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The Car Maintenance Bible Renderings in High Res

high res sample

You can now purchase high resolution renderings of the CGI images used in the car maintenance bibles, such as those on the suspension and brake pages. There is no automated delivery for this purchase as it is a custom service. Contact me via email and let me know what you need the images for. I can then render them in a custom resolution for you, package the images as pretty much and image format and email them off to you. Payment will need to be made up front using PayPal. I'll communicate the details to you once we get into discussion.
I'm offering this service for students, magazine editors, publishers etc - the types of people who might want to use my images in their own products.

What do you get?

You get custom renderings in an image format of your choice, in the resolution of your choice. The image to the right here is a close-up from an image in the Brake Bible rendered at 1600 x 1200.

What rights do you have to re-use the high resolution images?

The images are royalty-free once you have paid the up-front cost. All I require is a link back to my site if you are going to use them online, or a printed mention and URL for the Car Bibles, if you use the images in print.

Any disclaimers?

Yes. The renderings are all my own work, and are meant to be representative images, not mechanically accurate engineering diagrams. They should be used for reference and illustrative purposes only.

How Much ?

$25 per image royalty-free, payable through paypal. Bulk discounts available. If you need the image rendered from a different angle, I can do that too because they are 3D models. This will be $5 extra per image.

Great! Sign me up....