There are fewer more pleasant experiences in life than having a lot of fun on Monday when everyone else is at work. Especially when that fun is at the track.

  • Car: Mazda RX-8, Nissan S14
  • Location: Apple Valley Speedway/Grange, Southern California
  • Photog: Peter Nelson (InstagramTwitter)
  • Camera: Canon EOS-1N, Fujicolor c200 film

In this photo’s instance, some friends were getting together to reserve Apple Valley Speedway in Apple Valley, California, for a day-long open track event. They ran it with both grip (a normal, non-slidey track session) and drift, one after the other, all day long. I snapped this photo during one of the drift sessions, during which my buddy Tanner was tandeming his RX-8 with another dude’s Nissan S14.

It was an exciting day all around, and Tanner even let me sit right-seat during a session. Drifting at all levels is so incredibly rad.