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Magic clay cloth

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Clay bar combined cleaning cloths are washing aids that generally come as a cloth or a mitt with a clay-like substance on one side and a polishing cloth on the other. These things come in many guises and are targeted at people who like the idea of doing a clay bar cleaning job on their car, but aren't familiar with the full process. This particular cloth comes from Singapore and you can buy direct from them or through their resellers in Europe or America. You might have seen other similar products under names like 'magic mud cloth'.
With a clay bar cleaning system, the idea is that you wash your car, then use a special clay bar with a lubricant to polish the paintwork before waxing it. Clay bars are great at picking up all manner of contaminants from the paintwork that you didn't know were there - you can see one used in my cleaning guide.
Clay cloths aim to make that a little easier. They'll never give you the sort of deep clean that a proper clay bar system will because they're designed to be more consumer-friendly and easy to use. For example most clay cloths don't need any special lubricant - they do a reasonably competent job just using water.
So on to the review of this product in particular: The cloth is surprisingly hefty. It takes you by surprise especially if you're expecting something about the weight of a microfibre cloth. The microfibre side of this cloth is good and soft and does a great job of a finishing shine. The 'clay' side of the cloth is very tacky and does seem to need a lot of wetting to use it well - like most clay bars. This is a good sign - some thinner cloths have a slim layer of the clay compound on the back that isn't very tacky and doesn't do a good job of removing contaminants. Not so with this particular product but as mentioned above I found it didn't do as good a job as a dedicated clay bar, although it certainly works a heck of a lot better than polishing alone. Being large and easy to handle, it's a lot easier to use than a clay bar. That might encourage more people to try this type of cloth.

As with all clay-type systems you have to be really careful when you put it down - the clay material on this cloth is pretty sticky when dry and if it drops in the dirt, you've pretty much had it because it will be full of little specs of dirt and sand that will end up damaging paintwork. I suppose you could opt to give it a thorough cleaning and hope it comes out OK but with most clay products I've tried, I find it's just safer to chalk it up to one of life's lessons and go get another clay bar. I'd say this is the same - so be careful with it. The picture here shows a little bit of grit stuck in the clay side of the cloth. In this case, it was easy to remove.


The key to a good paint cleaning job is to do it properly, and many enthusiasts now include a clay product in their routine. Whilst the Magic Shine cloth isn't going to replace a dedicated clar bar system, its convenience and relative ease-of-use could be enough to get people interested.

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