The Best 30 Amp RV Extension Cords: Power Up Your Appliances

Best Overall Camco 55191 PowerGrip Heavy-Duty Extension Cord Camco 55191 PowerGrip Heavy-Duty Extension Cord

One seriously tough 30-amp RV extension cord that’s made with heavy-duty materials and details to extend its lifespan.

  • Made with 10-gauge pure copper wire
  • Covered in an outdoor-ready PVC sheath
  • Easy-grip handles built onto either end of the cord
  • No waterproof rating
  • May not perform as well in wet weather
Best Value Champion Generator Power Cord

An affordable 30-amp RV extension cord that offers good durability and multiple outlets without breaking the bank.

  • Can survive extreme heat and cold
  • Weather- and outdoors-ready
  • Turns one outlet into three for more appliances and electronics
  • No waterproof rating
  • Plug can be difficult to grip and pull out
Best Premium Camco 50’ PowerGrip Extension Cord

Takes all the benefits of a basic 30-amp RV extension cord and enhances them with more weather protection.

  • Two specialized ends offer better grip 
  • Coated with a heavy-duty flame retardant, heat-resistant PVC sheath
  • Extends up to 50 feet
  • Can be loose in some outlets or RV hookups
  • Expensive

While most appliances in your RV are hardwired to the main power grid, luxury camping requires lots of tools. Whether you use a generator or want to run your electrical equipment off the RV, you need a quality extension cord. Though there aren’t too many restrictions, you need something that runs on the proper amperage. Designed for outdoors, 30-amp RV extension cords let you run power wherever you need it. Coming in a range of lengths, these cords are generally three pronged. Encased by water (and hopefully chew-proof) materials, you can comfortably use these cords outdoors — regardless of the weather. To help make your camping enjoyable, we’ve compiled a list of the best 30-amp RV extension cords available.

Best 30 Amp RV Extension Cord Reviews & Recommendations

The Camco 55191 PowerGrip Heavy-Duty Extension Cord makes running power to your RV virtually effortless. With pure copper wire safely encased in a thick, heavy-duty PVC sheath, you don’t have to worry about animals or weather. That material is heat-resistant, flame-retardant, and well-suited to survive outside. Plus, it can handle frequent bending and twisting. The cord stretches to a full 25 feet, letting you bring power wherever it’s needed.

Each end of the extension cord includes one of Camco’s handy PowerGrip handles, which helps make plugging and unplugging easy (and limits strain). This 30-amp cord is tough enough to survive it all, while reliably powering up your RV’s appliances. There’s just one potential drawback RV owners will want to be aware of, this cord isn’t waterproof. With no official waterproof rating or protection, it’s unclear if this cord really should be sitting out in rainy weather.

  • 25 feet long
  • Converts one 30-amp outlet into three 15-amp household outlets
  • 10-gauge wire
  • Heat- and cold-resistant thermoplastic sheath

Heavy-duty and highly-protective sheath

10 gauge copper wire is highly conductive

Survives bending, twisting, and more without damage


Extension cord isn’t officially waterproof May not be as reliable in wet weather

May not be as reliable in wet weather

If you want a quality 30-amp RV extension cord without breaking the bank, just check out the Champion Generator Power Cord. This highly durable extension cord is affordable and actually increases your available power outlets. While the cord itself is rated for 30 amps, each of the three female receivers produces 15 amps. Built for the great outdoors, this 25-foot cord is covered in a protective thermoplastic sheath that can resist high heat, freezing cold, and dirt, all without seizing, freezing, or cracking.

With an included cover to keep dust away from the receiver, you can comfortably take this cord anywhere. In fact, it’s even outdoor-rated so you can trust that every component is built to offer long-term value. In between uses, the easy-grip wire coils into a compact shape. The molded ends of this extension cord can be a bit tricky to grip, which may make plugging and unplugging a challenge if you can’t grab on easily.

  • 25 feet long
  • Converts one 30-amp outlet into three 15-amp household outlets
  • 10-gauge wire
  • Heat- and cold-resistant thermoplastic sheath

Extra-durable heat- and cold-resistant sheath

Affordably priced Turns one outlet into three

Turns one outlet into three


The three individual outlets provided are each rated for 15 amps

Cord’s plug can be tricky to grip and work with

Need a trustworthy extension cord that’ll work even in rough weather? The Camco 50’ PowerGrip Extension Cord will deliver, as it’s both durable and well-protected, all without adding weight. Before you start thinking it’s just like our overall best choice, think again. It is built with an entirely different plug on both the male and female end. While the male end has a 90-degree PowerGrip handle for easy plugging and unplugging, the female end has a weatherproof threaded locking ring that ensures water doesn’t get in the way.

The 30-amp RV extension cord features 100 percent, 10-gauge copper wire covered in a flame-retardant, heat-resistant housing. Another great aspect: the cable can be stretched up to 50 feet. However, one downside of the cable is its price. As it is a premium cable, it will set you back a bit and the connection may be loose on certain RV hookups.

  • 50 feet long
  • 100 percent copper wire
  • Outdoor-ready PVC sheath
  • Easy-to-use PowerGrip handle at the male end

Flame-retardant, heat-resistant housing

Can survive heat, extreme cold, and even snowy conditions

Offers a good amount of length


High price

Connection can be loose on some RVs

If you need extra length, the Conntek 14364 Extension Cord might be the perfect solution. This 30-amp RV extension cord stretches 50 feet long, offering plenty of room if you’re far from campsite hookups. Made out of pure copper 10-gauge wire covered in a black polymer exterior, the cord is resistant to heat and all types of weather. Both ends offer flat faces that are meant to lay against hookups without protruding much and the male end offers three extra-tough prongs and the female end is slim and streamlined to stay out of the way.

This cord can get over 3700 watts off the 30 amp function, meaning it is a very energy-efficient model. As tough and capable as this durable RV extension cord is, it’s also heavy, weighing 8 pounds total which can make working with it a small challenge. Otherwise, though, this cable is durable, well-constructed, and performs reliably.

  • 50 feet long
  • Flat plugs with elbow faces
  • 100 percent pure copper wire
  • Backed by a one-year limited warranty

Stays flexible in all weather and temperatures

Flat plug and receiver faces save space

Extra length is especially helpful for distant power connections


Heavy weight

After a day of camping, you want electricity to be easy and that’s exactly what you’ll get if you choose the Miady Heavy-Duty RV Extension Cord. It features a heavy duty structure yet a lightweight design. Easy to carry, store, and set up, this 30-feet long and 10-gauge wire is protected by a tight polymer, which prevents shifting and resulting electrical issues. In terms of user-friendliness, the plugs have an easy-grip design with built-in handles for fingers. This both protects the cord and your hand.

When storing the extension cord after use, you can use the included adjustable organizer and carrying handle, which makes for easy transportation while the compact design lets you tuck this power cord anywhere on your RV. You may, however, find that the plugs need to be replaced after years of use. Fortunately, the cord itself holds up well and you can find replacements easily, as long as you know how to wire them into place.

  • 30 foot length
  • Polymer sheath
  • 10-gauge wire
  • Easy-grip plug shape
  • Includes carrying handle

Includes a carrying handle that organizes your extension cord

Built-in finger grips at each end

Polymer sheath prevents connectivity issues or unexpected shifts


Plugs can fail or encounter problems after wear and tear

How We Selected The Products 

In order to choose the best 30-amp RV extension cords available, we took a look at the many different options within the 30-amp category. We considered details like the length of each extension cord, the wire (and whether it was made of quality, highly conductive material), the durability and protection offered by the wire’s sheathing, and the plug design to determine just how well each cord could perform outdoors. Because RV extension cords are used in all kinds of weather, we also took special care to consider just how weather- and dirt-ready each product was so you can trust the performance. 

Our product selections, rankings, and awards for this story are based on research. While we haven’t conducted real-world testing on all of these products yet, we’ve looked at consumer testimonials and data, tutorials, and general discussions on social media and in forums. We also consider price and specification in the context of the segment. And, of course, we rely on our institutional knowledge of the automotive landscape to weed out weak products.

Buying Guide/What to Look For 

Wondering where to start the search for the 30-amp RV extension cord you need? We’ve got tips, recommendations, and helpful ways to narrow down your options and separate the best from those less-than-quality products. With our buying guide, you’ll easily be able to find the right fit for your RV and your camping power needs. 

What to Consider When Buying 30 Amp RV Extension Cords

Types of 30 Amp RV Extension Cords

Picking out a 30-amp RV extension cord can be kind of easy as there’s really only one type of cord to consider, and that’s an RV extension cord that’s rated for 30 amps. RV extension cords are thicker than your typical extension cords because they use thicker wire (typically 10-gauge wire) and have to power appliances. These extension cords are all covered in protective sheathing that can withstand outdoor use, and they offer three prongs, all angled to suit typical power pedestals or hookups. 

30 Amp RV Extension Cord Key Features

Amperage Rating

This feature is pretty self-explanatory, but if you overlook it you might wind up with an extension cord that doesn’t meet your needs. You’ve got to check the amperage rating of every RV extension cord before buying to ensure it really does handle 30 amps. Anything lower, and you may not be able to power up your RV’s appliances or run multiple appliances at once. Higher amperage ratings can be helpful, but it’s better to find the right amperage for your camper’s power needs. 

Durable Sheath

The sheath, or the material that covers the wires of any RV extension cord, is the next key feature you’ve got to consider. This material is what stands between the wire and the outdoors so it has to be able to protect against dirt, water, sunlight, and temperatures that swing from hot to cold. Some sheaths are more durable than others; for example, some are heat-resistant while others are flame-retardant. Some extension cords have sheaths that can remain flexible in extreme heat and extreme cold without cracking or developing other signs of damage. For the most durable sheath, make sure to consider weather as well as outdoor challenges.

Weatherproofing or Protection

Lastly, it’s always a smart idea to look for features that make your 30-amp RV extension cord weatherproof or weather-protected. You should look for waterproof ratings to determine how well a cord can survive rain and moisture, as well as thread locks or covered plugs that help keep moisture (along with dirt and debris) away from the most critical electrical connection points. The more weather-ready an extension cord is, the more you’ll be able to rely on it when unexpected weather strikes. 

30 Amp RV Extension Cord Benefits

Powers Your RV’s Appliances

If there’s one key benefit to a 30-amp RV extension cord, it’s the fact that it can easily and effortlessly power your most critical RV appliances. With one of these highly capable extension cords, you’ll have access to available power sources so you can use everything from your microwave to your TV to your air conditioner. 

Designed to handle all of your campsite power needs, these extension cords will keep you connected — and provide you with electricity — even when you’re far from home and out in nature. As long as there’s an available source of power, your extension cord will be your lifeline.

Makes Campsite Hookups Easy

With a 30-amp extension cord, you’ll be able to easily reach and plug into campsite hookups and power pedestals. Connecting your camper to a campground’s power isn’t always as simple as pulling your RV into your designated site. Often, the power pedestals are located in funky or even distant spots where you need a bit of reach in order to literally hook your appliances up.

An extension cord solves this problem. Available in lengths from 15 feet to 50 feet — or more — you can easily connect your RV wherever you need to with just the right amount of reach. An extension cord eliminates the challenge of having to reposition your RV or struggle to reach outlets, making it a total breeze.

Easy to Store

Carrying a 30-amp extension cord is incredibly easy. Even in extra-long lengths like 50 feet, these cords can be curled up, organized, and stashed out of sight inside your RV’s available storage space. They’ll fit in any RV, and they can be carried anywhere so you always have your campsite power supply at your disposal. 

While these heavy-duty extension cords can be a bit heavy, they won’t be heavy enough to cause any issues. Plus, you can find options that include their own carrying handles to make moving them around, setting up, or tearing down easier.

30 Amp RV Extension Cord Pricing


30-amp RV extension cords vary pretty widely in price. You can find shorter cords that cost between $40 and $50, while longer cords will run you between $50 and $100. For the most premium RV extension cords, you may pay over $100. If you’re looking for a wide selection, you’ll find the biggest number of options priced between $50 and $100. 

30 Amp RV Extension Cord Tips and Tricks

As with something you do for decades upon decades, you pick up a few tips and tricks along the way in terms of selecting the right product, and/or using it. That’s the case with us and 30 amp RV extension cords. To help you bridge the information gap, here’s a selection of what we’ve learned along the way.

  • RV extension cord plugs and ports come in many different designs, but a 90-degree or “elbow” shape is best if you’re hoping to limit wear and tear at the ends of the cord.
  • Find plugging and unplugging a bit tough? You’ll get a better grip if you opt for an extension cord that features handles, finger grips, or other grip-enhancing designs.
  • If your extension cord isn’t able to handle temperature extremes, you’ll know — the sheath around the cord will likely crack, fade, develop other visible issues, and that means it needs to be replaced.


Q: How long can a 30-amp RV extension cord be?

As long as you’ve chosen the correct amperage, there’s no limit to the length of your extension cord. It can be just a few feet long or up to 50 feet long, whatever length works for you is perfectly good for your RV.

Q: Is 30 amps enough for my RV?

This really depends. You’ll want to check your owner’s manual and have a good understanding of your exact RV’s electrical system. While 30 amps is generally fine for most RVs, different appliances and RV electrical systems can have different needs.

Q: Why is my 30 amp RV extension cord plug getting hot?

If your RV extension cord’s plug is hot to the touch, you could be experiencing a few different issues. You may have a current or voltage issue, or you might have a connection problem. You’ll want to check your plug’s prongs, see if it’s loose in the power pedestal socket, or if there may be issues like corrosion interfering.

Final Thoughts

Our pick for the best 30-amp RV extension cord? It’s the Camco 55191 PowerGrip Heavy-Duty Extension Cord, which is built to easily handle the demands of RV camping and all of your power needs. You can also find a good, value-rich product in the Champion Generator Power Cord, which is also made with quality and reliability. Which extension cord do you carry on your camping trips?

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