The ultimate way to de-poseur any Porsche is to give it a funny looking centrally-mounted joystick that requires expertise to use and even more skill to use correctly. Not to say PDK is bad, it is very good. Manual is just… better. I’m not talking counter-arguments at this time, thanks.

  • Car(s): 2018 Porsche 911 GT3 Touring (owned by Misha Mansoor, @mishaperiphery on Instagram)
  • Location: Angeles Crest Highway, Los Angeles, CA
  • Photographer: Ekaterina Gorbacheva (Instagram:
  • Camera: Nikon D850

This incredible shot was taken by my friend Kate ( on IG!) of another friend Misha’s 911 GT3 Touring in the fabulous hue of Miami Blue. I enjoy the distinct green tinge to the color while keeping a distinct lighter-than-light blue. The wheel choice is also perfect – silver is where it’s at; I can’t abide dark wheel colors.

Misha bought this Touring a while back to enjoy it and drive the hell out of it. It gets regularly exercised up SoCal’s greatest roads and driven at the appropriately brisk pace it demands. Trust me, I work hard in my track-specced GTI to keep him within a few corners. This is the anti-poseur Porsche being driven by the anti-poseur. That, my friends, is right by Jesus.

As big as we could get it: