to corrosion

Take a look at the Kolpin Double Rhino Grips for their compact structure and easy installation. The set includes two clamps designed to powerfully clamp to anything you need to travel with. The rubber design gives you a good hold while remaining able to support up to 15 pounds. Attaching through various methods, you can use window suction or an adhesive to attach it to the ATV’s side. Either will be able to remain steady while you ride on bumpy terrain. You can use it to hold all sorts of gear that is between 5/8 inch and 1 1/4 inches.

Although these grips are reasonably flexible, they won’t be able to hold anything that exceeds 1 1/4 inches in size. Stick to the parameters for best results.

Key Features
  • Comes in set of two clips
  • Made out of durable rubber
  • Holds gear between 5/8 and 1 1/4 inches
  • Brand Kolpin
  • Model 21505
  • Weight 2.25 pounds

Very compact storage solution

Resistant to vibrations

Comes with different attachment options


Won’t hold larger gear

Can’t support over 15 pounds

Vulnerable to extreme temperature

The MadDog GearComfort Ride Seat Cover is excellent for those who prefer lengthy hunting trips. It is made out of a compact foam material explicitly crafted to offer support where it is needed most. The cover goes over your seat and attaches via straps and buckles, so you don’t need to worry about compatibility issues. The textured surface adds a lot of support and helps to slow down wear and tear. Plus, since it covers your upholstery, the pad can help stop any existing damage on your ATV from getting worse. Easy to install and to remove, the quick-release system makes this a user-friendly option.

While the padding is nice, it will eventually wear down (especially with frequent use). It’s also not waterproof, so pay extra attention not to get the seat cover too wet.

Key Features
  • Made of soft, textured foam
  • Attaches with a set of three straps
  • Incorporates quick-release buckles
  • Brand MadDog
  • Model SS-SMS-4003593
  • Weight 10.58 ounces

Prevents existing damage from worsening

Stylish addition to your ATV

Keeps you comfortable while hunting


Padding wears down over time

Not a waterproof seat

Buckles can collect dirt and mud

Best ATV Hunting Accessories Buying Guide & FAQ

When you choose your hunting accessories, there are a few things to keep in mind: the first is that there is no shortage of options. To pick the best gear, you’ll have to identify your personal hunting style. Consider what would be the most useful tool. Think back to your last trip and identify anything you could have improved. Choose an accessory that matches this need. 

From there, narrow it down to options that work for your climate. If you know that precipitation is likely, think about getting something that’s waterproof. If dust is a concern, look for something easy to clean. When you know what you need and want from the accessory, it’s a lot easier to find the right option. 

The Advantages of Owning ATV Hunting Accessories

Especially when you think about the sheer diversity of ATV accessories, it’s pretty easy to spot the benefits. The top advantage is the convenience: whether it’s a storage accessory or seating accommodation, these accessories make the trip easier. 

Another clear benefit of hunting accessories is that they are designed to be durable. Not only is hunting often a lifelong hobby, meaning you use the accessories frequently, they are also exposed to the elements. A standard accessory won’t be able to withstand the demands of the outdoors. From wind to vibration to mud and rain, hunting accessories are crafted for durability.

The benefits don’t end there. When you find the right accessory for your needs, the advantages are far-reaching. 

  • Storage accessories like gun racks make it easier to keep supplies close at hand. 
  • Seating selections help by supporting your muscles. 
  • Wearable accessories keep you warm and help you stay hidden during your hunting trip. 
  • Hunting accessories for ATVs are designed to last for a long time. 
  • Generally, ATV accessories are easy to maintain and tend to require minimal upkeep
  • The accessories are compact, designed to take up the least amount of space possible. 
  • Useful ATV accessories are lightweight and won’t impact your fuel mileage. 
Hunter With Professional ATV Hunting Accessories
ATV hunting accessories can make your excursion much easier

Popular Types of ATV Hunting Accessories

When it comes to ATV hunting accessories, there are tons of options. The different types represent the categories of these accessories. Some are there to improve your visibility, while others are designed to help you carry more supplies. By figuring out what you need out of the accessory, you can make the best pick.

Storage Gear

Storage gear like an ATV basket is designed to help you bring along more supplies without adding bulk. The first thing to look at is the amount of space it offers and the dimensions of the container. Make sure that your essentials fit in the container or within the parameters of the rack. 

From there, be sure that the bag fits on your ATV, has sufficient padding, and is resistant to the elements. More durable selections will incorporate UV protection and be waterproof. Finally, check that the closures are reliable. So long as the storage accessory meets these criteria, it is a good way to go. 


This category represents accessories that improve your comfort and offer support. Some are covers that protect the upholstery on the seat. Others are padded and help prevent strain in your muscles during long trips. 

The other type of seating is that which adds an extra seat to your ATV. You can get DOT-approved seats that let you bring someone along when you hunt. Usually, these seats are padded. This accessory is ideal for those who prefer to hunt with a companion. 


This category of ATV hunting accessories refers to gear that you can wear in addition to your helmet and padding. Since off-roading can kick up a lot of dust and debris, a helpful accessory is one that prevents this from getting on your skin. They can also keep you warm and more comfortable while hunting. 

Wearable accessories also help you camouflage around your natural surroundings. Most gear that is designed specifically for hunting will offer maximum coverage. Ranging from shirts to hats to jackets, this type of accessory has a lot of options. 


The other type of accessory is lighting. In most cases, the products feature LED bulbs. This technology lasts for a long time, doesn’t create much heat, and requires minimal power. While the bulbs are relatively standardized, there is still a lot of diversity in ATV lights. 

You can find fog lights to help you see when traveling to the hunting grounds or on your way back. Alternatively, this category also includes green lights, which are ideal for outdoor use. Though most lights hardwire into the ATV, you can also find battery-powered options. 

What to Consider When Buying ATV Hunting Accessories

When analyzing these products, we looked at several different categories. The first is the reputation of the brand and the manufacturer. We sought out well-established companies with a proven track record of success. Also, we identified reputable merchants with a trusted foothold on the market. 

Looking at the individual products, we gauged the cost versus utility value of each product. By analyzing the materials used in construction, the design, and customer reviews, we determined the items’ value. The goal is to find something that works and lasts, so we chose the products that best-represented these goals. 

ATV Hunting Accessories, Hunting Picnic Bag
ATV hunting accessories come in all shapes and sizes

Most Important Features of ATV Hunting Accessories

When you’re looking into ATV hunting accessories, there are some essential features you need to keep an eye on. Because the category is so diverse, it can be easy to overlook these necessary factors. Conversely, if you are sure that the hunting gear holds up to these standards, you can bank on its viability. 

Outdoor Utility

The first feature, and possibly the most important, is whether the hunting gear will work in the great outdoors. This feature speaks to its durability, especially when exposed to the elements. An ATV hunting accessory needs to be able to withstand the vibration of your movement, as well as the wind and possible impact with branches and debris. 

Hunting is both an outdoor sport and a waiting game. As a result, there’s every chance your accessory will be exposed to either UV radiation or precipitation. Choose something that features waterproof materials and those which won’t fade or degrade in the sunlight. 


The next feature explores the value of the accessory relative to your hunting trip. The goal is to find an accessory that you will use, which will make the hunting process easier. If it’s storage gear, it must be easy to access and protect your supplies adequately. Lights need to be easy to use and install. Seats need to be compatible and comfortable. 

So long as the accessory offers convenience value, you can look at the material used in construction. If it is a textile, check the stitching quality and the grade of the fabric. Convenience is a factor of durability, so the accessory needs to last a reasonably long time. 

Care and Maintenance for ATV Hunting Accessories

To get the most value out of any ATV hunting accessory you choose, you have to take care of it. The good news is that most selections have minimal upkeep needs. Designed for the great outdoors, high-quality accessories aren’t too prone to wear and tear. 

The best thing you can do is to keep it clean, regardless of the accessory. If you choose lights, wipe down the surface. The same goes for seats. If you opt for a storage solution, be sure that you clean both the interior and exterior (especially if food is involved). 

Proper care of the attachment points is necessary as well. Look at the straps and buckles for seats and storage containers. If you’re attaching a rack, be sure that the adherent is holding up well. For lights, check that the bulb is working and the electrical parts are responsive. Maintenance is relatively intuitive and requires limited time and effort. 

  • Clean the ATV before installing the accessory to ensure a good hold. 
  • Take your time during the installation process to prevent damage. 
  • Do routine checks on the quality and performance of the accessory.
  • Keep your ATV and its accessories clean and, when possible, store the ATV indoors. 

Best ATV Hunting Accessories FAQs:

Hunting is a time-honored tradition, though everyone does it a little bit differently. As a result, many have questions about finding the best ATV hunting accessories. We’ve addressed the most common inquiries to help you complete your research. 

Q: What is the best ATV for hunting?

The best option is one you’re comfortable driving. Leading suppliers include Yamaha and Polaris. You want something that’s reasonably quiet and has good fuel mileage. 

Q: What should I carry on my ATV?

Travel with water, food, and a first aid kit. Store a pressure gauge, a tire pump, and a patch kit, and a power source. Include jumper cables and duct tape with your gear.

Q: What should every hunter have?

Every hunter needs a reliable weapon, binoculars, things to limit your scent, a hunting vest, an emergency whistle, a communications device, and a way to clean your weapon. 

Our Top Pick

After careful consideration, we’ve named the Kolpin Matrix Seat Bag as our top pick when it comes to ATV hunting accessories. It’s durable, reliable, and expands your storage substantially without adding bulk. Designed to make your trip easier, this bag is an excellent accessory to add to your next hunting trip.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’re familiar with the ins and outs of ATV hunting accessories, you can make your pick. It could be the Kolpin Matrix Seat Bag or the cost-effectiveness of the Realtree Edge Camo Balaclava.


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