The Best 50 Amp RV Extension Cords

For the avid RV enthusiast, 50 amp power hookups are a common need if you want the luxury of powering some of your larger RV’s creature comforts, like your air conditioner, appliances, electronics and lights. While 30 amp service is very common, 50 amp power is becoming increasingly popular in the RV industry. Larger RVs that come equipped with more bells and whistles, like multiple air conditioners or washers and dryers, can’t power correctly off the limited 3,600 watts produced by a 30 amp system. Upgrading to a 50 amp system increases your wattage capacity to 12,000 watts. Many campsite setups have power pedestals set too far back from where the RV is parked to reach with just one cord. That’s where a 50 amp extension cord comes in handy. Read on to see some of the best ones currently on the market.

Our recommendation for the best overall 50 amp RV extension cord has to be the Camco 30′ PowerGrip Heavy-Duty Outdoor 50-Amp Extension Cord for RV. This substantially constructed 30-foot extension cord is made using 100 percent copper wiring that is securely covered with a heavy-duty, flame-retardant, heat-resistant PVC sheath that will provide years of protection from harsh outdoor elements and rugged wear and tear. This impressive extension cord is highly flexible and can readily be placed where you need it, in inconspicuous and low traffic areas. The cord features a tough and waterproof female connection on one end and a male connection on the other and is constructed with 6/3 and 8/1 gauge wires for optimal conductivity. It also comes equipped with a convenient adjustable wrap strap and carrying handle for easy and organized transportation and storage.

Our pick for the best value in a 50 amp RV extension cord is the GoWISE Power 30-Feet 50 Amp RV Extension Cord. It comes with all kinds of bells and whistles without a high price tag. This sturdily and reliably constructed extension cord provides a very cost-effective method of accessing RV power pedestals that are out of reach. It’s got heavy-duty, fast conducting wiring inside and a tough, waterproof, thick protective shell outside. It measures 30 feet in length, which should be plenty long enough to meet your needs. It also features a convenient and smartly designed easy grip handle to make plugging in and unplugging easier and safer. As an added bonus, it comes equipped with a flexible, heavy-duty plastic wrap and carrying handle for easy and secure transportation and storage.

Our choice for the best premium 50 amp RV extension cord is the Leisure Cords 50′ Extension Cord with 50 AMP Male Standard / 50 AMP Female Locking Adapter. This extension cord is 50 feet of some of the highest-quality constructed cord you can purchase. It’s manufactured with superior marine-grade quality materials and features a clever LED indicator that glows green when there’s power going through the cord. The watertight plug is professionally molded for added safety and reliability. The cord features a substantial twist lock mechanism to ensure proper connectivity at all times. For ease of use, a molded handle allows you to grip the pronged outlet securely and limits your risk of shock. As an added bonus, this cord comes with a two-year warranty.

An honorable mention needs to be given to the Miady 30ft 50Amp Heavy Duty RV Extension Cord. This is a very well-made extension cord offered at a competitive price point. It passes all necessary safety standards, providing you with solid peace of mind. Its heavy-duty 100 percent copper wiring ensures fast and reliable function, while the STW outer jacket protects the cord from corrosion, risk of short-circuiting, abrasion, and crimping. The 30-foot length of the cord is substantial. An easy-grip handle ensures an ergonomic and safe method of plugging and unplugging the cord, and it allows you to put less stress on the junction of the cord and the plug. It also comes equipped with a heavy-duty carrying handle and strap organizer that allows you to store the cord in a bin or hang it for easy access.

Our second honorable mention goes to the Conntek 50 Amp Extension Cord. This cord is just as well made as any on the market, but it’s offered at a very competitive and attractive price point. It’s equipped with an easy grip handle on the connector and the plug and features a bright blue LED power indicator to show you when the cord is connected and live for added safety. Each end of the cord is constructed from heavy-duty, waterproof molding, allowing it to withstand years of harsh weather conditions and wear and tear. Cleverly designed elbow plug faces take strain off the junction between the cord and the plug itself. This cord is UL listed and certified to pass the most rigorous safety standards.